Romance Language 2

by Ultraklystron



The sequel to Romance Language.


released December 1, 2009

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2009 Karl Olson, all rights reserved.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more.

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Track Name: past-date poetry
past-date poetry
by Karl Olson

love you when i awake, and when i fall asleep
i feel my heart break, girl you make me weep
i pray this verse finds you having made progress
and if it hasn't, well you know, i wish you the best
so on to my day, well i started my job
i'm working part time, so i feel like a blob
maybe once our apps out, we finally have stacks
until then I'm just going through this empty act

if this programming hustle is what i do til die
i pray to god and hope that you're there by my side
cause getting paid for code is leaving me drained
if i am doing this alone, then i'm going insane
even if i make cash, getting money and chains
this just isn't my game, always more of the same
maybe i'll learn to love it, go through motions and such
but i could suffer anything if i had your touch

you probably hate my past-date poetry
but it's only here i can speak soulfully
i call you on the phone and my language fails
i drown, i flail, omit key details

remember commercial ave, and the crystal mall?
the good times in past? i remember it all
and i don't know how other people ever forget
but no matter what happens i can never regret
like when my crew and i go to starbucks, dear
then i get a frappachino, the memory's clear
the time we spent together, hope we spend more
cause i still adore you, love you to right my core

loving you ain't a chore, if you were right here
that's the point i have to make, that i must make clear
other girls aren't appealing, that's simply a fact, kid
besides, i'm the kind of guy none find attractive
i could write another dozen albums all about you
hope i said the right things, hope that i didn't do
any damage by writing this and sending it out
because the short story is i love you without doubt
Track Name: shutter
by Karl Olson

I wanna be the ichiban nerdcore beat rocker
Verse parsed with kungfu like it's Shaolin Soccer
From the countryside to the urban bustle
I bring forgotten techniques like that KungFu Hustle
I have brought it elegant like it's gothic and lolita
For my words are eloquent never cheesy like velveeta
And it's clearly ego driven / but that's the usual plan
Hip Hop's patently objectivist / and inspired by Ayn Rand

And everybody knows / that I never drop weak flows
Deliver from the get go / Like Hollywood Montrose
And thus I always keep / the scene in so check
With the tech specs / of a dozen vectrex
I keep the people in shock / yeah they're surprised g
I come hard yet without / parental advisory
And though my rhyme can be / extremely egotastic
I try to change the world as well / when I'm not fake and plastic.

Aren't any pixels / It's no photoshop
The graphic evidence / that I'm at the top - OH!
Smoother than butter / leave your heart aflutter
With the flashbulbs going off / Shutter - Shutter - Shutter

You know I get the ladies / yeah I'm all up ins
Yeah, you can call me Maiku from / Onegai Twins
You know I cannot stop / I make this this track so hot
It's like a polyglot / of fanservice panty shots
And I attract attention / from the opposite gender
When I'm in the cosplay / like I'm the great pretender
Like Freddie Mercury / I was born to render
Burn off the roof nightly / an attention center

And it's because I'm an otaku / it's because I'm a nerd
That I'm getting this attention / like I'm Lupin the Third
All I need is Fujiko / up in one of my flows
She could even be clothed / and reciting some prose
The main thing is that / I bring a complete package
Everyone knows that / I rock the best trackage
From Hellsing to Mew Mew / I know you love this
Cause I understand that / you want all of this

Track Name: perfect white knight
perfect white knight
by Karl Olson

i'll be edward
you'll be bella
i'll be your perfect white knight

i'll be edward
you'll be bella
it'll be right out of twilight

hey shawty i'll save thee from all the bad guys
just look deeply right into my mad eyes
want you to stay away but then I stay close
because you're the girl who I need the most
because you're my personal brand of smack
I don't how to act, feel the need to attack
but then I hold back, keep my passion in check
besides it's 3 books before passionate sex

and when it came to you, I used to act shy hard
couldn't fathom what to do, I wanted to cry hard
no wonder the twi-hards, are all enamored
my innocence leaves hearts beating like a hammer
I pondered what had caused these thoughts to rear
I clamoured to find words to describe you dear
I pined for what felt like an endless year
I thought my endless years left my head unclear

