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by Ultraklystron

Famous 02:15
ch. x2 don't stress i ain't tryin to be famous this is just games, nothing so heinous no mess, and the clean up's painless reset right back without any changes v1. won't be back come November cause I never left you yes I always remember to never upset you cause when we stay together there's nothing we can't do everyday's getting better even when the world's blue no change, no games and every day's the same, the lane, never delays our claim, no pain, coming our way it's strange, so strange, i gotta say v2. so easy to stay underground when nobody loves and nobody gonna come around to push it above two decades in carbonite frozen from the start escapades were never hype so let me depart not coy, with no ploys, I'm screamin in a void, an android, I dream again vocal, but no loid, a real friend so cool, but no choice, I see the end
Lapidary 01:53
ch. struggle to recall the goal as I lose parts of my soul I don't even know my face everything slowly replaced fragile I'm slowly reformed inside I'm feeling forlorn worry I'm losing my core trauma piles at my door v1. saw you alone in your fighting energy leaving me frightened yet I was also compelled feeling my empathy swell promised to find you new purpose integrate you in our service people thought I was neurotic couldn't see beyond the toxic life is too hard for division so I must start on my mission so weak I don't what's fitting everyone around me kidding even though nightmares are reigning think my momentum in gaining entire body is changing but I can't say how it's draining v2. keep it together and golden steadily holdin' finally feeling emboldened too many dead gotta save falling to rage so I must learn to be brave entire being will change crystals arranged memory hard to maintain paranoid I'm losing sight forgot my fight was bringing you to the light I just gotta find another way to reveal the truth even though I'm bone hope, my soul's finally bearing fruit reassembled parts, but my heart's never severed now I might lose my start, but my art's getting better now
My Life Me 01:52
ch. ...at last found the unlikely finally got my homies, now it's My Life Me ...watched it growing up from one seed thought it was forever, yet it slides by me v1. Warp me back to '04, sitting on the floor Talking cash shit at the local anime store Hangin with my Birches, Pocky getting purchased Finally found friends, getting over being nervous What a golden era, Yeezy, Weezy, Curtis Playing para para to make the evening perfect Adolescent drama, not ready to surface Only Hot Topic's in the mall where we're workin v2. Gimme back a KB toys, and a Suncoast Coppin Dn'B at Borders, yeah I miss it the most Birthday celebrated, hyper-caffeinated Gift is just the company, so appreciated Watch it all implode, as folks grew up and dated Break ups overload; friendships get serrated Nothing lasts forever, sever via letters Decades slide by yet we cannot dream of better
Garbage Ape 02:06
ch. defies explanations, loved yet never earning trust before he arrives he's betrayed by his rancid musk trash the block from tanks, blast like a blunderbuss yeah I've seen the garbage ape and him is us v1. inexplicably present in places so unfitting rattle the block unstopped by those so unwitting rain, sleet or snow like the post he's never quitting try to comprehend what the joke is but no one is kidding oh it's so serious, sincere and super weird the surface layer clear yet beneath's a wary fear because what's expected isn't what has appeared as it rattles down the streets to hollers and cheers v2. refuse clatters and splatters yet none can look away everyone around is feeling endlessly shook today barring those already lost to the menagerie the dadaist felines aligning the whole cadre praise to the padre with steel gripped in each hand barely bipedal, yet he wields his street plans doesn't bang metal, he just shakes his damn cans not even the worst part, naw that's his damn fans
Meme Song 02:04
ch. each track ain't gotta be a theme song in my feelings, but I wanna dream on every line ain't gotta be meme one floor to ceiling, feeling like a phenom v1. sit and listen, don't make it about yourself want to walk it out, but must stay for someone else if you're typing, you're not talking; no feet in the mouth worked it, but you broke it, so you're really just a louse so keep quiet and protect this, set yourself aside deference to another until they're up in the sky no rewinds available, no backups or saves caught a body in the rye, now there's really hell to pay v2. there's no simulations to author for catharsis failure costs immense so you gotta keep it guarded nothing sweet only cold with rights to a dream revoked punitive corrective and crucially without hope know that any further pain is never coming close to matching the miasma that haunts every post so sorry; no memetics, nor pop culture trivia now it's unfitting bruh; hate it? play your vidia end: (x2) floor to ceiling, feeling like a phenom
