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Opensource Lyricist

by Ultraklystron

OpenSource Lyricist Lyrics by Karl Olson verse 1: I could probably rap in VB / But then all these MCs would then declare me / all too proprietary But to rhyme open source /the Gnu Public adores A license that'd force /me to live in poverty can't give word code away/that's just game I just play come on suckas just pay/ me a little royalties I'll rap it all C/ or maybe PHP post it in O G G/ just need a little money I know it seems obscene/to ask for hard earned green But my checkbook's means/ are just a little scary It reads close to zero/And if some cash don't show I'll take my rhymes and go/right on the Sanzu ferry chorus: Everyone wants me to be an Open Source Lyricist And it is for free they wanna be Hearin' this Everyone just wants me to give it away Not Understandin The Economics of my Everyday (repeat) verse 2: Look, I'm not demanding some great sum/Cause that'd be quite dumb I know that I'm not only one/with a meager balance I'd like to like to come out even/but I gotta funny feelin That I'll be further reelin/from the lack of allowance CDs cost cash to make/Bandwidth's about to break It can barely take/traffic belligerence And for it weren't friends/supporting me with ends I would imagine/ that I'd have no deliverance So please just let this be/one and only plea to those on P2P/this is my last contigence Cause if I can't make enough/to pay for production and stuff/ Then for me it's tough/I'll drop this compliance (chorus) Verse 3: Now please don't pay attention to the obvious fact That I got ten Chrysler Maybachs just stashed in back Please Ignore the Jaguars in my music videos Cause don't you don't know that they are just rentals Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain I'm the man up front in flames, and financially hurtin Ignore the 1000 percent service charges on my tickets Cause I'm up here kickin it all hardcore and wicked Ignore the fact that for the most part this track's ironic Focus on the fact like G U Is I'm so iconic Ignore the truth that I'm really neither here nor there But I'll quit music if payment stays incredibly rare (repeat x 1.5)
earn it 03:41
Earn It by Karl Olson ch. my album's not even out yet but I'm already writing my return verbal pyrokinesis leaving my old bridges burned Miss Kazami and Mr. Saari The teachers from who I learned That the effort that's spent Is the intellect and love earned v.1 I'm back once again nerdcore renegade master notate my words in gifs, jpegs and rasters I overclocked my tongue so I can speak faster But I'm still without content So instead I just blather 10 times cleaner than man Named Marshall Mathers Yet I still work word passion Up into a lather so behold as nerdcore zealots come and gather they rock this track on IPods and soundblasters I sit over the back wheels where the bumps are hardest on my headphones is Kool Keith and Scott Hardkiss Switch on the bass boost cause it's like catharsis Slip into cold sleep Like I'm off Tarsis I hear the Voice of a Distant Star And Its My Own Yet this Keitai Culture Makes me so feel alone In this Urban Archipelago May exist my home But Across the whole Earth is Where my spirit roams v2. This album may seem egotistical Its stories may seem mystical But if makes the crowds hysterical Then my errors are just clerical Product placement's logistical Cause my backyard could use a pool I'd like to get Protools And my DVD shelves aren't full I mean sure I get screeners As a member of the press But as my budget gets leaner My purchasing gets repressed So I'd like to get greener That fact I confess So I'd shill vacuum cleaners To end fiscal stress Cause the fact of the matter is I've bought so much anime I could have bought an A Share Of Berkshire Hathaway Or could have had a venti mocha Every single day I could have sat around And gotten "real paid" Instead I make this nerdcore CD In my bedroom Hoping that my fan base Digs Max Headroom Cause if they don't like that sample Over the bass boom How will I get the cash to become a forum goon?
