Romance Language 3

by Ultraklystron



The sequel to Romance Language 2.


released February 14, 2015

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson (aka Ultraklystron) except for "I Want You" which features additional vocals written and performed by Nursehella.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more.

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Track Name: I Want You
I want you
more than I can say
I need you
more than I can say

so now we're starting forever
I hope you still find me clever
but my couplets ought to be better
self references should be severed
I know I'm way too reliant
on you who's rather defiant
but I'm just doing my science
never know to stay silent

modern me you create me
came from stupid to stately
you've changed me so much lately
but one thing you can't break see
is I'll forever talk down
self respect is blocked down
you mention self condescension
but it's the worst when you're not round

self importance self loathing
equal measures reloading
feedback loop is self closing
say that with no foreboding
but you're here breaking the circle
made it clear I'm no Urkel
or if I am, I'm also a man
standing tall doing work fool

retracting self accusation
inverting immolation
recognizing my station
but it's due to your patience
sorry for repetition
sorry for indecision
life's not what you envisioned
but your love is my mission

know your heartbreak's eternal
errors down to your kernel
tormented infernal
nightmare is diurnal
no easy resolution
to feeling so truant
absent retribution
infinitum imprudent

but ground rules are groundwork
northward I've found work
true skills lay down jerks
tears now can't drown smirks
stay popping queue advance
move forward with adamance
together is our stance
our language's romance
Track Name: Run It All
i was told the dumber rhymes are much funner right?
but i just want the summer time with a runner's high
sweat glistening and clandestine rendezvous
my reason to live and invest my fondness too
strawberry scented but you're so mixed up
but you've got defenses and don't need to be picked up
you don't need me, but i could make it easy
i won't be in your way, and you could even leave me

my heart aches when i try to catch up to you
my heart breaks when i think i don't cut it too
push yourself past limits, you're one of a kind
uniquely designed, to run laps through my mind
but your infinite shine is backloaded with loss
you roll constantly so you don't gather moss
and I can't hold pace, everyday, that's clear
but I know we'd be great, everyway, no fear

when we're on the track - we run it all
then we turn our back - we shun it all
tomorrow isn't now, and now's right here
pretty clear that we can spend our whole life here

i'll always stand by you, you don't need a white steed
upon which a prince spews empty and trite creeds
if depression might feed on a darkness in you
i can't turn my back, it'd be heartless to do
beside the pillow fights and early morning miles
beat back the cold nights with girly warming smiles
i feel like i could race a marathon or maybe not
but i feel like nothing could ever delay our spot

atop our own world, looking losses in the eye
both with acceptance and an aim to defy
no repentance barring things we both dislike
living day by day is something we'll get right
future's too far now, but now is incredible
doesn't need words but you know i've said it's cool
if the time given if isn't really immeasurable
spending what i've got with you is most pleasureable
Track Name: Good Luck
good luck girl
you're gonna need it
cause the world's trying to bring you down
til you're lying on the ground and bleeding

every day for you's a blessing
and there ain't nobody testing
nobody flexing on you cause, girl
your every day is we the besting
and you got every boy confessing
and that attention's never resting
wouldn't even see one flaw, girl
even if you were undressing
but there are others on the come up
some people trying to get your one up
duck 'em while they're still dogging, girl
and they won't catch up past the sun up
but you know you are a cut up
when it's hard you do not buck up
the spot light you've been hogging, girl
to keep it you'll have to nut up

so the home is where heart is
super blessed but acting heartless
cause your dreams've been threatened, girl
but the next steps ares the hardest
so paint that picture like an artist
wind that back just like a tardis
in a moment you'll beckon, girl
every step forwards the farthest
but you can make it all real now
every wound you have could heal now
open up your emotions, girl
cause all you have to do is feel now
the ignorant try to steal now
because they see your appeal now
want to drink of your potions, girl
guard your milkshake and your meal now
Track Name: Wandering
Aren't these first world problems the nicest?
A dumb otaku with a mid life crisis
Cause now that there's some one in my life like you
I really don't need to buy a plastic waifu
Don't feel like buying doujin that I can't read
Rather the learn the language and catch your needs
I think a young me woulda called me a mental jerk
But I'm now happier paying for your dental work
Get us to a better place, still be a rental
But the location will be transcendental
You and me back up living by Mount Fuji
These days that's the goal I aim towards truly
Rather you and me at an over water suite
Then to walk around a con forever as a neet
I hate squandering time super far from you
Just want to be there and always come through

