the fourth estate

by Ultraklystron



released April 11, 2009

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2009 Karl Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more.

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Track Name: death won't stop this
death won't stop this
by Karl Olson

to the well-prepared mind, death is just next journey, right?
i hope so, cause here i go!
shikabane mc, check!!!!

death won't stop this!
it'll keep on goin'
death can't stop me!
i'm a zombie flowin'
death won't stop this!
it'll keep on growin'
death can't stop me!
i'm an undead shonen

i rap with impropriety / from birth til' soul society
til i become a hollow / with some shinigami eyein' me
til then there's no denyin' me / til then my verse flyin' me
all around the planet / back to where i can live quietly
i'll hit every convention / and improve my verse retention
increase my anime mentions / and decrease all that dissention
still have that pad and paper / but i also have that nettop
my brilliance can't escape me / i put everything in hiphop

i don't tolerate haters / yeah, i tell those suckers later
ignorance is no defense / they can walk out in their gators
me? i'll take the elevator / cause i take a higher path
not dark side unlike darth vader / yeah, you know i'm higher class
that liar path is bogus / plus it ruins your focus
so i'll be like Harry Potter / and I'll use that hocus pocus
so i can cool it down / so i can super soak this
then raise this underground / up where everyone can know this


yeah, i'm underground and so fly / yeah i'm raw like texhnolyze
even now i'm kinda so shy / i'll be like that 'til die
they say i'm hypertensive / so i might not last that long
but i'm also hyperpensive / and I put that in my songs
and even after i'm gone / my tracks will keep on boastin
go ahead do you worst / put my name in that Death Note and
watch my star rise higher / from Hyrule to the Shire
you'll just give me a boost / a 20 times multiplier

straight to super saiyan 4 / straight from my house to door
right out on the ballroom floor / you can hear my epic score
i get low like i'm the nasdaq / kick it nasty from my attic
then my verses get erratic / keeping you from getting bored
lamer punks are getting sore / they don't like my success
they don't like how all my lyrics / are so anime obsessed
they want to leave me in a mess / but i handle all their stress
i can do it while i rest / i'm neo-damian hess


mess with me, defeat is what i'll hand ya
take you down, like i'm the highlander
yeah it's clear, noone can out ill me
i cannot die, even if you kill me
Track Name: greatest
by Karl Olson

That's what Ultraklystron is
L O V E 4 This M.C.
That's what Ultraklystron gets

I hope you understand that I'm living the dream,
I'm making my money and I'm making the scene.
I might already be passe - a complete has been,
but I'll fallback on all my compsci routines.
So come on every farker, hate my ota-lean,
Compare me to Federline or to Austin-Green.
But I'm not low-brow, I'm not popozao
Man, I'm part regedit, part Dengeki Gao

Partially nekomimi, partially compilin'
Gets the club and classrooms all buckwilin'
With my mekara beams and my old ice creams
And my mp3 player with OLED screens
But I'm not here to rap about Boba Fett
Or even to rap about Petite Cossette
I'm not here to talk about some girl I met
I'm just here to say that I am the best yet


I sit back, refine it / I change and realign it
On wikis I define it / values are reassign-ed
I move these mountains / I'm makin these thousands
Not a wishing fountain / man I'm just web browsin'
I rise up, I step up / I intersect planes
I bridge between realities / and then I get fame
All for real and organic / you can call me "whole grain"
I can't be emulated in / Stellax or Mame

It's not like my words / begot some nerdcore crews
Boarders on the absurd / but it's not fail or lose
I have fast reflexes / yeah I cannot snooze
Check me out on CNN / NBC / Fox News
I have unlimited / microphone agility
The same hack gave me / health and virility
Gave me fly moves / like I'm Afro-Samurai
So dig my fly grooves / until the day you die


Other rappers dare to think that they can end me,
Too bad that it's nothing but more than envy...
Track Name: gothic lolitas
Gothic Lolitas
by Karl Olson

Gothic Lolitas keepin me up all night now...
Right now!

If you have a fresh cosplay - you gotta flaunt it girl!
If you have a fresh cosplay - you gotta flaunt it boy!
If you roll in the Ginza - you gotta flaunt it girl!
If you roll in the Ginza - you gotta flaunt it boy!

Gothic Lolitas keepin me up all night now...
Right now!