F&F 02:06
intro. they want that ch. funimation and f**kin funimation and f**kin ayy funimation and f**kin funimation and f**kin ayy funimation and f**kin funimation and f**kin ayy no crunchyroll and chill no more they want funimation and f**kin v1. ... time for second chance Combining making for a lotta decadence ... keeping it tight like Gantz A Ghost in the Shell who's after your Innocence ... alone and lonely But I'll break through like it's Ikkitousen ... like Escaflowne Replace your memories like a dub from ocean Monthly don't cost even 10 eh? Drops your defense hey Be your Eromanga Sensei Netflix a weak imitation Our animation Holding you down Gravitation Ya know I got whatcha needin' Know that ya fiendin' I gotcha fix every season I better not catch ya cheatin' Stick with my streamin' Take a HiDive then I'm leavin! v2. Let's get super ecchi, hentai so perverted Back those assets up, yeah let's do a "corporate merger" I'm no longer nervous, just get on top of me Combine our libraries and make a small monopoly And this ain't just a duo, no it's a group or team We getting down with Aniplex, Madman & Wakanim We ain't being selfish, we stay fly like Strike Witches So savor it, your favorites are gettin Sony riches
Blade Tags 01:46
ch. Privilege in a decayed history Elegant in our shared misery Clout chase airing out the pedigree Blade tags to impede the enemy v1. Maybe it's just porcelain Shattered doll with broken limbs Darkest pacts with secret friends Vow to not return again Others gazing horrified Can't stand what this love implies Never meant for prying eyes Scene too harsh so none survive v2. An understudy in the wings Swinging by their puppet strings Machiavellian things Try it on, it's unfitting The luxury and status chase The motivations hard to trace Beginning to seek escape Intrigue more than I can take
Mars 01:53
ch. ... always trying so hard ... always fighting so far ... war god so mars ... war god so mars v1. okay.... so what's the real story? looking at triangles who's Rei? who's Shiori? who's throwing tantrums? who's the pushover? who's disguising anthems as just a lush coda? who's hands are targeted by those with envy? who's suffered more loss and feels more empty? want to work out so I can brace as I'm reading manga intoxication awakens ancient feelings v2. feeling like a Kira in your sway and risk taking but then I'll know you lost a Sei & that's really heart breaking exhausting seeing struggles in a different composition looking at a past that was not in mint condition but I know you inspire in me colors that I'll never know people see it on me how you inflame a better glow gossips on each side are stewing preconceptions no matter who we are, we found our own directions
Den-Den Town 02:08
intro: handing the baton over like track day the Spiral's Ito but still run it back way past any villains stepping in wack ways flame it Burnish or smokin that pack hey ch. I used to be living so poorly anxious and hikikomori was stuck in the house call me Cory but then I stopped acting so sorry went for reality no more pretend then made to Akiba then out to Den Den I did it once, then did it again then pray for the same for my anime rap friends v1. ultraklystron here no simp flows here sound is rollin' out like Symphogears tired of being boned by this nympho year so I'll switch the tone and the tempo here gonna bring it back to the Kyo skull cap Furuba drip and the jacket patched ToonZone clique with the manga stacks and it's been that vibe since decades back otaku since 2k an era amazing nerdcore til death, energy never fading scene finally here after decades creating giving otaku the music they're craving fujoshi tell me I got it right fudanshi tell me I know their type I just keeping coding it over skype flows like plugsuit it's very tight v2. wild I wifed a Futaba mixed with that Sana Kurata dripped in a vintage yukata shoutin' ah megami-sama! ignore the fickle whip it like Stu Pickles money tsunami but came from a trickle guys it's a deathscythe, not just a sickle It's Nodame Cantabile, not second fiddle flow's a Pianica rhapsody hope the reactions are mad at me crowds gotcha beyond capacity but it's the way that it had to be know that my minimums Nana or Hachi bishoujo idols in Chanel, Versace cold like Hokkaido, they still want the pocky come along way from cheap teriyaki outro: at this since Tenchi was airing ever been shipping these pairings before the torrents were sharing I was on IRC daring flatten the critics like the Noise they are spanning the distance across to the stars next generations but it's not Boruto rumble the world by spittin' a torrid flow