Ch. (x2)
Wandering in a daze
Is all I ever do these days
Don't know why I ever leave
Cause there's nothing out there I need

Don't get it wrong, I still love the culture
Can't quite deny the allure it's holds, sure
But the fact is my tastes are so obscure
That there isn't merch to get for this nerd
And even if there was, it wouldn't take the throne now
Guess that means I'm mature and grown now
Though that can't be right cause I still smile
Every time you go crazy and an act buck wild
I don't need characters when I have you
I'll take every second good and bad too
Box sets set aside, perhaps never return
I'll admit that was a pricey lesson that I learned
I used to think I'd be all otaku forever
And I guess I still am but I want a level better
You and me living that life and not just watching it
Every day I'm plotting it, nobody is stopping it
Track Name: Shout Love
You like to keep it down low
But I just wanna shout love
You like to keep it down low
But I just gotta shout love

I wanna tell the world (whole world)
I just wanna tell the world
I gotta tell the world (whole world)
I just gotta tell the world

like to keep me like that fitzgerald story
never shown though I know that you adore me
one stray implication could scorn me
it's weird how this subject's not thorny
you'll never let another person claim me
get jealous if another person aims me
you put it on the others, can't blame me
cause I'm docile, why bother to tame me
asking me "do you think I'm crazy?"
asking me "will you dare betray me?
make up any rule I'll obey the
letter of law, so just say please
just wanna shout your name in my flows
even though you're waking up my clothes
but i'm also not looking for a fight though
and if i hold you too tight you might go
and i can't live without you again dear
don't feel like repeating that one year
didn't like your distance from my sphere
it's clear that you're still my final frontier
but you didn't always want it quiet
used to shout it out like it's a riot
but then you found you'd rather deny it
loving that once you had tryed it

but i know your image must be maintained
can't be caught out with a lame brain
plus you never want to be soul chained
but it's okay because i'm so trained
stow all of the personal, hide it
except for any friends we confide in
and even some them are getting lies in
do that out of love and defience
and acquaintances never discover
the secret life we're leading as lovers
though the hand has never once hovered
once you got under the covers
it's funny how i put it down in bars though
always such a focus of my art though
inquiries to desires well i dart those
love keeping me running til my heart goes
i know my declaration is indulgent
walking with you's leaving my soul spent
and your smile makes me feel so exultant
truthfully it's ever so effulgent
lights the universe til it whites out
so you understand why i might shout
and I understand why you might pout
devastating love like a wipe out
Track Name: Near Or Far
...near or far
I'm always
missing you
needing you
...from the start
I'm always
missing you
do you need me too?

every day of the week I'm out on my grind
and even weekends are pretty hard to find
so, yeah I haven't seen your face for days
so sorry for stalking on your Facebook page
I wish I could beam like in an instant, blam
instead I'm just flipping through your Instagram
Viber makes the distance less dividing
but in the same place we should be residing
but, even when I'm back in the same location
thanks to the change up in my vocation
I'm up so early getting back so late
guess the trait of this fate is to wait at gates
some times we want space and we both respect that
even though that sometimes intersects bad
but at this second all of my affection
hopes it's effecting you to make connections

