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Voltzy Ultraklystron offers a unique sound while maintaining amazing vibes through his beats, vocals and effects.

As the release date of the full album comes closer I get more excited to listen to more of his music.

For only $5 to have a full amazing album of music how can you say no. Favorite track: All U Do Is Steal.


released May 5, 2018

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron. Copyright 2016-2018.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more.

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Track Name: Adolescence
damn I'm tired of this / arrested development
extended banana / clip adolescence
damn I'm tired of this / arrested development
extended banana / clip adolescence

every day I'm always firing off my mouth...
gotta let it spray until I get it out...
every day I'm always firing off my mouth...
gotta let it spray until I get it out...

had the same nerves / since I was seven
called a weird nerd / then loathing set in
so i built worlds / out of some Legos
I made a fantasy / and never let go

so I had an ego / told I was gifted
so I acted out / yeah I will admit it
but the responses / started new wounds
I almost lost it / wanted my own doom

from then I felt off / and was excluded
confidence lost / not once exuded
love with contracts / terms and conditions
solid ground lacked / caused indecisions

told to cut it out / but no exorcism
threats via shouts / were un-convincin’
yet still held me down / fear is a prison
lost never found / and failed the mission

and this continued / it's ever present
pulses like sinew / this spiral descent
told it's my own fault / i broke my own heart
stuck in my own vault / made my own false start

so I just held back / and didn't speak up
so then I fell back / was such a weak bud
a later bloomer / a second mover
subject of rumors / connected loser

so I found ways / to build denial
yeah self deception / was always my style
making big claims / without any action
inside I feared change / and sought distraction

so I let things drop / half of it nervous
the other half because / I didn't deserve it
the lies all in toned / attached in my head
are coming undone / I'll make the past dead
Track Name: All U Do Is Steal
ch. (x2)
all you do is steal
you're not real
holding no appeal

sucker game
in a gallery
living fallacy

Out in New York getting paid
Stealing from otaku artists all day
Twitter call outs getting you so enraged
But you steal everything you ever made

Just like I borrowed this flow from the Migos
except I gave credit said it's from the Migos
And rhyme the same words just like I was Nikki
You think Art's Nikki but you are just Iggy

Damn, you think you're out making plans
But really just xeroxed to make all your grands
Spewing some nonsense while clipping some lines
Trying to tell yourself you're Lichtenstein

All of your skill is just Shintaro Kago's
Plagarism is your lifestyle and motto
Think you're the greatest, but really you're not
You're just super salty because you caught

You claim it's collage but it's really a joke
You're just selling copies to nouveau-riche blokes
Though Wall Street wolves often trading derivatives
I take it back, maybe your art, they're getting it

That gallery owner whose cutting your checks
Whose out catching cases, they know that you're dreck
Sure they knew one day the dots would connect
Now the game's over, the scam has been wrecked

Made a career built off hype and some lies
Scooby otaku ripped off your disguise
Nobody to talk to cept art blogs that try
To redirect shade that you brought to your skies

So try to deny but with functioning eyes
Your intent is obvious, do not be shy
Look it's okay to be ever so basic
With your whole aesthetic just copy and pasted
Track Name: Trash
ch. (x2)
you say I'm all you need
but I can't be that cute
I'm just the trash you leave
that's the entire truth

I've got two passports, they don't mean much
visits fall apart, feeling outta touch
rather stay at home, since I purchased one
even with a with zone, I'm feeling nervous cause

nothing's set in stone, and I've taken Ls
a neurotic wreck, never feeling well
keeping people distant, but I'll keep making checks
even when alone, it's onward direct

but I've gotta a partner, yeah I've gotta equal
respect her agency, because I'm not evil
not that kind of selfish, like the world taught
try to be selfless, but sometimes feelings caught

but I've seen woke and morals, call for pure destruction
resting on their laurels, til there is subduction
then the masks are off, the attacks are on
then the tasks become, more than fits in songs

try to leave it be, and just let time heal it
like modern Jay Z, I am not dealing
anxious every time, when I go on errands
self loathing blinds, feeling trauma barren

never was a baron, because I'm too cautious
call it cowardice, but I'm just feeling nauseous
guess the tightest ropes, that I'll ever find
aren't for walking on, but they're in my mind

used to fire play, could've been brutal
and that thoughts broth, it stays on my noodle
hope for better days, hope that I'm useful
recovering from loss, on certain things? futile.