I'll hold you, control you, and then console you
won't troll you, but mold you into a whole you
speak infinite sweet nothings, cause you're so trusting
I'm never once cussing, I'm ever so loving
You can live with me in this vampire night
I'll protect you from all of these vampire fights
But deep down girl, I know that you desire light
The meek frown that you throw is nothing but trite

Think I'm fulfilling your dreams? you love a killing machine
So what if I'm handsome and thrilling the teens
I'm the greatest predator that should never exist
Because there is no being that could ever resist
And no I never want this, for anyone that I need
I never ever want you to join my race and my creed
Never want you bleed, you always suffer too much
But my instinct screams that I'm need of your touch
Track Name: scan your eyes
Scan Your Eyes
by Karl Olson

Oh you're so beautiful like rose pedal bathwater
Essence so gorgeous it's like overclocked proc hotter
know that you're modest, know that i'm so blessed
treat you like a goddess, graced by your noblesse

There isn't a rush except the one geddy lee is in
So without a doubt, I'm ok steady being friends
Unless you'd like to play pretend - yeah we could surrender
To a very difficult to defend agenda

Kick it like it's straight out of kodomo no jikan
See your knees weaken, yeah we got the weekend
To pursue the missions that you wouldn't complete
Except with a boy 1337 who can keep it discrete

Like the graphics in my rig, and the size of my sig
I keep it real chill like I do at my gigs
We got gigs to work through, we'll need a lot of drive
But together we can thrive, keep the flavor like stride

I scan your eyes and they scan back mine
And all that I can find is
A reflection of me, a reflection of need
So should we hold the line?

Combination creating some non-stop fantasies
Cause I know I higher standard takes like man like me
A little more thoughtful, a little more heartfelt
When it comes it you girl, you know that my heart swells

We could make a classic created between classes
But for you and me, not a story for the masses
But then people ask us, why you do play it closely
Cause I look at braggarts and their endgames is ghostly

Seems a bit lonely if you always at the top
Why would you climb a mountain unless you can stop
Along the way for rests / at the vistas on the trail
With a person who can catch you, in case your goal's fail

The journey is it's own reward, guess that's what the tales meant
Player don't go it alone, no death of a salesman
Take of yourself but if you can't it sorta helps
If you gotta a person who responds to all of your yelps
Track Name: polygonous polygamy
polygonous polygamy
by Karl Olson

hey girl! why are you mad at me?
we both on polygonous polygamy

hey girl! why are you mad at me?
we both on pixelated polygamy

hey girl! why are you mad at me?
we both on animated polygamy

we both love things that'll never exist
so please girl just gimme a kiss

i could never really cheat / on the one that i heart
but i admit that i still / fall in love with the art
the characters off of these / nintendo carts
the 2D beauties who / i loved at the start

anime girls too, well actually mainly
my otakuness really seems ungainly
probably lucky that my girl don't maim me
for loving moe bishoujo so plainly

she's just as enamored / of the digital type
bishonen so hot / they can't exist in life
and if it's not elric / then maybe tamaki
and it'd take a lot more / than that to shock me

me, i'm in love with / impossible moxie
kinda like hers i guess / that fate has mocked me
don't need a dream girl when she's the one
who seems like she rose from the rising sun

but still i find my mind / drawn to the design
my brain chimes / that that outlines / looking so fine
and though the superego regains / mind control back
that shawty looks moe / with that final attack

i'd play through her story / if you catch my drift
just to catch another glimpse / at that bare midrift
wait, didn't i do this / on shoujo n' shonen
but this time i play with / all the cards that i'm holden

like i said we both share / the same passions fool
that's probably why we can / act rational
she gets the host club / if i get hot springs
hard to complain when / both of us got things

if we could live in game / or an anime series
we'd still be together / i can see that clearly
my in-game look would be / a little more fresh
hope she stays the same / cause she's already the best
Track Name: warmth
by Karl Olson

The warmth that
I feel from you
It's real from you
It heals me too

I used to think that my life just emulated Nana
With the rock star dreams and shojo manga drama
But it's clear to me now that I'm more Andy French
Even been to Mission Hill, except a bit more drenched
Was my time on the Drive with the hipster store blues
Like a second home to me, but it was clever ruse
That I put upon myself, yeah I knew it wouldn't last
This time with noone else except you went too fast