so long kids 03:25
So Long Kids Lyrics by Karl Olson v1. Just when you think they've hit rock bottom, they go still farther. 4Kids does nothing but make otaku life harder. So I think I've gotta message for that Alfred Kahn. Enjoy your company now before it's totally gone. Look, it's not your fault that company fell apart Would have thought that kids that age are actually smart Don't they just make jokes about fowl things like farts I mean honestly, who would think that they would have heart Isn't intellect and wisdom supposed to be adult-only? All kids should care about are bratz dolls and homiez So right now Al, you're saying "someone console me." Apologies and condolences, no will hold thee ch. You say it's for kids/but in fact it's for no one Spend dollars and quid/to edit out every last gun I think it's time to pay the price and time to repent I regret to inform you that your goodwill is spent (x2.) v2. I've got to protest ya - you mislead your investors So if I didn't detest ya - I'd be letting you fester We didn't need your money in the shoujo fandom I trust you like the makers of the Phantom With the shows that you have - you should be at the top of the nation But instead that title goes the crew at FUNimation You think your Danish Card Game is gonna be a Sensation You must not understand the word oversaturation You can't even pronounce your own properties correctly So I'd never invest in you not even indirectly Yes I said your company's a terrible investment I recommend to all your stockholders permanent divestment (ch.) v3. I know in the late nineties you were the the top of the neilsens But now you're burning up like spacecraft with out shieldin' And if you think that Ms. Doremi can provide you with healin' Back away from the property and please stop squealin' If you had better treated the anime that you were dealin' Your investments wouldn't have stopped rockin and yieldin' So Please keep to yourself all your selfish fantasies I don't care one bit about your fall do to vanity 4kids is best swimming with the fishes and manatees We need to put an end to this virtual insanity At the time I'm writing this it isn't yet a reality Make it Happen With Your Actions/Drive 4kids to Bankruptcy (ch.) x 1.5
eighty three 04:32
internet 03:07
Internet by Karl Olson ch. The Net's A Comedy Goldmine But I'm trying to find Parts for my Vic-20 The Net's A Infinite Wasteland Lacking good taste and It can get so scummy The Net Can Be So Precarious Yet So hilarious That doesn't concern me The Net has princes deposed And many pirated shows And spyware just to burn thee v1. Well, wait that's a falsehood / I own no such computer But I own a TRS-80 / Just looking for a suitor Some one to purchase it / perhaps via ebay I'll auction it along side / the piles of anime Sent to me by companies / and of shows I didn't like And I'll Sell it all / because some guy stole my bike No seriously it was snatched / from beneath my front porch So I need to get a new ride / preferably one that can scorch Maybe a Unit Zero One / Or An R X Seven Eight They're both emo kid powered / so on that note I'm great Driven by bishonen guys / with twinkles in their eyes / with no shonen-ai / they'll ride or die / with a of side fries v2. I can derail threads/like Amtrak derails trains Step up on my internet / I moderate with no pain But Your ships and your pairings / are driving me insane If you don't stop I'll delete you / like Serial Experiments Lain I'll scratch you like a record / Decode you like a D V D Throw tomatoes like a heckler / from the I M D B Put you on a reality show / for Must See T V Now for here's a cease and desist letter/ from N B C Now I'm kidding about that / it's just some irritated humor I've got a much more polite way / of dealing with net tumors If you're breaking the rules of the board / I'll drop the ban hammer So don't flame, troll or curse / and definitely don't be a spammer
decisions 03:55
Decisions by Karl Olson v1. Luke Skywalker had it easy / cause he could feel the force All I've got is my blood / and regret and remorse Should I watch that anime? / no it's fanservicey and sexual But I think it's kind of funny / you're succumbing to the devil Now I know there is no satan / that ain't part of my faith The faults gotta lie within me / so I must set my own pace But it's hard to be righteous / to be kind to be friendly All at that same time / without it being false and empty I'm not normally the type / of person to speak in platitudes But the basis of faith / is transcending our baser attitudes Our habits, our fetishes / our animalistic instincts The vitriol of violence / rather than taking time to think It's a hard life being torn / between progress and regress I'd like to confess / absolution leaves me possessed Of a conflict between / there is no gray space or solution Torn in two by right and wrong / leaving me in confusion ch. Gonna carry that weight / every single day Bare the chest to slings and arrows / even though it don't pay I have to contemplate / just to make my way Through decisions I am sortin / through a b-tree array v2. I have trouble passing through / these tests and difficulties No one else to hold on to / so quick to fall for the sultry Mixed with the innocent / to confuse my senses But if I buy in / then I'll be building some fences Between myself and my beliefs / becoming a hypocrite But it's such simple relief / just to opt out and quit Just Control Alt Delete / my super ego for a while Giving into the ideals / that are totally vile Selling out my potential / and selling myself short Destroying my credentials / resulting in a report In the media about how / Ultraklystron's a punk All my friends feel betrayed / saying "who have thunk?" He's a double dirty-dealer / he's like Snidely Whiplash Templing his fingers / curling a fake mustache For being a backbiter / not a freedom fighter An evil insighter / Rather than being the decider
PAeXpo 04:04