and I don't have escapes, I can't run away
under things that cake, layers that delay
got decades to run, more than marathons
So be intransigent, me I'll carry on
Track Name: U.D.P.
if you're not here to byte flows / you likely wanna bite flows
admire my otaku cool / if you pass you're psycho
cut to black and notice that / you're just wearing your night clothes
wondering if what occurred / was really mental hype though

thoughts are more substantial / than the homonym implied
wait it's circumstantial / plus consider what's bellied
if your dogma designates / ideals over people
it results in greater hate / and pushes salacious evil

sickness is the default / i guess I'm ill-equipped
competitor's ill-equipped / to recognize other gifts
so they look it in the mouth / while the words falls out
and that river flows fast / need to swim all out

but they're looking crusty / in the water they're drownin
no laughs, lacking dignity / yet we're all clownin
try to cut a smile / now everyone's frownin
blade's the wrong approach / but I cross these sounds then

i gotta a lot jokes / but everyone loves my zingers
could bring truth through the smoke / but people wanna see dingers
if devil men battle angels / is anyone here a winner
this geo fronting is hell / but this isn't for beginners

giant robot in the sky / I guess I got the plug suit
fly to the most high / like I Mecha drug move
everyone's connected / because that's what a plug do
covenant's electric / so crossing paths could plug you

station's not stationary / target is never centered
paper which we had married / exits right as it enters
so the chase keeps on / regardless of status
like sun will bring dawn / regardless of atlas

what is on shoulders / could be brushed off and over
with a temperamental tweet / and unquestioning soldiers
not sure if I'll hope that / things fumble and moulder
or get too woke like / a half pound of Folgers

misspelled confessions / are just coffee cup names
usually below mention / as the results are the same
but all those baristas are / unlike barristers
let alone those who'd / write laws parroted

those who'd choose means / to give power to their keys
the Glock click or locksmith / can give power to the dream
the blocks clique and soft myths / only differ in the scene
sanctions or sanctioned / is actually everything

walled garden rules keep / it all overgrown
right can be wrong / when you write the wrong tomb
written in the wrong zone / fight for rights like song on
1980s MTV / but those days are long gone

ironically though / spaces have greater access
through payola dough / still baked through the axis
we no longer need / DAT demos and faxes
but that demo needs / a cute face and fat asses

preferably from cities / with a dead hot address
with bodies to climb / key to growin the fastest
never built in a day / so you must learn to roam
yet a top flight hub / must be base for your home

sing a lotta cheese / cause the clout is calzone
sellouts must please / or be without and alone
and if you ever rest / the vlogs come through and bleat
you could have a chuchesta / claim you've met defeat

so kernels stay heated / to stay popping in the streets
Orville Reddenbockin / lest you forfeit your seat
but kernels crash too / tables flipped in a second
cause half's what you moved / versus your prior records

and you never rollback / so just never hold back
if you see a cold stack / just be blunt and roll that
later can redact / accidental enmity
but now grab chances / to enter growth industries
Track Name: 12am in NeoYokio
hey, Archangelo and the Eastside Gentlemen
look at the Ichiban

hey, Sailor Pelligrino
hey, Helena St. Tessero
look at the Ichiban

ch. x2
Kaz Kaan with the toblerone
can't leave the game alone
Kaz Kaan with the toblerone
and you know I'm in the zone

looking clean, looking neat boy
doin' work not a neet boy
gotta clean up the streets boy
martini caprese boy

catch flak from the east side
old money just tells lies
snap back with hand blasts
knocked out on ya damn ass

melancholy is the average
til demons go savage
gotta stay stacking cabbage
field hockey I ravage

if a demon once talks shit
they get hit with the chocolate
head slap with the Toblerone
exercised from your home

chocolate bars that I spaz on
verses slayed like I'm Kaz Kaan
all I do are the dope flows
here in Neo Yokio