even the feds know I'm on that love won't die style
because you're the one who can bring out my smile
even when I'm wound up and feel intensely
you stay up late and listen to my venting
it's really not a thing to reciprocate that
happy to know that I provide that pay back
I don't keep score but I'm trying to prove
that you're still making me move, opening my views
so when you're not here I get lonesome
but I know we sometimes we have to roam some
so though for your return I get so impatient
I understand that it is most efficient
to stay attracted in a rational way
such that we never let our passions betray
all of the memories we hold oh so dear
our love'll be wonderful far or near
Track Name: Theft
...i stole your heart from another
so I can't blame you for feeling
so sad, sad
...i stole your heart from another
so I can't blame you for being
so mad, mad

wake up in the night with a cold sweat
and it's nothing that you know yet
already put that note in your tracks
so i lack a reason to hold back
i know you'd rather alternate endings
those emotions do not need defending
because for you i'd also want undos
even if that undid a lot of fun too
though our happiest day was uniting
i know another moment was lightening
weathered that doing all the right things
but ultimately that is despite things
a situation ever scarred deeply
hard not to feel the blame chiefly
had i only been a noble and meek me
who let you dump me before heatley
maybe things could've been different
or maybe those paths are resistant
crossing my mind ever cycling
because the other options are striking
shouldn't have cried tried to hold on
shouldn't have wanted you sold on
should've never acted so needy,
ignorant, selfish and greedy

upset when i talk about these thoughts
know the kind of damage that it wroughts
know it's unproductive and wasteful
really this song is distasteful
same selfish attitude that brought this
egotist twit acting the hottest
life lesson unlearned though taught well
i keep pushing forward though i'm not well
torn apart because you are my angel
holding it together running game well
obsessively dominate my passions
so really i never want redaction
i'd do it all same, well i think so
or would i step away from the brink though
i know i'd be lonely, acting classless
hung up on those girls with the glasses
i love our memories can't erase that
but what it took get there i can't face that
i can only ask you for forgiveness
and you have no obligation to give this
plus i know you're troubled in the same way
wonder how you'd change all the game play
but it's academic cannot change paths
so I hope my pleasures hold your pains back
Track Name: Nothing Material
i would trade everything that i have for you
pawn my DVDs, pawn my CDs too
there's nothing material that can replace
the memories we've made cannot be erased

if this is poetry, i know it's not that great
but when i'm spitting rhymes, i better communicate
emotions don't flow in prose, i can't seem to crow
i lock down in codes, like my intellect's froze
but when I write about you, putting it down in verse
i'm getting out of first, expressing the best and worst
my angels and my demons, my eyes then gleaming
i can say i'm dreaming, i express my feelings
the math might say that i'm so replaceable
that there's a million mes, that i am a faceless fool
but i deface the rules, never come derivative
i know i'm one of a kind, a single life to live
you're one in 20 trillion, like you shouldn't exist
without a miracle happening, that's why you're missed
by me every night, with every song that i hear
with every page that i read, i see your face so clear

another rapper would just call ya names here
but i'll just talk about the couture in your ears
the chanel studs that complemented your shades
and the necklace for which your mother had paid
remember those days, remember your looks
i cannot forget, always have my heart hooked
i could make a whole discography about you
hard for me to even live my life without you
i get paid off code, plus i moved out
CS bachelors, still have the tightest grooves out
got your album out, and me I'm on my eighth
the money ain't a thing, so we stay living great
this time apart kills me, like it kills you
shoulda known better, wish i could heal you
but if it scars cause it's hard, well, we both share
hope you see that i care, my love's forever there
Track Name: All I Know
Eye you in those bicycle shorts and a tank top
Looking round the corner like my visions on a bank shot (switch it)
Get you in a plug suit, highlights so enticing
It's no wonder you're the one that I'm wifing...(yeah)
Every moment all I know is that I want it (yeah)
Every moment all I know is that you got it (yeah)
Every moment all I know is you're the hottest,
And ain't nobody ever gonna stop us