PAeXpo by Karl Olson v1. Waking up everyday / to the sound of NPR By 6:30 in the morning / I'm heading to the car But first I gotta get changed / I gotta get bathed Gotta get out of bed / hopefully unscathed Stumble up wake up / put on glasses like I'm Urkel Fall down and don't get up / for the win full circle Did - I - do - that? Well yes I did! Stuffed my backpack with manga / and CDs for the kids. I hope to meet in line / One who wants a CD signed By the artist who created it / and rapped in double time Though my dreams of being nerdcore's next generation Come second to the trandcentalist sensation I'm betting I'll be getting / when I see the MCs Frontalot and Chris Ward bustin it verbally Not to mention the arcade / with the super free play How much DDR and Berzerk / can I work in 3 days? cause the crolisk's out / but floppy disk's in everybodies preregged / outside chillin mixin talking / DS rocking / in the line since 8 Bawls ratting / Pokebattling / And we just wait for A sign that we can the enter premises / Battle our nemesis Fight through the throngs of linux supremicists Then wait in line again / to ensure good seating Though very politely / cause you don't want a beating From A Dominatrixed / Ichigoberry Shortcake Double damage dealt cause / now I've got a court date From a greeting card company / notorious and litigious Won't say it by name / maybe then they'll miss this dis Meanwhile in the line / I see another nice girl Nursehella from BC / yeah she's rocks my world But I'm here to game / To Play without any shame I'm Going Psycho / Cause Here's Tycho / With the chorus again ch. Omeganauts with a shot / Show us what you've got Even though the path is dangerous / and blatantly frought With Open lava pits / and fireballs on the beat Grab your controller right now / it's time to compete v2. Here's comes the facts / that you can't forestall But while I'm thinking / here's the clinking of / bottle of bawls I'm full throttling y'all / but with a cottling call I'm can leave you bedazzled / like your name's Brendon Small Back to the point / I'm happy that I met all these people Under what is best described as gaming's first steeple United in a love of what the mainstream eschews Whose Thinking it's extreme / to a take postive view of People pushing buttons / in a certain combination None of us are violent / and we're not a deviation And the Minor depravation / of some of our delegation Is not an honest reason / to make lots of legistation Curbing free creation Via / silly machinations Supported only by those / living in true isolation Cause though the average man / may never play on a LAN He's still plays his console / And he objects to those plans See when I'm on my console / I get to whompin On NPCs but / that enrages Jack Thompson Who firmly believes / video games are a disease that furthers violence with ease/come on player please rather than listen to pleas for free speech / he'll just preach filing pointless legal briefs / against contrary beliefs Look I've played FPS / since I was 6th grade All it has done is ensure / That I won't get paid Cause each paycheck / goes into the latest games And other stuff considered / equivalently lame clean doujinshi / of ojamajo doremi oh say can't you see? / I'm Harmless Completely Any violence in me / Halo depletes thee Motive and Energy / For a Killing Spree. I assure you I'm not scheming / I've got no evil ploys Cause all I care about is how I / clocked over Asteroids
Mahou Shonen Theme by Karl Olson ch. Mahou Shonen In the name of earth / You're bringing lyrical myrth Karl Olson Ultraklystron Credited / Live and Unedited Mahou Shonen From your local shotengais / Straight to your local Fry's Karl Olson ToonZone.net Reporter / 6 foot 2 and no shorter v1. It was an summer day / in the city of Townsville I was walking to a Walgreens / cause I needed to chill I was feeling overheated / but I wouldn't be defeated I got a box of otter pops / but the price was deleted Not wanting to wait in line / cause price checks take time I scanned for other cold confessions / maybe something lemon lime I found something in clearance section / only seven cents Sure it was strawberry flavor / but that price was heaven sent I walked up to register / and gave the clerk the cash Then into a paper bag / the Ice Cream bar was stashed I took it right out / the second I hit the door When I took the first bite / I was like "man, score!" It was really quite delicious / wrapper said I won a prize It said you're the chosen one / so just now close your eyes Suddenly a flash of bright light / then something hit my head It was a microphone scepter / and instructions that read ch. v2. I was totally freaked out / I thought without a doubt That I must be on Candid Camera / Almost made me wanna pout Cause Now my clothes were crazy too / pink raver pants and matching shoes Covered in hearts stars and rainbows / I suddenly had the blues But then I saw some old lady / in the parking lot With a couple bad muggers / Trying to steal what she's got I then realized why / I'd be been given this power I knew this that moment / could now be my finest hour I grasped the scepter microphone / freestyled the magic words The thugs just looked like / they'd never seen it this absurd But soon the spell took effect / as I came live and direct Busting about how The Incredibles / is much better than Shrek They renounced their gangsta ways / now they are animators They're doing animatics / for show about Darth Vader Meanwhile I've become / the mahou shonen MC Magical Boy fights for justice love and unity ch. x 2
MC Urban Planner by Karl Olson intro. From your local Taqueria Harujuku to South Korea Mos Burger or Lotteria I'm droppin onemotepedias Reprasent for Pyocola Analogue One of her Medic Dogs I'm not your demogogue Nor a Spacely Sprocket or a Coswell Cog I'm the next rebirth of Clow Reed And I've got no greed I just must suceeed Hyperkinetic beyond all needs So I'll go crazy on the microphone Got nothing to lose Like McCauley Culkin in Home Alone or Maybe Tom Cruise ch. These MCs front like they're the Greatest But they are not players I shouldn't need to explain this They are just CS Majors I fall into the same camp Just in a different manner But atleast my name is not MC Urban Planner. x2 v1. The rap scene of the nerd is littered with diversity So Wired's focus on one segment is kinda cursin me To continue to strive in the land of obscurity Ah well I'll just use the time to graduate from university Meanwhile I'll hone the style and dexterity of my flow Cipherin bout Kimiko and Piro out of MegaTokyo Getting respect from Penny Arcade yeah namely Tycho Then grow a beard to be feared like the crew from Etro You Know that I could be your substitute mc chris I worked on Sealab too - cept all I did was dis On Episode S B 0 0 thirty three On the Sealab Season Three Hatred Commentary So I'm known nationally reknown as a critical geek And even MC Chris knows that I'm a cosplay freak Put on the raver pants and gloves at the apex peak Become the mahou shonen protector of the meek (ch.) v2. So called hardcore mc's give me nothing but flack Cause don't drink/don't smoke let alone hit crack Not even other nerdcore artists seem to have my back But a need for intoxication is something that I lack Now I'm not trying to sound like I'm Nancy Reagan Nor intellectual like Steven Hawking or Carl Segan This ain't a call out - I'm not pleadin or