Frills that thrill and send chills down otaku spines
Loli girls wear it thinkin "I'll make him mine"
And they probably will cause they're looking so fine
Yeah, they're rockin those curves like a cosine line
So boys fall for them, they're so quickly ensnared
They get a little stupid, I.E: learning impaired
They follow girls blindly, end up right in their lair
Drifting in the lace, and in the shine, and the glare

Even shibuya fujoshi know that is the project
Even ladies like mihoshi know that's how you connect
You want to get a boy who can rock it in AJAX?
Just step up in Baby, you will melt him like some wax.
In your heart-shaped box, as long it's moe
In the palm of hand, he's just ready to obey
When you're his anime idol, nothing for him is better
Entranced by the buckles, by the plaid and the leather

So if you want to hang with me / want to check out my flow
Better be rockin' some Vivenne / or Metamorphose
Of course I'm not all vapid / it's not about clothes
You should also be my fan / know all my videos
You should be just losin it / when you see my crew in it
Check my google videos / also I'm youtubin' it
Also I'm Stage Sixin' it / cause I'm all remixin it
With my adept rhymin' my / pace just keeps quickenin'

So you best come elegant / like your Maetel
At least if you're relevent / if you wanna sell
To audience of geeks / of otakus and freaks
People posting up in slash b / all days of the week
So you have to come punk / with Victorian chic
Like Parakiss is / your favorite boutique
But just call me George / if you're like Caroline
Cause I'm still otaku-fresh / just keep that in your mind

When I say "goth" you say "loli"
Goth! (Loli!)
Goth! (Loli!)
When I say "tsun" you say "dere"
Tsun! (Dere!)
Tsun! (Dere!)
When I say "goth" you say "loli"
Goth! (Loli!)
Goth! (Loli!)
When I say "yan" you say "dere"
Yan! (Dere!)
Yan! (Dere!)
Track Name: absolution
by Karl Olson

It might seem experimental
But it's not coincidental
It's media evolution
Live from the ol' Absolution

Some might get so temperamental
But this is so transcendental
Defining new institutions
Live from the ol' Absolution

Toonami made me the otaku / that I am today
And now I'm covering all / of the an-i-may
Shoujo out to shonen / is the way I'm rollin
From Ms. Sakura out to / Detective Conan
Give repect to Sean Akins / And Jason DeMarco
Reinvented the whole game / From the basic parts yo
They never came whack / never lame like Sharko
They even made Hamtaro / seem cool like El Barto

It's from the ATL / Where Toonami be kickin it
Up late like Dave Attell / Midnight Run was so stickin it
Atleast that's how it was / back in 1999
Continued until it was / The Big O's Showtime
It was so fine to see / the Megadeus on Cable
Other Stations on TV / Were totally unable
To be cast in the name of god - ye not guilty
While Toonami's bank account got really filthy


They brought a second season out / by Chiaki Konaka
And for viewers like you / because nothing can stop ya
So faithful never doubt / We blowin up like Wing
Keep the experiment alive / Rock the Toonami Bling
Shirts and wristwatches won / at the mobile game unit
Turn your TV on / to one station you should tune it
Get out your leaf headbands / and your bat-a-rangs dudes
Cause it's Toonami #1 / regardless of attitude!

A fan has right to dream / and we do through animation
Toonami's the best spot / atleast on basic cable stations
Tom and Sara work / to relay communications
While that Starwind jerk / makes some offensive sensations
So you best tune in / with Nielson Appreciation
As that Blue Sub 6 / Launches whole new innovations
And DBZ's fun / when it's not wiped out creation
Moon rules number 1 / If it's Usagi's Derivation

Track Name: dissonance
by Karl Olson

Dissonance with the glow
Dissonance with the show
Dissonance with the flow
Is why I'll never go pro
Dissonance with the pack
Dissonance with the fact
Dissonance that I lack
Is why I'll never come back

No sync / zero / No ratio
Never / get play / on radio

I can't seem to find a place / in this geek hierarchy
Everyone is at a distance / it all feels like malarkey
Everybody has a space / like a puzzle piece to fit
But I feel some resistance / but it's not like I can quit
To opt out now would be cowardly / I wanna be the hero
But right now I feel like / I'm at sync-ratio zero
I can't even rap my lyrics / I can't even say my name
And I'm wrecking first impressions / I'm destroying all my fame

And some say they like to sign me / but they can't be serious
Maybe it's just my self-loathing / but I think they're delirious
I mean my rhymes are too niche / I'm more rejected than quiche
I'm the whackest and dated / call me MC Microfiche
And people trying to be nice / saying "no you're so great"
Is something that I dislike / something I might even hate
So I'd rather you loath me / And tell me that I suck
Without that correction / how can I fix my luck?