And you say I'm so pure, but you know my addiction is
Is when both our emotions are raw yet frictionless
I still get nervous but now I know we're both game
Before a words said, well, will be glad we both came
In those black boots, knee socks, yeah, yeah know me
Gap looking perfect with that zettai ryouiki
Say you hate my ota style, but I know you love it
Natural Tsundere girl, dear, I know you covet
Getting with you girl, just kissing on your b breasts
I give you the d best while you play your 3ds
Guess it's role playing plus the game is role playing
Battle music blasting I guess we're both raiding
We're almost at the climax and it's larger than IMAX
Charged up to the maximum with all the combos I stack
Final boss conquered at the moment of ecstasy
Perfect end to living to out all of these fantasies

Giving me ero manga dreams every night there
Everyday away from you is actually a nightmare
Just wanna give it to you hard, just the way we need it
You told me that you like it, when you feel me beat it
Hold you down like it's enhanced gravity
Talking so nasty cause we like the depravity
Signifies trust and the depth of honesty
Then switch it up - switch it up? - and you're all on top of me
Riding all night til I see the sun rising
Never satiated I'm still feeling on your thighs then
Always reaching highs then - but this is icing on the cake
Because the fact is - that you're my real soul mate
Even when the sex is layed back and not vicious
Even without that every moment is delicious
And I swear that it's not distance prompting this outburst
You know for me that losing you would be beyond worst
Track Name: Only Real
3 jobs in one year got me feeling strange
Didn't think I'd easily make so much change
Finished my commitments, so I'm selling beats often
The secret in the arsenal keeping cons poppin
Still reading manga bout college though I'm thirty one
Living proof that I'm still ever so nerdy son
At least the high school manga finally lost their appeal
Wait that's a lie, so let me keep it real
But through the changes, one thing remains a constant
I only want you forever is my only comment
That's a constant comment such a flavor to savor
Never betray you or sell you out to haters
Still, I'm weird writing lyrics on computer screens
But together we'll never find a truer team
I still worry fate is gonna mock me soon
Till then I'm like sakura on nozaki-kun

You're the only real person
Who makes me feel this way
You're the only real person
Who can keep me saved

On vacations to lands I only imagined
If you weren't with me, I'd be ever so saddened
Flight's quite long and I know it's so hard
But the atolls and beaches look like a postcard
On the train into work, I think I shouldn't be so blessed
Graduated way late: how did I pass this test?
Not to say that there wasn't a struggle there
But if I'm called privileged I have no rebuttals there
The greatest lucky find is most definitely you
You're running through my mind and always getting me through
Moments of stress that arise with frequency
So it's the best when you excitedly speak to me
Telling me about all the plans that you're activating
Showing me the new projects that you're creating
Often my absent mind can be aggravating
But deep down girl you keep me concentrating
Track Name: Sky High
It's 9am - i'm sipping calpico
Great breakfast grocery store cali rolls
A cold heart never thinking nice things
Not Finn man, I'm more like the Ice King
Cause I stole a princess, then I was beatdown
Princess unsure what she wanna be now
She's still killing it like her name's Memow
She hustles real hard makin real Gs now
She makes me feel like I am a made man
No Mahoro though, just getting paid man
Wonder here thinking what I should get her
I just wanna no longer upset her
It's 9:30 - bento's done
Overcast, no chance of sun
And no rain, sky can't cry
Only doing, no I can't try

ch. (x2)
Never say that I'm stopping in the least, man
Never surrendering or admitting defeat, man
Still a boy reaching sky high, shonen jump
Still a boy aiming sky high, shonen jump

It's 10am - the city calls
Another chance to make witty lawls
It's hilarious, if you're not me
I'm nefarious, on my flop spree
The good things, well I wrecked it
Odds are slim, almost anorexic
No energy and there's no outlet
Should've stayed down at the outset
Focused in on working out what figures mean
Forget about plasticine figurines
Forget about mixtapes and albums
Might have had an improved outcome
Let the memories fade like a CD-R
No resuscitation or CPR
Nevermind, that isn't how the story goes
I will consume the game, Toriko