beggin Just trying to explain why I'm not self bakin Now part of it is faith and part of it's allergies But one part is greater and it is most importantly That I already redefine the words very scatterbrained Not at all flattering - but atleast I'm still kinda sane Atleast I can spit and rock navi like my name is Lain And I've got the luck of fifty thousand folded paper cranes Music up in Pringles Ads like I'm house of pain With the verbal anesthetic - lyrical novacane (ch.) v3. At one point I didn't think that I would complete this album Cause my work was nearly turned to dust and talcum My hard drive almost died - so my machine wouldn't start It killed my heart - It was like I took a shot in the dark This situation was dire - leaving me so infuriated It was like album suddenly got hurnieated Push came to shove it could've been recreated But it pained me to see my work so soon negated That's not to say I didn't back up my system But the situation made me feel like I was a victim I felt like issuing Maxtor a brutal dictum I felt if they were on my IRC channel I would've kicked 'em Well I recovered - even wrote lyrics while I reinstalled Dreamt of what I'd produce like Kanye West or Prince Paul Prayed I'd I never ever ever have to do this again Wrote about in my emo blog for all of my friends. (intro) (ch.)x2
void function by Karl Olson ch. I need some pointers / and I need some classes I'm your average nerd / pocket protector and glasses I know it sounds cliche / But this is one for the masses Soon it will be passe / Evaporated into gasses v1. I'm not here to fight but I must rebuke ya Kick you up side the head like Light Speed Susuka Rock it like counterstrike with so called Bazookas Like my name is Willy Wonka and You're Just Veruca - Rock my tech my from South Korea, Japan and China Live from One Twenty Fourth to West Nine Regina From my backyard to Charley in North Carolina I can I only hope one day the good luck will find her - So I come to stop to the lesser mcs and cynics The ones busy fighting over what better windows or linux Complaining about movies like Daredevil and Riddick Pay no mind to the fact that I am also critic - Cause I'm also programmer of the worst class Never been slashdotted or even slightly harassed For the code I've stole to create and make my programs work No comments in my dev blog / am I that much of a jerk v2. Look now I need that functionality Or else my program won't function in totality By the rapidly approaching deadline That I was unfortunately just assigned - So I'll Rock it with the dual shock with the dual triggers I'll Reduce it down to parts like it's Pinky Street Figures Even if mean this program has to get a little bloated I'd rather that it work than be garbage sugar-coated - So I'm not trying to be mean nor foreboding But perhaps I should start doing / my own work my own coding So I step up and start banging on my keyboards I gotta step up and write to get the high score - Cause You know that I am reaching for the pinnacle All these other programmers are just so cynical All played out than saying anime's just tentacles Like they're Harry Knowles from the site called aint it cool br. It's like my name is train man / single track like rain man And I bring the pain and / I turn up the gain and I try to seduce all the bishoujo drinking bling juice By busting rhyme nonsensical like I'm Dr. Seuss Other otaku mcs rap about their 2D-complex I rap about my debut cause straight I'm outta comdex ADV reads my reviews and then takes quotes outta context Still not playing live venues / I'm too busy readin comics
priceless 04:04
Priceless by Karl Olson v1. I played para para paradise/Till I needed 4 advil, a heating pad and bucket of ice Now I know that on the surface that seems contradictory But understand that I had to impress people on the periphery Of my vision/so I had to make a decision/ Could I intice the animation representative cause she was all livin La vida de la otaku / so I had to pop lock through the non-stop bonus stage with out a flaw in my attitude she quite was impressed/and did I mentioned she was dressed with elegant gothic lolita style/that leaves geekstas distressed I knew that if I pulled it I could raise my site's profile And I maybe I could even get Kyle Pope riled Cause Mr. Edit List would be all like "How you'd get that interview?" And I'd be like "Not only that but then we knocked back a few" 7ups, or atleast that's I had, but seeing an EGL sip a brewski is almost sad yet almost intriguing in the bizarrist of ways but this is just another story another magical play seriously, I'm blending pieces of fact with fiction So just give me a few seconds to just clean up my diction Let me make sure names are changed so I can dodge friction And weed out all the fallacies so I speak with conviction ch. An half hour well spent is an half hour forever Even if it means that my mind suddenly isn't clever A couple old DVDs isn't the nicest Mad respect to the one who's an anime isis An half hour well spent is an half hour with you Even if it means that something else didn't come through 50 dollars of Manwha isn't the nicest Hanging out with producers is totally priceless x2 v2. I went down to an anime con as press/ and the organization was frankly a mess I barely caught a panel from this manga company The one that released gravi in two thousand and three But earlier in the day I hit the dealers room And instantly my nerdcore eyes were consumed with a trailer for an anime I totally love It was like a destiny passed down from above So I tryed to do my best to seem more professional But I think my words hinted at just how confessional My fanboy self was/ and that just because I'd never seen the show in question with out the fuzz Of poor fansubbing/and I was so loving the raw quality of this studios dubbing They said they have a screening of the show right at 9 Which made my heart go doki doki in no time But when the hour arrived/my emotion dived Looked like they got the wrong info which made me sigh But I then it picked back up when I glanced down the stairs Because what should be before my eyes right there But a cosplayer of the series in question Perhaps a gleaming element of hope's last bastion But fate would one up even my wildest dreams It was the producer of said program so I contained my screams Took a couple of pictures stuck up a conversation Then greatest thing happened to me in this otaku nation She asked me directly "would you like to get a drink?" So I replied "of course" cause it took no time to think. The part about beer and 7up was totally true Some more passes of the chorus and this rhyme is through I can't believe it either. (ch.)