Want to return with you, to that basement apartment
With some takeout Thai, though for you I am starvin
Sure it was bittersweet, but without you it's bitter
But I guess that your absence will ensure I'm no quitter
And you know I'm no kidder, yeah I'm so sincere
Gonna be a go-getter, yeah for real this year
It's too NHK when I'm without my kanojo
Besides I'm sick and tired, of just being a no-show


Ain't enough write about it, I gotta deliver yo
In 30 bars or less, like a verbal dominos
Like I'm Takemoto, I can't afford to waste time
Even if I'm not artist with my beats and rhymes
I'm inclined to hold back, to ignore all the signs
I'm defined as most wack, and I'm losing my mind
Yet I build those around me, I push others on
While I'm still a duckling, and not yet a swan

Or an asp as I ask if that's the actual fact
Though perspective external I no longer lack
Seen myself on the screen, and I do not belong
But the girl that I love is most loved by the throng
So while nostalgia holds back, it can also advance
I refuse stop now, I'm just learnin to dance
Like I am Princess Tutu, learn my steps yuru yuru,
Like Mao-chan but a man who is destined come through


So will I get the hell out, or just be a sell out
Onlookers shocked as all of my guts fell out?
No, I'm gonna push my verses and my keystokes
Yeah, I'm gonna break though the surface so these folks

Can see how real tight and outstanding I stand
Can see the real me, and how demanding I am
I'm commanding the chans, I'm commanding the mic
Pushing myself onward for the girl I like

Well, love actually.
Track Name: funhouse mirror
funhouse mirrors
by Karl Olson

mirrored for a moment in the window pane
see through to the core where the heart was slain
notice that it's me actually right there
no wait that's you in the coarse despair
personal highways have the same road signs
hearts paced the same time synchronized in kind
we both worry that we sow seeds of sorrow
that'll bare fruit as soon as tomorrow

we're both the same never speak our thoughts
dance around the subject until we've been caught
panic frought and paralyzed in the hi-beams
a dear in the headlights locked in shy memes
we've lived many lives can't separate lies
from the truth it's shy never cut and dry
juggle things proper but we inside cry
cause we both want the one who is far and wide

we're our funhouse mirrors
yet i see much clearer
two ships that are drifting
searching for what's missing

we're our funhouse mirrors
yet i see much clearer
i know what i'd do
if things were different
i'd be you

i almost gotta laugh because it seems cruel
in a different scenario we would both rule
we'd have have what we want, the one we desire
we wouldn't be caught and stuck in the mire
come to obstacle? cut it out and torch it
organized finally, drama all sorted
we'd have our lives with the one who fills
that empty spot in our heart, it would kill

waking up to those painful mornings
a loss so great that it feel's like mourning
no more moments that feel so boring
wouldn't even care if it means there's snoring
because we'd rather have it than be without it
we're tired of pouting, yeah, we want to shout it
time to put it bed, lay this era to rest
cause we know what is to come is the best, the best
Track Name: aim 4 the top
Aim 4 The Top
by Karl Olson

Playing Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis
Before falling for each other and you give the first kiss
Wait that's amiss, yeah can't that be correct
I mean you highly doubt / that she had that effect
Yeah you just mixed your vox / over the same deck
Kicked it so fresh n' live, and rocked a tight mic check
But yeah, you might have felt / some apprehension
Because the condescension's, actually romantic tension

But you play it off, and front like you hate her
When the fact is you actually want to date her
And be there for her, yeah to help satiate her
Thinking to yourself, did someone just create her
Just for you, like some Chobits existentialist
You think the day's special, so you sit and pencil this
Date into your journal - live or traditional
You realize everything will change - it's transitional

Keep your held high
As you Top O Narae
Keep your held high
As the two wings fly

But it's okay cause you know / that's nice to have friends
Didn't used to be like that / so it just doesn't rend
It doesn't tear at you / cause you're just exstatic
That there's person / who gets your jokes automatic
And you never make the first move / you lack that spine
More than willing just to pine / over something divine
Rather than realign / towards that goal and that sign
Won't risk it like Sparta / hell is not where you dine

But it's not heaven either/ it's like purgatory
You're O.K. with an / unfinished story
Besides you're afraid of / The Deathly Hallows
And that thought runs deep / certainly not shallow
Don't want risk it all / lest you're led to gallows
But you're just overthinking / because you're so callow
So you keep it bottled up / you keep it on the down low
Rather than aiming to / sieze upon the crown, yo.

