Misanthropomorphic Widescreen

by Ultraklystron



cloud rap


released May 11, 2016

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more.

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Track Name: Changing
i'm changing
there's no going back
there's no going back

i'm transforming
and even i'm afraid
even i'm afraid

everything is work / in the studio, the lab
and the lab on campus / when home is getting drab
my code is getting rad / the solutions all fallout
functions don't call back / all they do is callout
when i'm finally working / it doesn't feel empty yet
but i feel unfilled / enumerate as an empty set
technically one / but it doesn't mean much
because I'm everywhere / yet never seen but

i am pretty sure / this life is not in NP
sometimes it's so good / i feel like i'm Tenchi
and when the carnival goes / i know it'll be back soon
and sometimes you clean up / when life sucks like a vacuum
i have limitations / i am aware and on that
i'd like to be madoka / but i have yet to get a contract
my fame's staying compact / at least in the short term
but i'll defend my territory / even when my fort's burned

ask me if i'm satisfied, dude / of course i'm not
every option that i tried/ everything for which i fought
fell down around me / i should have stayed alone
i was a real fool to think / that i could build a home
not even a good jester / i'll never get a throne
but atleast i'm not thrown / drunk texting on a phone
that's the funny part / i do it all sober
no wonder i'm so jaded / because nothings glossed over

every last brain cells / blazing here at full tilt
my head is not empty / in contrast it's too filled
wish my life was fooly cooly / wrecking up mopeds
emptying my skull / 'til the emotion here's so dead
where's the rickenbacker / bass note lobotomy
tired of living through / all these false dichotomies
you ask how i go from / cheap brags to introspection
it's not that i'm two-face / my life's at an intersection
Track Name: 787
another 4am flight / another coach class plight
ear infection check / i guess it's fate alright
another netbook freestyle / written to kill time
fight to stay awake / meanwhile, some ill slime
brews in my chest cavity / repetition is madding
plenty are more sad then me / but something isn't adding
am i flying back to montreal / down to los angeles
san francisco this time? / hope the that i can handle this

grab the free headphones / listen the beats rome
never though a NEET'd rome / but I dropped the E, homes
thought a job would drop cons / no more being pop don
but now it's corp cons / so I guess I'll pulse on
neighbor's playing 40k / while we up at 40k
so guess i'm out a town / for another forty days
gone til novemeber / so i'm back for aki-con
and I won't rememeber / til another preflight dawn

fated to pretend / like i'm making mad ends
but my heart descends / like 7-8-7s
back on the tarmac / find it sorta hard that
i'm stuck in a format / i'd like to discard that

another rush through security / and another xray
not like they're securin me / from anything scare-ay
only have carry-on / i've become a travel pro
but i still carry on / with the rabel though
maybe run into friends / also on the way back
ah, they flew first class / so they get to layback
me, i get no sleep / i count no sheep
so my intellect creeps / into another lyric sheet

another song i won't drop / that I add to the pile
or maybe more like pyre / hey, why do you smile?
well, i'll make a backing / and i won't record vox
so i better get cracking / shoot into the inbox
of my collaborators / who write better tracks
yes, playa haters / i admitted i'm wack
but this'd sound better / with some other guy
as the vox they provide / are much sweeter than mine
Track Name: Forget This
The witless get this and witness my hit list
So I'm long past asking for any forgiveness
I stay otaku, yes, don't ever forget this
I live otaku, yes, don't ever forget this

Like Detective Conan I've been on for decades
Others run for a season and don't even get paid
I could try to be sheik, rap the meme of the week
But I refuse to be weak in the words that I speak
My competition's fallen off, but I'm not a loser pals
I'm in the game like Shibuya has Super Gals
Still dopest MC whose getting every download
All you get are downvotes, I'm never around those

Even when I was a teen I still moved more files
Than these kids with profiles and loser faux smiles
They're in denial cause I've been here a while
Throw fits and spazz out, while my manner's so mild
I'm going hard cause I'm the man that spits the lulz
Master of this game; it's my Fantasista Doll
If you want it ignorant, then I'll flow like Jay
Then ship it like fanfics, I'll stay Ultra K

If you don't like when this boy's creative
I'll rewind it back to the exploitative
Ride with platoons of sky girls and strike witches
I'm rational Harry, because I fight snitches
Awakawa crazy, I'm just some yoyo
Whose dating sim emo like it's Kiminozo
Leave you just like Haruka: up in a coma
You already sleep on me like you're on soma

Run the zodiac like Akito Sohma
Own the genre like I'm Seguchi Tohma
Lames lack game while I'm Lain running the server
Try to ddos I'll leave your stuff murdered
I'm so Morita from Honey and Clover
But not on art, on that money from code sir
I always cipher twice with PGP rhymes
And I'm quoted up on your fav DVD line