Lane 01:55
ch. Every time I think I wanna quit I see someone Fall who coulda been my friend so I just must come Last in my lane, despite any change Never exit once, head spinnin' from the pain v1. Never with the bando, he just got the Bandai Cause he got a model kitted / out lookin' damn fly Wasn't how he planned he / couldn't see a glam life Networked like a LAN do / cloud city not strife Empty? yeah, he's so trite / electro with no lights Heading for the door first / yeah, he grabs his coat right? Now he's all gone / without one so long Repetition goes on / all alone each dawn v2. Some said he oughtta dumb it down over the Lupe Said he gotta come around it colder like today Sever the ever clever for cheddar in a suitcase Two faced is even better but he was just too based Eager for the new tastes, before he's too aged Feeding off a new wave, the lore, reused waste Only wants to see how they win their fight So moments flicker past in the phosphor light
Nagatoro 02:25
ch. Nagatoro, Nagatoro / I'll see ya tomorrow I know that you're gonna gimme lotsa grief 'n sorrow Nagatoro, Nagatoro / patience ever borrowed tauntin' me forever as you toy with my kokoro v1. isn't how I planned thangs / these misunderstandings then I see that damn fang / I know that drama's landing fun to leave me hanging / doki doki banging twisting in the breeze / love to see me dangling oh you dangle carrots / make me feel embarrassed cutting words you parrot / spin me like a Ferris wheel not a Bueller / moments after school where you got me on my knees / and then I act a fool there v2. eye me between classes / make sneaky passes get me hot and bothered / steaming up my glasses you saw I was passive / that got you proactive doing as you please / ego ever massive see that you're the greatest / underclassmen sadistI I can't match your cadence / worried I'll betray this think you wanna help me / but this way ain't healthy haunted by each tease / your love is too stealthy
Not NFT 02:13
ch. x2 boiling all the oceans just for gifs (not NFT) graphics cards impossible to get (not NFT) art has gotta find another check (not NFT) sorry if the truth makes you upset (not really) v1. ...wait... I know you just wanna secure a bag ...great... but cookin the earth to do it's a drag ...cake... pursuit of that isn't somethin I slag ...hate... to face it like you but we cannot lag know that art's taken for granted - but that can't excuse the damage know there's first mover advantage - what's the use without the planet sourness ain't how I planned it - no sugar coating not candied really hate to be so candid - but we can't settle like Candide v2. ...green... know it's the dream, but also a dream ...clean... think it's the future, but it's a fiend ...keen... to make a name regardless of means ...team... trying to build regardless of genes looking to become immortal - trying to find an embrace thinking that you've found a portal - but trap door's what you face looking to embrace the limited - trying to become the limitless but even if you are gettin' it - everyone else endin' penniless
ch. x2 ... you are everyone but yourself each disguise another trophy on the shelf ... you level up but it's hell and you can never ever tell anyone else v1. each stream sticks to a theme, a neat package but the medium's rules binds like straitjackets those parasocial accolades seem so attractive but you are you playing you, so each action is acted death - dissociate - dissatisfaction content is king and the fans want reactions authenticity sold off in transactions discussion thereof negatively impactin' v2. it gets bottled up and hidden in dank places wear so many masks that you're blank and faceless no fresh flavor ever so tasteless the soul's been cased and left with out traces you stick to basics and sit back and take it jump through hoop puts smiles on and fakes it doesn't matter right so long as you're cakin' demons chasin' as long as the cash's raked in


TL;DR: TBH; IDK; What's A Thesis Anyway?


released June 28, 2021

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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