Track Name: distant star
distant star
by Karl Olson

he asks "why does this manga here reflect our lives
it's like mikan and I share the same eyes
same naïve view point, same situation
honey you're my natsume in this equation"
he redacts "no wait I think I'm more clunky
probably more naka from nosatsu junkie
certainly not funky in the style I bring
ever so stiff in cadence, in the way I sing.

or maybe I'm more umi, cause I'm so fake
hearts about to break, as you move on and take
a step I can't follow unless I change the game here
yeah, it's pretty clear I just can't do the same here"
he has this worked out in his head, but he denies
lies to himself, like you are surprised?
his disguise is his defense against the pain
of knowing he stands still as all things change

you're my distant star
in this life so hard
and i'd travel far
just to be your guard

she says "doesn't he know that's he alchemic?
a scholar of all sorts - a born academic?
seems endemic to everyone that I touch
they try to fall back on me like I'm a crutch
and though I know my heart is pure like it's oro
I wasn't meant to be a saint, my name's not mahoro
I know that I'll be great, on that distant shore though
and he could follow me, he just needs tour mo'

or rather his horizons need to expand out now
he has to scream to the world, yeah he has to shout now
no time for doubt now, can't be all kare kano
needs to come correct now, like his name is bono."
she has this worked out in her head, but the words won't come
even though she is intelligent, though she's not dumb
she just makes her moves clear, set her sights farther
knowing she treads a path that gets no harder

so they wake up thinking that it's going to end
maybe they don't imagine that they will be friends
perhaps that's why they feel what they've had was real
they put up a force field so they aren't forced to deal
so of course they feel like they're trapped in a comic
feel like they're separated at the sub-atomic
even though their heart and minds are intertwined
they aren't talking about it so they'll never find

any peace of mind, so they'll just keep blurting
out the wrong words, so they'll just keep hurting
and nobody will help them cause they'll have no facts
nobody will to tell them how they ought to act
only to let it go, though they'll know it's wrong
to tell them the best thing in their life is gone
only for them can it dawn that their manga's still
waiting for them to write it cause they have free will

they see each other as angels faraway
and where the truth really lies is hard to say
they see the world is better when they're both there
but they don't have self-confidence enough to care
Track Name: congratulations
by Karl Olson

you know i can't do this, unless i'm really feeling it
otherwise the deal, well man, i won't sealing it
and you could be appealing it, but i'm the chief justice
so i hope you understand that you oughtta trust this
and here's my opinion, i'm still i love with rapping
so i'm still uncapping, the lyrics that are happening
to be flowing out now, verses are my nile
also growing out now, arranged with hella style

a caper on the paper, well, you can call me readman
loving every syllable that i put in my screed man
someone would call it passion, i just call it tuesday
if i stopped writing, well, that would be a blues day
i'd be so blind lemon, and i don't mean alt rock
dryer than desert lake, feeling like a salt rock
but my cup keeps spillin, and the crowd i'm thrillin
lights shining too bright: i destroy every villain

yeah, i save the music, cause the music saved me
everybody comes up and congratulates me
yeah, i love the music, cause the people love me
everybody comes up and congratulates me

they cop me on waffles, i'm selling like hot cakes
never once a question, of whether I got breaks
every time i play a spot, you know that the spot makes
galleons by the gallon probably because i'm not drake
real rappers spot fakes, and i'm so legitimate
sleeping on my futon would be so inconsiderate
wouldn't place a dime against me if you know a bookie
cause i'm such a monster that I'm eating all the cookies