And I never shut up / I'm super-over-verbose
Stressing people so much / their veins get varicose
This assumes that they're listening / or giving a care
Instead of fixing their make up / or combing their hair
It's a facade of niceness / it's not easy to break
I don't want any comfort / so please stop being fake
If I'm ultra-pathetic / Then please don't take pity
If my ego's too massive / Destroy it like cities

Hit by natural disasters / or the occasional gojira
Or transcendentalist mutants / like Tetsuo or Akira
I'd rather be devastated / Than artificially inflated
I Don't want the false hope / because it's very overrated
I'd rather have tough love / and disrespect to my face
So I can understand / when I act without grace
I know it's draconian / and immensely overt
But I'm fairly ignorant / and thus not easy to hurt

Track Name: outlines
by Karl Olson

in my mind, there are the outlines
of a wronger, shoujo-manga romance
in my mind, i am out of time
with this wronger, shoujo-manga romance
in my mind, there are the outlines
of a wronger, shoujo-manga romance
i must be, right out my mind
with this wronger, shoujo-manga romance

you can almost see it in my eyes / my dream state's in overdrive
my mind can dream the greatest lies / and i know that they can't arrive
and i know that i can't survive / the reverie's scenario
but even though unrealized / i'll share it here in stereo

i see these moments like a chapter / in a manga by an author
the moments leave me so enraptured / that reality seems harsher
in shojo beat this leads to love / or atleast some little dramas
but there's no exclamation points / instead it is more commas

this nonsense leaves me out of joint / yeah it leaves my head spinning
like i was dropped from up above / to go from last place to winning
and you know i'm just beginning / to illustrate the background
gotta get all of my facts down / then overload my wack sounds


the details are so exact / and all the imagery is vivid
but it's half-reality / all i can just be's livid
cause though i play never the mack / sometimes i'd like to just live it
but that'd result in fatalities / so i could not forgive it

but the linework seems obvious / all the screentones are clear
though the storyline's the oddest / i think it could run for years
it'd get rated with some jeers / but i never love the critics
plus all of their lame fears / are not really that acidic

it'd make an awesome serial / it would be a massive hit
it would stress arterials / and that'd make my ticker quit
and i still have more to get / and ever more for me to dream
and though i can't pursue it / i'll transcribe it into reams



i'll transcribe it my lean / all the times that never happen
i can't wear it on my sleeve / but i'll put it all in rappin
with all these little situations / all these charming daydreams
whose ownership and creation / owes a lot to instant teen

but i'll become the writer / and commit the record down
it'll make my words tighter / it'll make my record pound
the scene's over / no extension / i'm not hova / but i'll mention
that the dreams will keep on coming on each time i hit a convention


i would never trade a dream / for my burnt brick
never am unclean / but i'm still real sick
Track Name: not a criminal
not a criminal
by Karl Olson

guess it doesn't matter if the visa's in your name
if you also an otaku that drives cops insane

I am not a criminal, yet I get treated like one
Everytime I'm at the border, they hate Ultraklystron

They flag me everytime, so I guess a fit a profile
Didn't know they hated otaku rappers with no style
Must be all-ages manga I got in my duffle
That tells RCMP that, in fact, I'm up to trouble
Maybe it's my broken whip, makes 'em think I've got Os
But if I'm hustlin' that, what's with my cars windows
I'd bet the drug dealers ride in brand-new SUVs
Wanna find a lot of rock? Then check the guy behind me

He's the one who's making stacks, so he must sling yay
Not the boy reading Loveless, yeah, at most he's gay
I didn't know my manga made you border guys sweat
Wait, you jail folks for doujin, but you'll be upset
When you realize my manga isn't worth your malice
Cause all I read is Nana and Gakuen Alice
And if you try and front like you can cuff me on that
I'll have to prove you wrong in under ten seconds flat

But I guess this proves, they don't just profile on race
They also profile you, if you got otaku tastes
I gotta laugh at the fact, they never search my friends
The ones talking about how they're lolicons to the end
Nor the ones that I know who actually get high
Nor the ones that I know who have done drive-bys
Well on that last bit, I don't know about that
But everytime I cross, they ask if *I* have gats

Only heaters that I know, are from animes and raps
I ain't ever fired a round, I've not busted one cap
I don't carry any knives, my existence is boring
Plus your search is so long, that I'm almost snoring
And while you're busy rummaging through my old beater
Criminals subvert your fake security theater
I know you wanna make the world a much safer place
But you're wasting *your* time when you're up in my face

