by Ultraklystron



released January 9, 2019

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more.

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Track Name: Got Me Out My Mind
when you're with me
you got me out my mind
out my mind right now, baby

and we'll soon see
everything is fine
everything is fine, baby

we don't care
about the consequences of tomorrow
we're out there
the moment is the only thing we follow

one weekend
where we forget about our daily problems
see rare friends
shout across crowds because we never call them

so let's play
for today
dress up right
far from all the world's haters

no regrets
it's okay
for tonight
leave our cares outside for later

by sunday
we'll have to leave our alternate personas
and some say
even right now we're nothing more than loners

it's pretend
but I'd rather this than an empty evening
gray days blend
but here our memory is ever reeling

don't forget
we can't lose
what's been set
stays with us beyond forever

though it leaves
it returns
nutured seeds
our friendships will never sever
Track Name: Gilded Wire
Keep you in a cage, because you act your looks and not your age.
Keeps you in a daze, bury you in books, hide you away.
Hold you from the fire, cannot learn from mistakes never made.
When our time expires, will you burn or disappear and fade?

You can light the room, simply cause you're present at the scene
Even though beneath, the trespasses have blackened all you've been
Everyone assumes, that therefore you need protection from
All the villain's teeth, all the malcontents and all the scum

ch. (x2)
We keep them all in the gilded wires
We pick them up so they don't get tired
That's probably why they're running away
They want to fly but we keep them safe

Tear apart the grasps, from all the hands who would stop you cold
Undo all the clasps, remove the false outfit you've been sold
We all know you can, and deep down we really know you should
Live free in the land, even if that's not where we were both stood

It's time for the words, to match the intentions they all had
I'm sure that it's nice, to have the world dote you when sad
But I the know the curse, keeps you still no matter what you've done
Frozen in the ice, the sweetness keeps you there, and blind, and dumb

br. (x4)
all in the gilded
all in the gilded wire
Track Name: Nobody Knows
Nobody knows that I'm barely breathing
Nobody knows that I'm almost seething
I don't know which road I should take anymore
I don't know that she is headed for the door
I wish I could see why to her I'm uncouth
But I'm sitting alone here in West Duluth

Escape isn't safest / but it's all I've got
My friends may well hate this / but it's my last shot
I'd rather abandon / before there's subduction
Either way nothin / results from destruction

Nobody knows that I'm always crying
Nobody knows that I'm always prying
I don't know if my secrets are truly hidden
From the one with whom I'm totally smitten
I wish I could go back and fix my mistakes
But I guess there are somethings that are meant to break
Track Name: Been Over
ch. (x2)
It's been over for a long time (long time)
It's been over since I left you in this place
It's been over for a long time (long time)
It's been over since I left you in disgrace

v1. (x2)
Everything'll be all right
When the time's right
When the lime light
Finally shines bright

Everything'll be okay
On a green bay
When our dreams stay
Once our team's payed

v2. (x2)
Anybody could blow up
If they'd show up
If they'd grow up
Everybody'd show love

Anyone could do our jobs
Be our frauds
Give sour nods
Everyone could join our mob
Track Name: Soft Focus
i bought a rail pass today
to wonder aimlessly away

no regrets or memories
nothing can be said to me

the tracks reflect the winter skies
that image won't reach my eyes

re-enact my favorite scenes
in sepia and tangerine

it's like a dream
so why wake up?
outside is hard
but here it's not
don't know my name
and i don't care
the cozy home
where nothing's bare

alternate reality
alien in all i see

glistening simulcra
of what we're really looking for

everything is misaligned
the focus feels undefined

none can know the half of it
purge until they can forget
Track Name: Rainbow Road
Look honestly I'm a lame who only casual games /
unless it's visual novels I'm the king of that lane /
probably why I'm the only rapper with a dope flow /
about the entire cast of Katawa Shoujo /
cleared every route that's 6 not four loco /
cause for a month all I could do mope bro /
but I still drop bars like juicy j on a xanax flight /
when it comes to the rap game I always Love Despite

We're better than those who would vomit rhetoric /
provably rad are our combinatorics /
blow unprecedented, we're the bomb historic /
fly by at trans light speeds, we've totally floored it /
they've all Pauly Shored it, careers left on empty /
we're MCs who prove P can equal NP /
otaku business gets romance like Tenchi /
our flows get Ryokos, those bros cannot bench me