leaving with y'all with crumbs, like you sweeping out a bakery
rising over scum, and i'm never down with fakery
i'm all about the about the music, and now i am behind it
better cop electric sheep, i shock and redefine hit
i'll keep on makin records with the people i think
share this love of music, who take it to the brink
and over into brilliance, like we are a gemstone
don't need any beats, you can hear the love in them tones

ever since i wrote songs, i learned from the masters
biked to the library, tried to learn faster
started with the mainstream, then underground like moleman
focused like i'm gretsky, was looking at the goal, man

so i listened to beck, and listened the fugees
spinning lots of nas, while looking to the beasties
at ten velvet underground, now velvet everywhere
used to bump nirvana, and now i am living there

well not actually, but contractually
i gotta glorify a life that isn't factually
accurate, but there's you know there's no one better than
me, i'm a fantasy my life's so neverland
Track Name: on your six
on your six
by Karl Olson

I can track you girl though the heart of the crowd
I can hear you in the din though it is so loud
Always repping nerd style so perfectly proud
I can even find your scent amongst urban cloud

And I know I got a Chance like the perfume you wear
Because my flows' so large like the bow in ya hair
We walk through the con as the deviants stare,
Dreaming bout the conversation both of us share

It's actually mundane, standard minutia
Talking bout the games you been burning through, huh
I'm getting a bit hungry, so let's go and get lunch
It's on me of course, I like your company a bunch

I'm on your six,
Just like the rest of the guys
Except I ever surprise
Because I do not try
How do I kick it?
I simply roll with ease
Not ever eager to please
Keep it light as a breeze

And you can track me down by the threads that I rock
It's an all black number from the head to the top
All dress clothes except for the kicks on my feet
There I go a little urban, yeah a little more street

So we wander through the city, visiting all the shops
Digging through the record bins for awesome hiphop
Berating neo-80s fashions at the discount stores
You poke fun at the manga that I truly adore

We spawn a conversation as we wait in a line
We finally spot our friends and do it just in time
To get out of the city before the sun don't shine
Watching the sunset while driving? that's truly sublime
Track Name: neverending
by Karl Olson

They call me atlas when I'm at this cause I carry this weight
You see me stuggle as I stride, you see right in my gate
But I never I try to hide it, I'm explicit and true
Directly ping you with the facts, and I do it two
Seconds, so I reckon that I'm probably cursed now
The worst now, like I'm there, snatching your purse now
Except it's trust that I grift like a confidence man
Cause I'm confident man, that I'm more competant than

Anyone that you ever met on the face of this planet
But I manage to be stable like I'm composed of granite
And yet neurotically able to compose yarns and fables
Like an advice program streaming over your cable
Even damaged I yield more than you deal so I heal
Plus I feel the appeal of the ill-gotten meal
But I push you all forward, make you like unto wheels
I pray this skill ain't fiction that it's actually real

Our warmth envelops and nutures
And thus develops these searchers
Ascending up and transcending
Into the realm neverending

We've mended all the trangressions
Pulled smiles out from the depressions
Ascending up and transcending
Into the realm neverending

But the way I make connections, is by breaking deceptions
And I make no exceptions, to my exact perception
And the reception may be cold, but I'll promise to save
Your dreams, hopes and everything, though I cannot stave
The inevitable actions because I'm no one divine
Though your own satisfaction will be so easy to find
You've got a beautiful mind, and an elegant design
You never whine, and your modesty leaves people inclined

To trust you like you trust me, our actions are close
Shockingly similar beings, because both one of those
Old school sentimentalists - they don't make them like us
And no one dares to strike us, because it'd make the tyke's fuss
So dry your eyes, clear your mind and breath into the break
Cause can you take it the top, yeah I know you can make
Yourself into an idol, so authentic not fake
That earth itself quakes when left to spin your wake
Track Name: that one
that one
by Karl Olson

i see you eyeing him / no use denying friend
i looked that way too / visual sighing then
thought cycles locked / he's top priority
escape key blocked / you lack the authority
to kill that process / impedes the progress
control alt delete / processor's froze yes
you could power down / but you'd lose the data
guess you're waitin around / to write this though sata