If you're hearing this, while I'm stopped at the border
Guess what? you couldn't have picked a person more poorer
I'm so clean, I'm sterile, but I'll get real feral
If you keep putting my liberty and rights in peril
Track Name: dumb crush
dumb crush
by Karl Olson

seriously i've been crushing since I was child
i crushed before the internet and myspace profiles
crushed before the craigslist relationship crap
crushed before 4chan only dreamt about traps
but it was so unattainable, always at arms length
in retrospect i probably should've just said thanks
it was easier and purer just to crush like that
everything run through the manga lense cap

that I could just be Tenchi, getting those hits
without the payout, never acting like a git
instead i ruined friendships, again and again
ps: it turned out some of them were terrible friends
so when i see the barista with the naruto gloves
i understand that it should never lead to love
because love doesn't last, but a dream is forever
stop before sorrow drowns me, before ties sever

another dumb crush and another dumb head rush
i leave it to molder, that Sisyphus' boulder
another dumb crush and another dumb head rush
i brush off my shoulder, i try to act older

is this romance language? no, the fourth estate!
so here's my report on all the crushing weight
i'm left near crazy from things i dream
say it's a nightmare, but it's not that scream
that's echoing though my head, no it's more sweet
than the riffs that i'm playing over these beats
subconscious is indiscreet, and it troubles me so
cause deep down it's for ONE / who my heart does glow

and if that doesn't happen / i will be like Kei
stop my whole wide world / pause for endless days
so easy to stay fly / stuck deep in teitai
never have to shed a tear / never once have to cry
everything's cut and dry / cause everything's gone
here i'm just like a king / here i'm nobody's pawn
i'm Ultraklystron / no, I am not Karl
i'm straight immortal / like a ctarl ctarl

but the real test comes, when you face your fear
you see the trap there, and you learn how to veer
you work it out and find / a balance is created
then the flood subsides / and the storm's abated
you might get elated / but stuff still comes tuff
it might always be raw / a tumble in the rough
but that's why you got family / why you got homies
why you got anime / that's why you own thee

biggest manga collection / that anyone's ever seen
why you rap all the time / why you hustle for green
so you can build up / and then become so gar
so you can have pride / with or without hot cars
with or without cute girls / always hitting on you
with or without myspace, facebook or youtube
but hey, that don't mean / there won't be temptation
you just gotta learn how / to process and face them
Track Name: red shift
red shift
by Karl Olson

you could say
those were the days
but i'll say
you can't replay

you can't undo
what has been done
no, you can't move
the stars and sun

it's red shift that leaves the past rose-tinted
makes you think what had been had just glinted
with intensity unparalleled compared to now
where everything is mediocre, lame, low-brow
but it only seems good cause it's moving away
that's funniest thing about yesterday
it's always more distant, never gets closer
always getting faded like the ink on a poster

and just like that ink, certain parts fade faster
memories crumble like defective plaster
even if you could play it all back verbatim
you'd view it different, so don't recreate 'em
i mean, you'd still be farther on in your life
wouldn't want to replay when you met your ex-wife
nor that time that you peeked at age 18
as the captain of the high school football team


i mean now i fondly look back at the past
but the truth is i daydreamed often in class
that positive sentiment shatters like glass
when performed exactly with the original cast
it obvious how gawky and awkward i was
when the focus is sharpened removing the fuzz
sure i did sit at the cool kids table
sure i had offers from a few labels

but i barely dated, barely socialized
and when i think honestly, i'm so surprised
that i ever even dreamt those years were awesome
clearly i'm insane for buying that flotsam
all i did was make tracks and post new beats
and that's the real facts that I can't delete
but alas not every one is as detached
the past leaves some of us with logic snatched


and this goes way past the point of single folks
to the people who always want the future choked
who think nothing good can come moving on
that suns shouldn't set - wanting eternal dawn
they fawn over images they can barely recall
claiming that progress caused to us all to fall
look you're gonna trip when you always look back
so don't attack, just learn how to accept new facts
Track Name: carcinogenic
by Karl Olson

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
But it also makes it easier for the heart to wonder
Don't know if I can take it any longer
But I know I gotta take it if I'm to get stronger

Better faster harder and a bard, sir
Also a president like I'm Jimmy Carter
But should I have leave, before I ever depart her
I want to make it clear, she's my firestarter

The most valuable otakette in my life
And one day I'll be strong enough to ease her strife
Til then I always thank her cause eases mine
Soothing my troubled mind until the day I find

The confidence to unlock all my potential
And rise above being annoying and referential
She's essential, yes, now I say that freely
And she's a fly mc just like O.R.'s wheelie

I've been unlocking all of my chains
Cut the ties that bind me to growing pains
Gonna take it the top, gonna start my reign
Because I finally recognize my domain

And it's not simple task, but I don't care
I just know that I want to be right there
Myself unfiltered, truly authentic
Anything less is carcinogenic