fashionable 03:42
Fashionable by Karl Olson v1. Attacker hacker mcs / try drop to a pair of disses I ignore them cause I'm watchin / episodes of para kiss, kid Their atelier gets accolades / from Paris back to Adelaide Lolita Maids Get Real Paid / But still that style is just so played Though it is sometimes sported / by some gaijin jouseikousei Perhaps the demise as reported / will not happen and that is ok Yeah Wait, It can't fade, / from Harujuku to Akihabara Sported while riding a vespa / or maybe a 6-7 Impala Wish I had my own anime / about hot high fashion With elegant design and / shoujo romance passion Instead I just drop references / while I'm beat mashin Watching Mad Money / while the stock market's crashin I cash in my options / Invest in Madhouse Animation Before things really get droppin / Besides they're so amazing And though I'm still copping / on the runway fashion nation I still stick to hip hoppin / of the nerdcore persuasion ch. Bishojo in Vivian Westwood Bishonen always lookin so good Ultraklystron speaking in third person With lyrics to make the kawaii fashion burst in Bishojo chill up in Shibuya Bishonen eyes just see right threw ya Increase the highlights an extra 50 percent Make all the otaku feel the need to repent (x2) v2. I'm not a dapper dan man / but I am a dapper dresser Got the clean cut look that / makes people confess there Love and adoration / for this young mc At least until I turn / about say maybe 93 Then I'll be so old n' rusted / not to be trusted All aged and diseased / and maybe barnacle encrusted Until then you better keep / the floors clean and dusted To make sure I've got a surface / for the moves that I've busted I'll keep on rolling in / the cosplay style I've pioneered In the sense that I step up / on the mic with no fear Of reprisal from rifles / of the otaku players Though maybe it's the references / to Magic Knight Rayearth I won't trifle with cute girls / with the EGL bibles Like I'm Eiffel I'm blue / because I feel I'd be libel To step out in to a world / where there'd be a tumult Wearing my smooth coat / in front of my fanbase cult v3. I got more costumes and style / than Cardcaptor Sakura Communicate to alien races / like Lieutenant Ohura More kawaii n' superfly / than Nekodashi Matsuri Overclocked n' overdrived / I'm always up in hurry Got more spice than Mister Lister's / Vindaloo curry And I'm Loved by all weirdos / though not down the furry All moe like Range Murata / Or maybe even Azumanga Four leaf clover like Yotsuba / Getting down in Aruba Ganguro style like peach girl / is something that I beseech girls To totally forget / I shouldn't have to teach girls That our star burns / and that cancer's unfortunate If the body is a temple / then don't blatantly discrete But I guess fashion rules the roost / when push comes shove With it's incidental magic / and it's potions for the love But I'm proud of what I've got / makes me weird in this situation I'll leave my body alone / stick to case modification
hit reply 03:39
Hit Reply By Karl Olson (Intro) Ultraklystron droppin verbage for the Toonzone.net Time for nerdcore stylings that are greatest yet Smart alek vagaries and verbal tet-a-tet In other words 5000 references that you won't get (Chorus) I'm the otaking My otabling Is taking over everything ToonZone.net Where is I sit It has no pointless posturing Just keep postin Like McDoujin Absurdity from anything Props to Pancho And Umino And Anyone Matt Wilson-ing (V1) Bringin it Machiavellian like Ichigo Morino Bringin that fan based style like I'm Gainax or I'm Gonzo Sugoi Kawaii-ist Lyricist like I'm Clamp's Sumomo End My Rhyme Nyo Nyu Gema Represent for Koge Donbo Comedic violence of the old skool like I'm Tom and Jerry Super-Deformed Comedic Takes like JCStaff and Tex Avery Verbal fanservice on the internet where it can be shared free If it were visual residuals would go to the Dirty Pair team Cause this is Cowboy Nerd Hop/Style where words drop Spike TV's all slop/CN rocks non stop Take a spaceship and some shonen and then just call it Toomami Take a trip below the surface and then just call it Miguzi On one block pull out all stops to run Naruto and Rurouni On the other little sisters get watch the TMNT College Hipsters stay up late to watch Quagmire and Stewie Later on while nearin dawn you can check out FLCL (Chorus) x 2 (V2) This second verse is a non-sequitor Anachronistic like it's gigantor It's breakbeat not 4-to-the-floor It's random like an instant door Fraudian like Evangelion Cause Shinji's Just Hellion "Father's like a decepticon" "Mom's soul's in an automaton" Like it's elegant and gothic Like a Vampire Hunter fanfic Like a DBZ fanatic Rock Psychosuspense phantastique Like it's little and it's plastic Like it's FLCL Addict Like a brick or two of mastique Rock this Edict from your attic A newtype idol that is vital like my name's Rabi en Rose Visual Style & High Profile enticing every bishoujo If they wanna try and find me they ought to follow there nose I'm the w007 700P lucky charm at the end of the rainbow I'm hardcore yet coquettish / as if my name was Seiji But my right-hand's not my girlfriend / this ain't midori no hibi It's old school restoration / like the era of the meiji It's new school demonstration / cause like it's Powerpuff Girls Z (Chorus) x 2 (Intro)
hikikomori 04:00