claim you won't save it / try to clear history
the cookies remain / give clues to your misery
he's like your perfect / extension accessory
top permissions / password open sesame
got the same interests / the same file system
hard drives click along / at the same rhythm
could maybe share files / but that'd cause a schism
a service denial in your workgroup but kiss him

cause you love that boy
that cosplay sweetheart with the manga toys
yeah girl, you love that boy
that ota bishonen with the ita ploys

i see you eyeing her / why you denying her
what's the real harm in / atleast trying her
double click on the app / sure your heart goes tap
rather boom boom bap / with a short circuit zap
but if you wanna be alive / like your name's johnny 5
make no excuses / stop trying to contrive
a reason to shut down / man it's time to reboot
like control z you / will get a redo

infinite history / try again repeatedly
til you got something / til you succeed like me
and if she's uncompatible / look for other software
get a stable release / but bro do not rot there
could just add figures / organized in spreadsheets
but you can do more / not digital but red meat
cut to the heart of it / you're just at the start of it
sure that's the hardest bit / but be part of it

cause you love that girl
that cosplay sweetheart with skin so pearl
yeah boy, you love that girl
that ota bishoujo from the ita world
Track Name: second place
second place
by Karl Olson

My girlfriend thinks every other nerdcore mc is hot
Especially MC Frontalot and Doc Pop / YT Crack as well
And she'll probably get 'em all w/ her sweet Chanel

Fat Joe even likes her / or so I've heard
But the type she prefers / is Andy Samberg
And though I'm the Akito / to her Sana
She'd rather do Alchemy / with Vic Mignogna

I'm not advocating the immoral or the illicit
But I know that not a man here would refuse to kiss this
Adorable girl who I happen to be dating
And which ignorant mcs insist on playa-hating
And though I know she loves me with everything she's got
She's not afraid to mention when she thinks a guy's hot
And I'm hard pressed to disagree with her selections
I downloaded all their songs with my FiOS connection

I'm sure if I were in her shoes and her gender
I would also be interested in the boys that render
Hit after hit about Star Wars and conventions
Yeah they be ones in my Live Journal mentioned
Repeatedly, yeah, they'd be my Tiger-Beat crushes
I'd want to kiss them if my lips were luscious
But they aren't, and since I'm not that possessive
You all better watch out cause she's cute and aggressive.

And I'm seriously sure it's all in the cards
Even though I've never loved another girl so hard
She'll atleast make out with her favorite bard
And I accept that fact - I'm not emotionally scarred
Hell, I'm kinda proud to know that she's just so fine
She can make man a her's, if he's in her sightline
Of course she's also smart and a great song creata
But let us not forget that she's modeled for Aveda

If her eyes stray a bit, I certainly can't blame her
I'm not the kind of man, who would dominate or tame her
If a rapper falls for her, I cannot complain
I mean after all I did, so I won't go insane
I'll just have to laugh it off as part of existing
Love's hard sometimes, so why try resisting
I'll just be satisfied, comfortable in the fact
That we both have love that we'll never redact


Truth told I'm also sent right into a panic
When I meet a person whose work left me manic
much as I'd like to moan, and though I can't condone
I understand the feeling of being totally pwned
Track Name: sweetest
by Karl Olson

oh don't you know
she's the sweetest always
when i wake up
wonder if she's okay

oh don't you know
she's the sweetest always
so i worry
that it will melt one day

when it comes to this topic, there ain't much more to say on
i love her everyday like otaku love k-on
she's the kinda girl you don't run around an play on
more like the kind that you meditate and pray on
rips mics like rayon - like her stocking's fabric
like carrots to a cabbit, you know i gotta have it
always raising havoc, always making waves
like every single dice roll results in a save

leaning off the horse for the brass ring - take it
maybe i'm naive to believe that we'll make it
some say i outta rake it like leaves cause it's fall
like we came up short even though we stand tall
that i outta keep on shopping but life's not a mall
don't want to be undead just wondering halls
or waiting to spawn as the right lines crossed
my AI's too smart, yeah I gotta be a boss

i guess lately, all i do is make her rage
i post up my thoughts and she then replies "sage"
i'd blame it on the distance, but that's only half
the other part is me, that's the actual math
i got her variable wrong - i miss calculated
did the wrong things so she recalcitrated
the "love you"s are there at the phone call finish
but i know each failure can only diminish