And this might be not be nerd / to be direct and open
But I don't care about perception / I'm no longer hopin'
To be perceived like / a perfect angel
I'm just a human being / where both love and pain dwells

As such I no longer need / to front non-stop
There's no reason to cop / like I'm the king on top
Won't fish for compliments either / cause I know I'm good
So now's the curtain's dropped / just like I know it should

I've removed the distortion / so I turn up my amp
Bare my soul and let it shine / like the Wonderlamp
Ask for help when I need it / offer it when I can
And it's because of her / that this change began

But I'll carry it forward / til I know who I am
I'll fight without pause / cause I'm ready to slam
And this is not a scam / it's just a rebirth
Cause I finally appreciate / my own self-worth
Track Name: webcam girls
webcam girls
by Karl Olson

Everybody loves cute girls on webcams
Everybody loves cute girls with nice gams
Everybody loves cute girls who love noobs
Everybody loves cute girls on youtube

Get freaky on the webcam / if you're of age
If not you're banned / and your post is saged
I know 4chan thinks / JB's the rage
But you gotta watch out / for the fed's gage
FBI Party Van / rocks their ECHELON
Breaking down doors / til the break of dawn
So if you're up on a cam / better be 18
Preferably older / with a nerdy lean

Legs gotta be long / to be loved by throng
Gotta be fabulous / like your name's Pete Tong
Need to be the cutie / who's a bit tootie fruity
Pop, lock and drop that / automatic bizooty
And yeah I rhyme-checked beck / like you would know
You're too busy noddin' / to my nerd house flow
If you like this beat / then ride it like a rodeo
Forward me the address / when you post that video


And I'm not a sleaze / and you're not a tease
So on both of those notes / let me put you at ease
You're a webcam sweetie / and I know you're new to this
But you can trust me / I'm not like Ludacris
Don't shake ya money maker / I'm not that crass
As to make any demands / on that stuff I'll pass
I tried to be controlling / but that stuff was lame
Manipulation / just was not my game

But I like what you post / on youtube often
Like how you like / the songs I'm droppin
That's how I found you / I saw your video's tags
Saw my name there / saw how you bragged
About owning my CDs / all first printings
So for you girl / this song I'm minting
Catch you on the low / sunglasses tinting
See you on your cam / banner ads glinting '
Track Name: he's a og
He's a OG
by Karl Olson

I'm on my game at the gameworks, rollin with my team
I'm so fresh that my game hurts, best that's ever been
Not a player with lame flirts, all they do is dream
Of what like it's like to be a player like me, cause I'm an OG
(He's a OG, He's a OG)
Coming straight from /b/
(He's a OG, He's a OG)
Level 9 OT
(He's a OG, He's a OG)
Don't you know it's plain - to - see, I'm an OG

my love life's like my rhythm games / the scores I get are both the same
a few misses and few amazings / the rest greats cause I'm never lazing
combos stack to get multipliers / and thus my scores get ever higher
I play it through on expert first / cause easy mode doesn't quench my thirst

I'm always in two player mode / and I don't do no online play
never entering those cheat codes / I just step up and make my way
threw that tracklist till I win / till I achieve that victory
till I'm losing that double chin / till everybody can plainly see

that I'm mack up on that mat / like I was born to be in the groove
that I stack it like rhymes I've spat / like I could never fail or lose
and the fact is I know that I've still / got to level up my skills
but their ain't another man out there / who even comes to close my thrills


I never give up on my games / never run around like Rick Astley
The next question that've you got is lame / so don't bother to ask me
The game I love is para para / because I'm so great with my hands
When I play I create terra / because divinity's the demand

And yeah I'll play some solitare / but we all know that's unsatisfying
Games are coolest when you share / that's a fact there's no denying
But if you're relying on your friends / to get past every single track
You might as well just not pretend / and admit that you're ultrawack

But one day, if you stick with it / and get that muscle memory
That thought that you might dare quit it / will only be a reverie
Everybody else playing / will note that change and give respect
So please don't be delaying / yeah, players don't give up yet

