Just You Wait and See

by Ultraklystron



An album looking for brighter days ahead or at least for silver linings.


released April 20, 2020

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more.

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Track Name: Miscreant
he's out of line
a caustic wit
a jaundiced mind
whose full of it
he's apple seeds
moldy peach pits
buried beneath
the place we sit

a lemon snatched
he feels so beat
ramshackle tracts
angel hair streets
no second acts
final defeats
ill fitting facts
so indiscreet

run it down with rental cars
reincarnate amongst stars
plagiarize the inner child
like there's nothing to defile

unmask imitation ghosts
for the unassuming hosts
make the statements you can vet
pay your way and own your debts

erratic tape
can't be resolved
but true escape
remains the call
hearts dissolved
entombed in wax
stand ever tall
few can redact

a wick burns down
til it's inside
fire resounds
and tries the lie
the residues
remain and stay
and what is true
refrains from play
Track Name: Don't Worry
don't worry, I'm not going anywhere
no hurry, I'm not going anywhere
one lane, I'm not going anywhere
no change, I'm not going anywhere

no changes, same status
feel restless, so fractious
not famous, couldn't deal
too feckless, keep it real
die-casted, via deaths
ever pained, no success
life fasted, moderate
nothing gained, welterweight

...never took the brakes off once
and stayed from unlocked fun
...always looking back not forward
perspective was so untoward

same secrets, ever kept
believers, never sent
larger truths, ever chased
stolen youths, unreplaced
lost gardens, over grown
all monarchs, get dethroned
hearts harden, feelings drown
restarted, boot up sound

...never swung the bat full force
and never deviated course
... only took the paths most safe
never sought to unleash hate
Track Name: Different Pace
Third time I went to kyoto / I walked the kumanokodo
Took a journey like I'm frodo / So you can't sleep on me no doz
Rode the densha to see Tama / did it down in Wakeyama
Then I hit Takashimaya / got a new fit to look fire

I do not tour in Japan / I go on tours with my friend / blowing some bands
Everyone's chasing a trend / playin pretend / I'd rather beaches and sand
Doin' it bigger each year / fear disappears / honestly glad to be here
Love my six figure career / I'll make it clear / aim beyond the atmosphere

Even / if we're / all / dream / chasin
Think i'm / on a / different / type of / pacin

Maybe perhaps it's pity though / that I'm not shooting a video
But i'm not here to do work / just to relax in the city though
Rural locations I'm on them / wife takes me out an onsen
I see you there tryin' to smirk / but I am already gone then

Some do it all for the clout / feeding their doubts / that they'll never make it out
That's why I just gotta shout / no wake and pout / trust me your dreams are a route
I stay on island resorts / chilling in shorts / I never need a retort
Stamps filling up the passport / kind of my sport / still feeling harder than Bort
Track Name: Virgin Killer Sweater
wind blowing / fall weather
fujoshi in a virgin killer sweater
fire glowing / unfettered
don't let em tell you life doesn't get better

as maple leaves are turning red
they're like you, they're turning heads
though today it's overcast
i hope this moment ever lasts
just came in from chopping wood
know that I'm not looking good
you claim you like my flannel drip
admit that my heart could flip

impossible in everyway
yet happiness is here to stay
you took me in from out the cold
despite the fault lines in my soul
untoppable I'd like to say
but it gets better every day
heart pounding with diesel force
our love can thwart an evil force
Track Name: Eizouken
turning fantasies into reality
in the moment forget any tragedy
make anime dreams real with my friends
keep your grubby paws off the Eizouken

I just wanna have their backs
I just wanna make us stacks
Put it motion in fast
Keep the whole crew on track
Make a bucket of that cash, yeah

I just wanna see my dream
Moving on the silver screen
Plan it all out for the team
Lay it all out in a scene
Fantasy I ever fiend, yeah

I just wanna choose my path
I just wanna drop this act
I just wanna live my facts
Leave the now in the past
Fame doesn't get me gassed, yeah

We're gonna make the stage
We're gonna break their ways
Every move ever brave
Infinite distance gaze
Couldn't care what they say, yeah

Gonna help pave the way
Get my team real paid
Do it with no delays
Never shall I betray
Coming through every day, yeah

World only I create
Unfurled through my gate
Pen laying out a state
Effortless like it's fate
Really a piece of cake, yeah

Characters from my soul
Fluid art is the goal
Never once ever fold
Til the story is told
Gonna stay ever bold, yeah