Hikikomori by Karl Olson v1. Now Here's a little self-concerned boring story About how I've become 100 percent hikikomori? An unmotivated shut in Scorning everyone who butts in Closing off every line of open discussion Lost in a manga made psuedo reality Where welcome to the NHK Is my specialty Surfing every image board On the surface of globe Moe girls w/ glasses Looking like they're Lisa Loeb Strung out on energy drinks Till I can't think/breath stinks Sliding down the slope Like I'm skating down an ice rink Living in isolation Devastation/in a nation Where I oughtta be tryin to make to the most of this great creation I was born in to hit America Wait does nobody care? If this tale isn't scarin' ya You better beware This tale's not for the weak Cause I redefine freak Atleast in my mind/cause I can't find The strength that I seek ch. I'm alone (I'm alone) Hikikomori's the lifestyle You thought otaku was bad That stuff is just for a child I'm alone (I'm alone) Hikikomori's the lifestyle You thought otaku was bad Come live this life for a while I'm alone (I'm alone) Hikikomori's the lifestyle You thought otaku was bad That stuff is just for a child I'm alone (I'm alone) Hikikomori's the lifestyle You thought otaku was bad Just waking up is a trial v2. Soul crushed and impacted in this urban landscape I can't escape/ from the fate I have brought on to my plate I've got no abilities Lost my facilities To find a reason to utilize my known agility I am the morning DJ on my podcast which had like 2 listeners at the count I made last And My Blog Cleared 2000 Visitors the other day Though I guess the spiders Could stack the counter that way I've been respected by my peers In nerdcore and drum and bass So when that high school reunion happens I'll like the look on there face When I say I've been featured on Canadian TV Though I'll negect to note my content Was used for free I'll mention my press status I'll mention my home business I'll build a psuedo-latice But I won't bare false witness I'll simply ignore the facts that are inconvenient to me And Continue down this path Of duplicity v3. I run my computer all the time 24/7 Just to get all of my torrents dropped and seedin It's only way I can find the fansubs I'm needin I'll kill time by readin doujinshi by bleedman Cause it's so kawaii It almost makes me cry It's nice to feel emotion Even if it's a lie is there a conspiracy To make us all lonely nerds? My retort to those reports Would be a waste of words Gainax and Gonzo Diddy and J-LO Drop lines that we toe Till we just don't know The boundaries and the basis And our reason to live This seclusion/these delusions Aren't something that I forgive It's pointless/But not hopeless Some one think of the kids Don't get sucked in to this world Through deceptions and fibs The glamor and the glory Of these get girl stories Destroy us deep inside Via immoral allegories
Script Kiddie Blues by Karl Olson v1. I'm the definition 1337 h4x0r Your firewall takes no time to craxor You should've better protected your system Because your on a basic cable modem What Did you believe the guy @ circut city when he said your all of files would be secure That was definitely just a front G when he sold you that cheap, off the shelf router Now I won't look at all your crucial data That you put in a folder called private This ain't personal I'm not a playa hata Understand this I'm just h4x0r white hat I'm so not doing this just to be vicious I just think hackin open systems is delicious I hack through hubs, routers and switches Can't hide my footsteps cause I'm just another script kid ch. I'm proud of my actions I'm proud of my hacking Though the fact remains Script Kids are all The Same We've got no real skill But we still feel the thrill Until the FBI comes in With their license to kill v2. I'll leave your online bank account alone Because I know that jail is where I'd be thown And I don't want to be violated By some guy into hitting on script kids Yay for Vigilante justice on the Internet Overload their website till they get it Only corporate power abusers Don't need to DOS the home user I will gladly hack up terrorist sites too Because they definitely deserve it dude My acts might be considered malicious But I definitely can't tolerate hatred Oh I think I'm hearing pounding on my door But I think I knew this day was coming Time to microwave my system and my stores Illicit software, music and everything
Full Disclosure by Karl Olson v1. I've seen nerd rap go from zero to commercial Rappers from the suburbs Fronting like they're controversial It's a joke It's a comedy Except with out hilarity Watching some upper crust kids Spit lyrics that are parody Posing like they've had it hard in their life After the tour they just go home To their kids and wife I refuse to name names In this lyric Besides you can work it out in proofs so empiric Do there words really deal with the facts of nerd existence Do they mention the futility of resistance Do they work with artists whose credibility is nil Is their music in ads Are they just corporate shills? Oh Well I suppose I'm in the exact same column Making me duplicitous Like the hobbit named Golem Now let count my money wait I ain't got none I'll just watch Cutey Honey While the mainstream shuns ch. The lie is I've got mad money and women The truth is it's a honest life I'm livin That's what real geek life is all about Gachapon and Saruman are my shout outs. The drivebys we commit is war-chalking each other's wifi We really don't hack anything cause we are all nice guys That's what real nerd life is all about Nurse Hella and Baddd Spellah are my shout outs. v2. I'm the least cool