Track Name: nerd playa advisory
nerd playa advisory
by Karl Olson

nerd playas wanna harddrive into your sata ports
that's why they offer to do that data port
they wanna plug n' play all day with their drivers
then on internet relay, they'll get high fives, sir

watch out for nerd playas (watch out for nerd playas!)
watch out for nerd playas cause they can betray ya

yeah girls lauren hill said you gotta watch out
that goes double for the nerds cause all they are about
is twittering about the girls from manga they want
then trudging down to the local dn'd haunt
and gabbing bout the videos they watch online
and the stuff that they watch, could make them do time
this advisory is from a dude whose inside
who knows exactly how all of them nerd boys lie

sure we nerd boys cry about the new procs
and we look pretty lame in our polos and crocs
and yeah we double that down with our unwashed socks
but we also use socks so we can hack your box
does that have a double meaning? well it does to nerds
we get obsessive over words, twist it back absurd
all the hate we incur, we focus back into obsessing
about how all our favorite characters are dressing


yeah, we can't be innocent; our media's cursed
with the most attractive ladies always saving the earth
even though not one of us has hit base first
we all melt when our idols got their sweet lips pursed
so you kind of can't blame us, but in fact you can
after all a nerd's supposed to be a reasoned man
we believe in evolution, and we thwart pollution
we believe in democracy, and we make institutions

you'd think with higher learning, we would act more decent
and treat women with respect from an era recent
but it's like the internet's all gb/2/kitchen
and i guess that's why i had to gb/2/snitchin
on my nerd brethren to keep these girls safe
man, even this disc touches on bad taste
when i bloviate about a gothloli's waist
when all i really want to do is put a smile on her face

nerd playas wanna harddrive into your sata ports
that's why they offer to do that data port
they wanna plug n' play all day with their drivers
then on internet relay, they'll get high fives, sir

watch out for nerd playas (watch out for nerd playas!)
watch out for nerd playas cause they can betray ya
Track Name: animate
by Karl Olson

we drill to the heavens to find our way
then hang out on clouds where can play
we chill in the heavens cause we can't wait
then never stay still as we animate

over-sweetened for your lips / like pure Sugar Bits
dangerous like Suge's clips / with each word I spit
my whips don't have rims / cup holder holds Tims
and I reap like I'm Grim / in every track I'm in
adventurer like Flapjack / I'm making mad stacks
if it's unbreakable / then I easily snap that
you know that I don't buckle / I kick back and chuckle
verse is like honeysuckle / that I jacked like K'nuckles

don't even say my name / I need no introduction
can't even touch my game / or my sweet java functions
or my sweet cup of Java / cause I'm still molten lava
I rep for Teen Aqua / no, I don't rep for prada
you know that I gotta / keep flowin' and pwnin 'em
cause I'm Samurai Jack / and Professor Utonium
critics wanna hate / but you know / that I'll shut 'em up
the verses I create / can punch holes / like they're Buttercup


I'm from the Toon Zone / plus I'm part Foster's Home
I'm not imaginary / but I floss with each tome
saturday morning raised / animate each phase
like a yellow canary / getting chased all day
not flash animated / but I'm hip and current
I get love and not hated / like I'm Erin Esurance
I face no deterrents / I'm creator controlled
and there's no interference / from people with no soul

and that's just how I roll / I'm so unbridled
explode like Naruto / and I take every title
and I'm still real vital / cause I bring information
that's not in a wiki / or on radio stations
and you'll scream with elation / or maybe with fear
don't want me to come near / and you're pluggin you ears
but I'm the next evolution / better join my alliance
calculate solutions / on a fine day for science

Track Name: d.y.k.m.k
D.Y.K.M.K. (Don't You Know My Kanojo)
by Karl Olson

She's has a Minnie May appetite for destruction
Also shares her appetite for seduction
Also a sharp-shooter like her name was Rally
But baka MCs are the foes she's tallies
Don't dally - cause she's rolling in her Shelby
So you better watch out, or that's what she tells me
So you can't sell me on any girl but her;
Rich tastes, small waist, nyanko-merch preferred

But she loves the geek boys; they're her favorite escorts
Probably the reason that I'm her cohort
I try to be modest, but in tracks I brag
That's probably because I used to roll stag
But she's not arm candy, she's so hardcore like Mandy
Call her Austin Powers, cause she gets so randy
She ups the ante, with every verse she's drops
And at graphic design, she's the cream of the crop

Don't you know my kanojo?
Sweeter than crates of Rolos.
Don't you know my kanojo?
Ichiban no bishoujos.
Don't you know my kanojo?
Rocks the mic with the dope flows.
Don't you know my kanojo?
Has nice moves as she's drops low.

And she can pop, lock and drop it, she was born to flail
But if you try to hack it, your attempts will fail
And you'd be lucky if she just turned you in
You don't even have a clue what she'd be brewin
If you ever made pass at her digital life
The back hacks she makes would cut you up like knifes
And she's knifing around, screaming "Cut, cut, cut!"
Whole crowd's screaming back, shouting "What, what, what!?"