the odds and i'm already pretty upset
cause i'm never one to play a game of roulette
but i'm so confident that we can win the day
that i could be shinji and she could be rei
or asuka actually, in fact i'd prefer
she does as she pleases, she's quite similar
and if i'm too shinji with my lack of spine
she's a free agent, though i wish she was mine

thirty two bars and still going like a frat boy
know the backbiters are hating me as that boy
who can't make anything good - call me mr. GM
made records since age 10 but still not eminem
but she still loves me, hopefully forever
or atleast until i permanently upset her
if my verses aren't tums - if they don't sooth her
if i'm some loser, if i can't move her

into a crib like i was ty pennington
it's probably okay to just be friends again
that's the extreme makeover that it might take
but i'll do my best, even if i fight fate
cause it takes more than just halfway measures
gotta give it my all, i can take no leisure
if i'm gonna get her then i gotta go harder
gotta be the mythbusters, jay-z and the carter
Track Name: the dream designed
the dream designed
by Karl Olson

catch us at the starbucks / sippin on a frappachino
and when comes to her / it ain't a thing to drop c-note
sing to her like cee-lo / though she's got better pipes
she's matching all the hype / and all the gossip over skype
helps me keep my cool / when the world's in a panic
you know that i'm a fool / and i'm a hopeless romantic
could write a million verses / come the worst or the best
when there's things to redress / free to get it off our chests

we work it out frankly / and though it hurts at points
it'd take more stuff to tank me / then getting out of joint
when there are opponents / we take 'em out quickly
yeah, they learn what owned ment / and we do it swiftly
she's the saved game / that i'd never delete
she keeps adding more content / that i could never beat
call it a ball and chain? / call it nothing but pain?
I'll take her for a second / rather than eternal fame

i know you on your grind
and i'm up on mine
and one day we'll find
the dream we designed

i don't do this for a reason / i just do it cause i can
plus i've been disconnected / off of the scene's lan
guess it's my winter season / guess i'm waiting for a spring
cept she's my everything / so i let the verse ring
i couldn't care at all / if my style here offends
i'm not the type of person/ to play games of pretend
the same rhyme scheme again / like you even noticed
you probably should know this / i don't have to blow this

i already got more / than all the cats out on tour
don't need groupies at the door / when i've already scored
a catch much better / than world made of cheddar
where the camera's flash / where the fake trendsetters
try to make me a tablau / plaster me on tabloids
already a nice beau / no media android
i program for that, man / to make ends for her
for who I would incur / any wrath or anger
Track Name: feature creep (remastered)
seems there's been a bit feature creep
cause hiphop now ain't about the street
it's all about NEET's, it's all about geeks
bauds and bits are what defines the chic

seems there's been a bit feature creep
cause hiphop now ain't about the street
it's all about NEET's, it's all about geeks
download now while the connection peaks

nerdcore is dead, thought mc lars shot it
wait it's contagious and everybody got it
i check that lupe, i check that wale
and they do is talk about the nerd all day
i mean it'd be nice, just to rap conscious
forget about comics, to enter in a contest
and not drop a reference IN every last verse
put anime in last and lyrics in first

or dumb it all down with a soulja boy hook
even *he* cranks robocop, on a second look
they gab about their iphones on hot 97
while I program for android, yeah i'm go-gettin
but am I upsettin when I nod fruits basket?
give it 6 months, and these rappers be askin
to get hatsune miku to sing on the beat
that's nerd autotune, i guess nobody's street

nerdcore snuck in now everyone's nerdy
look at kanye's blog, and how he absurdly
obsesses over girls like an akiba ota
it seems real clear that he's not a soldier
and the same facts come again and again
just name a rapper, i'll take up my pen
fugees nod coleco, biggie loved sega
everyone makes game jokes when talkin bout playas

we crept from shaolin, we crept from crenshaw
and where did we creep? to the suburbs y'all
in the suburbs where i was already coding
writing tight beats while windows was loading
hand held sequencers and game consoles
both taught me lots of hand-eye control
grew up on hiphop and on nintendo
so we all run game like our name's gendo