This beat goes harder than the rainbow road /
like Kirby in reverse know I came to blow /
expansion packs are premium downloads /
unpopular on reddit though with down votes

baller weeaboo style gucci figurines /
recursive money on a prius all we do is green /
people purple like grimace when they try to cop my lean /
i make neko yume smile that's a happy pussy dream /
screaming akihabara when I'm on the scene /
toranoana staff know that i'm a doujin fiend /
feeling so sugoi because I just got paid /
i go to maidreamin make it rain at maid cafes

looks who's back acting like a young otaku hellion /
mr. code geass, young lelouch of the rebellion /
shinji off his meds piloting an evangelion /
the tiger and the bunny all the other mecha friends /
welcome to the spectacle of a boy in spectacles /
no megane-bu but fujoshi are susceptible /
find my flows delicious and incredibly edible /
haters are just lemongrabs, screaming UNACCEPTABLE
Track Name: Double
double guilt / double loneliness
definitely doubled down
though misery loves company
it's offset by where we are now

what i thought was a vacation, really was a death march
i thought that separation, wouldn't seem like such a parched
landscape inescapable, i thought that in the crowd
i wouldn't feel so lonely, but instead i was plowed
by neverending thoughts that something here was truly missing
something that i couldn't overcome just just by resisting
logic applied actively could not destroy emotions
that i had left the most important part across an ocean


so it's like damage dealt was double than i had expected
doubled perhaps yet again because i stay connected
to others who are just like me, bystanders and victim
who wanders down in someone's world, controlled their by their dictum
but warmness felt now only would double the pain again
so by myself i'm left to sigh and pine for my old friends
and write another poem, song or ode to beloveds
one day i pray that i'll have grown enough to be right above it

so i'm alone in the crowd
and i'm empty by myself
and my heart screams loud
"you belong to someone else"
Track Name: Unattended
left unattended, left all alone
so don't defend it, maybe atone
left unattended, left all alone
done with pretending, now it's all gone

scolded and rarely rewarded
left alone so unescorted
change always seemed to be shorted
told he was nothing but sordid

asked to justify his passions
derided for taking action
hard to not feel unwanted
still he moved forward undaunted

only thing getting him through
magazines and some cartoons
other realities made
to hold depression at bay

trying to look towards tomorrow
every last dream out on borrow
tried to spare everyone's feelings
failed now everyone's reeling

taught how to throw many tantrums
learned how to make many anthems
never once feeling that handsome
love always held for a ransom

put it all into his product
never thought it was neurotic
thought it came off as exotic
mysterious and quixotic

it was unbalanced propulsion
a self-destructive compulsion
never achieved an emulsion
unsaid was others revulsion

finally was told he's disgusting
no longer anyone's trusting
pray that though something is rotten
what's budding leaves it forgotten
Track Name: Most Of All
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you
I truly hate everything
But most of all I hate myself, yeah

snuck out during recess
left to find the abscess
pocket matches burning
stupid preteen yearning
used up extra chances
fucked up all advances
opportune to no one
guess i was the slow one
(guess i was the slow one)

confidential confess
confidences come less
keeping selfish secrets
guess the lies are needed
references all excised
lessons i can apply
cannot buy what one says
came to try the nonsense

end. (repeat)
i hate myself
Track Name: This Is An Anime
Didn't buy maison margiela
I bought my clothes at the zellers
Until I married nurse hella
Then I hit all the ateliers

Naw I went down to the thrift
Spotted the barely loved gifts
Discounted down to a fifth
But this isn't macklemore biz

Neet, I'm so fly like Macross
Otaku jesus on mah cross
Porta pro just like mah Koss
That's why they call me Mac Ross!

Get shirtless, this is an anime
Fan service, this is an anime
So nervous, this is an anime
Forget it, this isn't anime!

ch. (x2)
...this isn't anime, this isn't manga, no this is my life
...this is my everyday, this is a song, but woah it is hype

Really confused by the nerds
Who want their heroines pure
Ever polite and demure
Then turn around spit slurs

They feel owed and indebted
Victim complex is abetted
By what they put in the head kid
Building neurosis on credit

I never saw from the angle
Took my risks and let it dangle
Even if sometimes I'm mangled
Other times I am entangled