It's probably played out to write about my lady
Some of you might even wonder if the girl's paid me
But lately, she's my muse, she's my inspiration
And if you don't like this track, you can change the station
Or pop another mp3 into your playlist
Cause it's not like I'm forcing you folks to play this
But just let me say this, she's my ichiban
She's just like the Qui-Gon, to my Obi-Wan

Track Name: acta attack
acta attack
by Karl Olson

pump your fists in the air / raise your lighters in the sky
do what ever you care / and be fighters til you die
cause they wanna fence us in
wanna end our binge

encrypt all your files / and then put them all on a flash
if the van comes around / take a hammer out and smash
yeah, start your microwaves
destroy all your saves

media types hate torrents / and find our actions abhorrent
want us to pay for their hummers / and other makes that are foreign
they think that we're getting dumber / and won't put up a real fight
with all knowledge that we're scoring / they won't even last a night

against our botnets / against our seeds / against our ever growing need
to find a few more fresh ways / to keep our money out of greed
you think that ACTA means jack? / you think that you'll get mad stacks
that you'll spend on blow and smack? / must not have heard about our hacks

you've lost it and won't get it back / besides you guys don't deserve it
you line us up just to feed us crap? / that mindset is just so perverted
that isn't real justice / no that looks more like villainy
so get your netbooks out tonight / if all of y'all feelin' me

you think we can buy DVDs / we still can't even pay for gas
not like you'd know bout that / you're all still using it en masse
plus you're buying lots of grass / greed you're rolling with is crass
but change is coming real soon / you dinosaurs better think fast

the internet is staying free / and it's borders will still stay open
you think that you can regulate / but it'll won't go how you're hopin
each attack just makes us stronger / makes software that can double as
tools to hide things much wronger / than piratedated music fads

but you thought that you could make / another couple bucks or two
all you had to do was was take / our free speech and privacy too
and I know that's a hominy / but hey kids what I was to do
they're charging us for royalties / on everything so I am through

you might as well cut to the chase / and put us all back in shackles
take away the land we own / while upper-class folks just cackle
i'll be the first to fight it though / so all of you best tread lightly
cause you all be overthrown / cause none of you here can smite me
Track Name: surprise surprise
Surprise Surprise
by Karl Olson

I'm fully mechanized / Yeah, I'm a bionic man
And I'm working with the fuzz / so there's no payment plan
My work is super cool / ride a Maserati Spider
Gotta a spine of carbon fiber / cause my bodies fully cyber
And my night vision eyes / can detect all your lies
Then I do a body swap / so I can easily hide
That child in the crowd / ha! it's me packin heat
If you're a real criminal / you're going down discreet

I'm with a covert unit / made of ex-mil crew
Also an awesome hacker / break your barriers too
So you can't escape / have the proof on disc and tape
It'll send off to you state / tranquilize you at the nape
Of your neck so direct / then I login and connect
Download all your contacts / cause I serve and protect
Ah, you're just a hoodlum / not the main suspect
But I just copied the info / 'bout the head of your sect

Surprise! Surprise! I'm full prosthetic.
When I take battle damage / need a tech not a medic.
Full cyberized! And you're pathetic.
I'm the best of the best / trump genetic with synthetic.

Some would say choice was / highly illogical
Cause it's some times hard / to be fully robotical
But I'm also water proof / I am ultra-nautical
Still have a sense of humor / so I am also comical
I can crack jokes / with all my mecha friends
And I can even blend / in with standard humans
And it's cheaper to recharge / than to buy decent food
Never have to exercise / Super-strength I exude

But I'm no-ones persocom / I'm in fact my own person
Even used to be organic / Of that fact I am certain
But given the choice of death / Or getting mecha-fied
I chose the latter option / forced the reaper to subside
But I wasn't satisfied / though ISO certified
Cause I saw people denied / by some people stealing strides
So rather than just cry / It was simple to decide
I would transcend any pride / to stop evil worldwide

Active Camouflage for this Subterfuge
Reload my hacks with a simple kluge
Operation perfectly synchronized
Easily keeping foes hypnotized
Have interceptors to up my stealth
No one adepter with this wealth
Of high-tech gear melded into one
Ultra-futuristic native son
Track Name: unfamiliar ceiling
Unfamiliar Ceiling
by Karl Olson

Once more reeling from / another unfamiliar ceiling
In the green - on the mezzanine
Reporting for numerous magazines

Once more sleeping on / the carpet and I'm barely weeping
In the dark - and then I hark
Living a life that is grey and stark

I don't know what words I can say
But I have to keep replaying-them
Messages I must relay
Yeah I know that I'm delaying-them
Cause I gotta ASK / and verify FACTS
And make sure it's really ok say THAT
This channel bought X / Another bought Y
But it's hard to do 'cause I am very shy