We got the future locked
Let all the haters talk
Soon enough they'll all cop
Everything that we dropped
Won't even be a shock, yeah
Track Name: No Forever
reduced all the gratitude to platitudes
because I don't make the right changes to my attitude
can't course correct so i fall losing altitude
known it's my fault but I'm ignorant and mad at you

but I've learned to side eye my naive urges
turned blind moves into unlikely surges
of self critical hits that only allow necessities
until I break even all I can do is ask the best of me

no other option but to hold it down daily
because most everyone has already failed me
and those that stay down worry for my safety
tell me to slow down but they know they can't make me

irregular in a world of averages and means
but all that means is I let go of my dreams
or at least double check selfish aspirations
in favor of putting off baser elations

i got it good, but i need it better
dysfunctional connections must be severed
i got it good, but i need it better
i only got a moment no forever

no forever (yeah) no forever (yeah)
i only got a moment no forever
no forever (yeah) no forever (yeah)
i only got a moment no forever

only value to society is pursuit of capital
effort unmonetized means that you act a fool
so if I don't maximize the income from action
any move that lacks oughtta not be enacted

nothing feels like leisure when it's on borrowed time
can't relax when tomorrow's in the back of your mind
but I'll handle it all and stop bothering those
who it'd be wrong to expect to compose

even if it means i'm no show with no shows
watching no new shows in the same old clothes
with same trite flows and blog raps endlessly
often treading the same path senselessly

make the note mentally to shift gears & steer
because automation isn't yet here to appear
last generation to roll unassisted
pushing for change in a world that resists it
Track Name: Little Fractions
fact is anyone who steps to my track's doomed
i listen to real rap while y'all work in a vacuum
you Zerg rush girls just trying to attack poon
fail so epic that you can't redact ruin
scream about style, but your class is absent
my words get you throwed like my flow is absinthe
you throwing punchlines, flopping hard like Leno
while i run a circle, no a Coil like Denno

saying you're a Saiyan it's all so boasty
kid you ain't like Goku, no you're Master Roshi
posing online in fake Bathing Apes
it's no wonder all y'all catch such scathing hate
you're raging? great, yeah i planned it like Light
lured you with bait right into the mic fight
you drop every stitch, while i weave the fabric
if you guys are ill, then i'm dying, i'm mad sick

if I don't get to take the top action
I'll need a dozen more distractions
ignoring every corner that I'm backed in
til it comes apart in little fractions

battling me is like fighting the Nadesico
i'm barely hurt, while i kill with death flows
i defenestrate you, throw you out the window
i lose it on the track like Shuichi Shindo
i'm Gantz on the mic, so campy and scary
i'm the top of this game, i'm so Yuki Eiri
and since you're FAKE, the girls are LOVELESS
Gurren Lagann lyricist, you can't drill above this

old school anime, you're under arrest dude
your swag's Koi Kaze, it's sad incest dude
and though you're a classic, i swiftly best you
i'm the laughing man, you're one of those deaf mutes
truthfully my delivery's got flaws
but i'm still Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
Chiba style rhyming, that's how i'm rockin flows
murder train verses, kill it like i'm Baccano
Track Name: Wind Up
in the absence, don't feel the absence
ignore the absent and those not there
lost in the crowd, well why feel lonely?
why feel homely when we could share,

all of the empty; turn the bad memories
to light from heavy, can you prepare?
can you accept this, and be my temptress?
will you exempt this; will we dispair?


Trapped down here
It's so frustratin
It's so nostalgic
It's suffocatin

Trapped down here
It's ever gratin
These dreams aren't
Close to satiatin

in the twilight, can't find a night light
seems really trite right? so should we care?
but we're quite proud, so we would fight it
know we should right it, and torch that lair

watching the burning, acting discerning
but deep down the yearning still keeps us fair
we can't abide this, we oughta hide this
because our shyness, it stands no glare

Track Name: K.O.'d
fractured screens could be repaired
and captured dreams are hidden there
yet the nouveau glamour hides
histories shattered by lies

honest words still led to harm
gave no refuge from the storm
nightmares came to rule the day
as the facade fell away

some say maybe they'll regret it
but they don't know what's embedded

should've ripped it off
tossed it out
instead it was
all drug out
little misdirects
to soften blows
knocked everybody
out cold

sickly stubborn attitude
never cherished others views
the history was never real
blind to warps in the ideals

buried poison bore bad fruit
simple fact beyond dispute
mild kindness could've swerved
now the moments flipped the curb

they're all K.O.'d in the cold
Track Name: First Thing
Shoulda just given you my cell phone
Shoulda never trusted this hell zone
To keep my friends protected and safe
Shoulda known infections would take
Shoulda step back let him have her
Shoulda known the only placard
Would be at desks that I'd never sit at
Getting the bag yet not cause I spit raps

Rather have not passed your location
Without knowing that's where you're staying
Wish I was there in moments prior
Wish it was something that you'd desired
Wish that I had asked how your life was going
Instead of a early chapter closing
Wish I'd thought to lift all burdens
It couldn't be worse than how I'm hurtin

ch. (x2)
Need to let go of the purse strings
Otherwise I'm forever cursing
Gotta learn love is the first thing
Gotta learn love is the first thing

My panic just brings disaster
I know to some I'm a bastard
Turn'em from the cliff they're headin
But forward moves keep me deadin
Consideration of the selfish
Who wanna make my life more hellish
Apply extra guilt and pressure
Instead giving love every measure

Meanwhile that's my primary motive
Takin action past lightin votives
Never toxic and corrosive
Just wanna see my sisters and bros live
I do not wish ill on anybody else
Shouldn't be like those who give nobody help
Those who'd collect Earth like a possession
And claim the opposite in any confession