surprise surprise

from by Ultraklystron



Surprise Surprise
by Karl Olson

I'm fully mechanized / Yeah, I'm a bionic man
And I'm working with the fuzz / so there's no payment plan
My work is super cool / ride a Maserati Spider
Gotta a spine of carbon fiber / cause my bodies fully cyber
And my night vision eyes / can detect all your lies
Then I do a body swap / so I can easily hide
That child in the crowd / ha! it's me packin heat
If you're a real criminal / you're going down discreet

I'm with a covert unit / made of ex-mil crew
Also an awesome hacker / break your barriers too
So you can't escape / have the proof on disc and tape
It'll send off to you state / tranquilize you at the nape
Of your neck so direct / then I login and connect
Download all your contacts / cause I serve and protect
Ah, you're just a hoodlum / not the main suspect
But I just copied the info / 'bout the head of your sect

Surprise! Surprise! I'm full prosthetic.
When I take battle damage / need a tech not a medic.
Full cyberized! And you're pathetic.
I'm the best of the best / trump genetic with synthetic.

Some would say choice was / highly illogical
Cause it's some times hard / to be fully robotical
But I'm also water proof / I am ultra-nautical
Still have a sense of humor / so I am also comical
I can crack jokes / with all my mecha friends
And I can even blend / in with standard humans
And it's cheaper to recharge / than to buy decent food
Never have to exercise / Super-strength I exude

But I'm no-ones persocom / I'm in fact my own person
Even used to be organic / Of that fact I am certain
But given the choice of death / Or getting mecha-fied
I chose the latter option / forced the reaper to subside
But I wasn't satisfied / though ISO certified
Cause I saw people denied / by some people stealing strides
So rather than just cry / It was simple to decide
I would transcend any pride / to stop evil worldwide

Active Camouflage for this Subterfuge
Reload my hacks with a simple kluge
Operation perfectly synchronized
Easily keeping foes hypnotized
Have interceptors to up my stealth
No one adepter with this wealth
Of high-tech gear melded into one
Ultra-futuristic native son


from the fourth estate, released April 11, 2009
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2009 Karl Olson.




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