I'm not always I'm friends with guys
Cause I'm just an individual
But if I can get a reply
The effects will be residual
Reputation will be ultra PERFECTED
Like a PREFECT KID / who mashes REKKIDS
Every one loving the site I ERECTED


I thought it'd be glamour and glory
But I instead I need a lorry
It's time to relate a small story
Like that guy who hawked Suntory
Hotels at MIDNIGHT / Things that don't SIT RIGHT
Feeling that everything's getting BIT TRITE
Getting nice INVITES / and pointless INSIGHTS
Notice that everything's fading INTO WHITE

Redefine all my objectives
So this isn't so offensive
Everything's just misdirectives
So that why I'm apprehensive
The inside AGENDAS / Secret DEFENDAS
Hiding in these himitsu HACIENDAS
This vail I RENDER / mixed in a BLENDER
Too bad if you hate it no return to SENDER


Everyone lies to me boldly
Yes, they put on acts so coldly
Fronting like that they want to see me
While they cut up neko-mimi
The love that I FELT's / Beginning TO MELT
Destroying the business like silver TO SMELT
It's all POLITICS / And slight of hand TRICKS
Determined by corporate management CLIQUES

Who are not in touch with the populous
In every last last metropolis
Who don't like the fact they're croppin this
The facts should be so obvious
Instead they're NOT HEP / They're super INEPT
Bragging 'bout income they shouldn't HAVE KEPT
They ought to do MORE / Cause I'm keepin' SCORE
If they don't step up, then they'll all end up POOR

Track Name: game over
Game Over
by Karl Olson

This is my last expression / yes, the last outburst
Of an MC's confession / on the mic the worst
I'll still keep it clean / and without a curse
And then that is that / and I'm off in hearse
That's not to say I'll die / I'm just done with nerdcore
Almost from the beginning / I knew my words bored
All but the rarest of / the human species
Who thought it was witty / to meld like Reeces

Hip Hop and Anime / like Chocolate n' Peanuts
Every single outsider said / "he has to be nuts"
To try to bust flows / about intergalactic travel
And how he wants to grind / edits into gravel
And playing pong / freestylin about paddles
The mainstream has no love / for that fiddle faddle
So I decide without regrets / and without the hate
My last nerdcore album / is the Fourth Estate

So when it comes to nerdcore / I'll become Jay-Z
Keeping up in Business / cause I'm not Lazy
Producing other artists / With high quality
Then doing TV ads / for laptops by HP
I'll do guest shots / I'll be featured on tracks
So it won't be for naught / this attempt to rack
Up as many points / threw my lyrical freshness
But right now understand / that I feel so restless

It's like I'm being choked / by the subject matter
Sick of writing lyrics / about how I'm badder
Than every other nerd / when I'm playing Fluxx
And the end results lame / yeah it totally sucks
I know rhymes will never feed me / at the end of the day
Never provides warmth unlike / the sunshine's rays
So I'll leave nerdcore / to people stronger than I
I'll disappear in I.T. / so I cannot longer sigh

Game Over! - Press X to Continue
But I have exhausted my sinew
You don't know what I've been through
You don't know what I've been threw

Game Over! - And the Countdown starts
I break the stage down to it's parts
I'm tired of breaking hearts
I'm tired of breaking hearts

So on this note I'm leaving after this song
No longer gloat or dictate on right or wrong
Gotta give it up / for the younger generation
Irony being that / they're older by creation
Like by existence / on the face of the earth
But it's not their fault / I never proved my worth
But I don't think I can / handle the pressure or lift it
Off of my fellow man / Yeah I'm not that gifted

My rhymes are reusable / they're all grifted
From MCs more brilliant / than this dim-witted
King of self-deprecation / you could call me Conan
Late night in the nation / On the mic alone and
Even though I'm 20-something / and fully grown and
I can't push this any farther / hung up the phone and
I write off any dreams / in the wind that's blowin'
Because it is so clear / that I am no showman

And it's easy to believe / that not a soul will grieve
My obvious absence / cause not a soul will need
A nerd rapper like me / with the rhymes so wack
Easily omitted from / the nerdcore FAQ
Yeah I think I'm / easily not mentioned
In the nerdcore / frequently asked questions
Already wiki-omitted / so I think I'm acquitted
So I'm disappearing / yeah, this is it kid

Don't try and get me back / I won't listen to petitions
A Letter-Writing Campaign / wouldn't change my mission
I've made up my mind / on this big decision
And so you won't find the slightest / in attrition
And I won't make it sweet / I won't Candy this
This is my last gasp / like Ozymandias
Nothing on Earth / could ever change my plans
Not a documentary / nor Jason Tanz