individual you'll ever meet I'm the antithesis of the definition of street I repeat I'm replete With elements of geek You Can't defeat or beat my 50,000 level priest Oh wait I've barely touched A role playing game So in the eyes of most nerds My credibilities shamed I know nothing about the heart of the cards or hit points All these newfangled games Make me bust my hip joint Well wait I play DDR and even PaRappa But I'm more retro and 80s Like I'm Matt Caracappa Super Mario and Asteroids 2600 ET Leveling my blastoise Watching Popeye and Sweet Pea. I'm so Retro and boring And Totally Proud of it With a style so odd That no one dares to covet And yet somehow some people still seem to seem to love it So on this so faux show I will rise above it v3. I can't relate to girls Man you've gotta be kidding Speech decompiles for while I get a blue screen forbidding me To talk straight walk straight Even my eyes dilate heart palpitates I salivate Like Pavlov but she rollerskates Away from my conversation Before it even starts I'm left stumbling and bumbling Over my ramparts So I walk to a combini or maybe a Quick-E-Mart AM 11 PM 7 Then buy something tart To reset my capacities Cursing my audacity My lack of tenacity Atleast my veracity Is actually assured And confirmed in this verse I mean who want to claim That in love they're the worst I'm not one of those self-loathing sorts I'm just honest So the facts I shall report without protest I have dated / I've kissed But it's all gone a miss No other rapper has disclosure In such a direct list
coin figure 05:18
coin figure by Karl Olson ch. worthless useless / two steps from hittin trash bin shunted punted / into the closet or basement sitting hiding / with tankobon and some tie pins bent and dented / a figure facing defacement v1. a million of made me / yet I act like I'm collectible the fact is in otaku hands / I'm easily negectable sitting on their tower till / the next show comes along then I'm up on ebay / hoping that I get bid on but no one bid / so I'm tossed into the closet with a couple dozen wallscrolls/ on which noone would deposit a couple of dollars / or maybe ten to buy it now so I sit there with the scrolls / left there asking when and how it came to be / can't they fit up on the ceiling why this man's friends/ if he's got them em are not feeling free merchandise / unless they also they hate us to they must have found / another show to purchase through maybe I will matter / in another dozen years if my show was influential / or brought otaku to tears got to dodge the garbage first / the incinerators flame But noone will come buy me / if my show was ultra lame ch. x 2 v2. my joints are squeaking/from solvent leaking/ I think I'm freakin / the closets causin me to lose it my arm is brokin / moth balls are chokin / it's like I'm smokin / inaction is just like abuse kid right now I'm feeling / trash is appealing / I'd then be peeling / out of this dank, moldy box life tired of hearing / the wallscrolls fearing that they'll meeting / the wrong end of a box knife this storage life is insane/the blackness is plain this universe is drained/of any thing for me to do this goes against my grain/this life is profane my collectible fame/is hidden beneath some old shoes what is that light/is it my final night am I on such great heights/come on now I say perhaps this fight/ to find another life to end this storage strife/even charity's ok ch. x 2 v3. I've never known this guy to be a violent lass But don't have a clue what will come to pass And I'm worried about that giant magnifying glass Looks like I'm about to become a molten mass Of B-grade plastic/won't feel fantastic Right now I really wish I had the power of magic But I'm only a figurine/Not the real Ultramarine In second I won't feel so fresh and so clean To those less discerning/Soon I'll be burning I really wish I'd found another means of earning A place in a fan's heart/I'd rather be fanart Of some kind disposable j-eurobeat poptart Then I'd be reposted/maybe even hosted on archive.org even if the site shut down Instead I'm roasted/shouldn't have boasted Now like Icarus I'm melted right into the ground
cuteness 04:30
Cuteness by Karl Olson Ch. Time to come live from Seattle With No Fear or Loathing But you should understand that I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing I fawn innocence and cuteness As a pretense to hide my muteness Though I'm sure the perceptive Probably already knew this v1. Watch out now - for it's time to come with feelin Cribbing angst from shoujo comics/Japanese and Korean Bishoujo in floppy socks/Art School Punks with Dreadlocks Superfly samurai rolling on dubs in droptops We read our graphic novels for a moment to pretend That we've got our own digital absolute best friend You may read it for characters/I may read it for the man But we can share series data on imageboards like 4chan Slash mc is my category/upload pictures and some stories At the end it's shadows on the wall/ like a cave allegory You could call me the doctor/cause I was born on gallefrey And if you believe that/than I'm also kid n' play And when I was young/ I was like a teen titan But I'm not Beastboy nor Raven/you can call me ultraklystron Now I'm not superhero except when I'm on the mic Cause I never go gentle into that good night v2. I don't need pinky diamond gleam/nor expensive ice creams with spinning rims and drum machines/sown into the seams Give me a pair of converse/old skool style like Kareem Then you better clear a path/for my super buster beam I'm enigmatic like a puzzle game/so just give me a twist I turn breakbeats into gold/like the fullmetal alchemist And I'm feelin fine/sans influence of the mountain kind I Don't need the robotussin/I already feel divine My rhymes maybe nothing but gratuitous boasting But here's to a world with fortuitous toasting It maybe imitated / with adept MC ghosting But they'll have to keep up/cause I'm never ever coasting And I'll still moderate / even when I'm world renown Even when people come / from a 1000 miles around From shores of Hokkaido / to heart of Sea Town I'll keep posting on the net/ til the forums shut down (ch.) v3. The Melody of Logic / always plays the truth So don't try to step to me / because that game is uncouth And by step I mean don't think that you can argue with me Unless you've got hard data that you've collected recently And generally I'm sick / of hearing about politics So don't even go down that path / I'll vanish like Loonatics Cartoon Series - So anyone that can hear me Better make sure that they are enjoyable company Though that's not to say I hate / nor that I discriminate I just would like to dodge negativity / before it hits my plate So I'll admit this verse hasn't been that nerdcore Am I becoming like the geekstas that cut the path before Acting all socially relevant/telling companies to go repent Rather talking about how my trading cards got all bent When I was tripped by a football player/Who said he hates Angelic Layer And I how I put Twin Spica/Up on my home networks' share (ch.)
It's The Beat by Karl Olson ch. It's the beat - cannot fade Blue jean martians fighting Quaid It's the beat - I.M. chat Action sequence Chow Yung Fat It's the beat - make the grade Redhead teacher getting paid It's the beat - mention that Golden skates then golden bat v1. Ate a french fry in a starbucks. So street bench guy in a hard luck Situation Precipitation Evaporation Robot Nation Cowboy hat on eternal clearance Blocks out bad brain interference Baristas making some coffee Matcha chocolat getting sloppy Using product names so loosely Confused Alias from Green Koots Tea It's not squirrel it is moosey Code in perl and make it juicey Pull out cellphone - now I'm ringin her Talk unlimited in-network cingular Interrupted by the hello Ringtone's strawberry marshmallow (ch.) (gratuitous break down) v2. Hamburgers high on shelves above Mixed over one dozen crying doves Beverage addict seekin heaven Watch streaming eureka seven So quick fix nixed all the ticks Hick sticks it to a guy named rick Ball rolls make adhesion growth Cosmos ruler - he rocks the most Speakers blare Beethoven Nine New scenario comes to mind Baseball shirt looks like it's tennis Constant mindset is of Venice Shorties looking for gelato Pick up couches and an auto Jarred back to earth by order call Sip my coffee and then reinstall (ch)x3
five to nine 03:15
Five to Nine. by Karl Olson Ch. I don't need sleep / cause I'm making the whole scene Atleast that's what I say / but that's just a smoke screen I can't seem to find / no leisure or spare time When I'm working that grind / of the Five to Nine (repeat X 1) v1. Every single place / I'm seeing the same faces Memory glitches / Rewrites and erases Defining my self / Defaults to set labels Creation of self / Is defined by these fables Busting the same rhymes / and telling the same stories This new audience / buys these allegories. Though to me played out / and ought to be forgotten My brain's exhausted / and slowly going rotten And I gotta be cool / gotta act like a pro Always witty with my words / busting a fresh flow And if you've not heard it / then it's new to you And I know you've not heard it / and neither has your crew So then at this convention / I'll give you a nice dream Cause I'm too darn broke / to buy you an ice cream And I'm a not a mecha / no rockin the eye beams So I'll I spit what I have / until I hear the shy scream v2. Shooting pictures from the hip / while giving cosplay tips Calling in news at clip / while taking crook'd sips Of Vault and MDX / Receiving messages in text Quickly jotting down notes / through caffeine effects It's the burden of the press / though not everything's in ruin Cause I even interviewed / Miss Jessica Boone and I'd even say it's super cres / but my back is aching My feet are screaming out / as my backpack's breaking From all of the free swag / doujinshi by the bag And that radical rock / known as the Aggrocrag Free custom luggage tags / But I don't mean to brag Cause all of this sweet stuff / causes my spine to sag I'm not physically active / in my usual adventures So even pro bono goods can / earn a little of my censure Add to that the fact that at / the con I am a big spender And suddenly I need help / from an Earth Force Defender. bridge: Yeah by the end of con / my intellect is all gone Feeling like a zombie / Man I'm deader than Shawn And though my crew of friends / is tight like Genshiken When the con's at the end / I won't even pretend Cause we're all exhausted / perspicacity's frosted It's like we've been accosted / surprised no one's lost it But we keeping rolling on / though it's not on dubs This is the otaku style / we're rolling on fansubs


released November 27, 2007

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson, except "eighty three" which featured additional vocals by Zoe Castle. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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