I'd rather be a sad boy
but Lord help you if I'm mad boy
nobody gonna stop me
nor Lexy and Gottleib

even when things get shady
and it gets hella crazy
perfect game and great plans
mecha butlers and top brands

ensure top victory
remembrancers ain't stickin' me
try to give me your very worst
I'll chop it down just like a Hirst
Track Name: Ever Did
nobody can take it farther than we ever did
nobody can fly it higher than we ever did
nobody can bring it harder than we ever did
and nobody's gonna not know that we ever did

born to fight, but need a lane
need a light, to bring the pain
spark a change, start a reign
cause if I don't, I'll go insane

must follow through on my purpose
and break though the surface
but I can't sync cause I'm nervous

but then you're crossing my vision
evolving my mission
force me to make new decisions

nothing to fear as I spy you
and though I may try to
I know that I'll never deny you

enter and now it's all starting
my ego’s not starving
once you're there calling me darling

poisonous, blackest widow
containment fields, broken windows
crash through walls, smash them all
as I can feel, you're in my thrall

entirely new worlds created
and cross-pollinated
sync is beyond elevated

teammates transgressing the boundary
melding like a foundry
seemingly solving the quandary

mysteries finally unraveled
perspective is babel
every last foundation rattled

trust me we're only just starting
for you I've been starving
been searching so long for my darling
Track Name: Nowadays
Nowadays I don't sign autographs (no more)
Nowadays nobody's wanting that (no more)
Now I'm paying bills (yeah), work a 9 to 5 (yeah)
I have come to terms with my average life (yeah, yeah)

Used to move the fire mixtapes out the backpack
At the con meeting new friends from the aim chat
Cell phone dumb but the texts let us track that
Buddy with DSLR took a sec to snap that
Used to see that anime life on the nightly
Con to the next one chatting via skype we
Never thought it'd end, but more growing up did
Thought we had it all solved, but actually we were kids

Keystyles like this used to go in the netbook
Used to gawk at cons at bishoujo in the wetlook
Used to dream about reading doujin at a maid cafe
Now they'll bury me in Akiba once I pass away
Used to walk alone, now a million run in front of me
All so independent, yeah not one's the son of me
Holla to the nakama and midnight society
Came up after me, but y'all made it reality

Now I'm making decent money writing these web sockets
I'm the big time SDE...
And you should hear me talking to the co-op interns
And listen what they say to me...
Used to write reviews full of crazy details
Now all I do is fight old code that won't scale
Like to switch frameworks but I lack the authority
So bugs swarm while I build my seniority

Putting on pounds from bluetooth vending machines
Vacation days gotta accrue, so I'm pending a dream
What's a room with a view out in the Dotonburi
When I know my return will be a sullen hurry
Everything collected on a shelf put away
Never rewatched, left alone to decay
Removed once but now everything is boxed,
Memory erased, ethereal and lost
Track Name: Nandaba
ch. (x2)
life is hard for nandaba
ninamori, haruhara,
samejima, firestarters,
flying v, rickenbockers

medical mechanica
space police panic
medical mechanica
space police panic

every single day here is the same
nothing happening and everything's lame
brokenhearted girls play many games
also guilty of riding in that lane

under bridges lewd moments reside
keeping secrets and feelings inside
finally confront with nothing to hide
not my fault that she's going to cry

sudden confrontation then interrupts
bass to my skull leaves me concussed
didn't see it coming no time to duck
maybe that'll finally change my luck

finally home but what should I see
vespa woman who assaulted me
making dinner for my family
lost my cool and I did so fully

even though I know I've taken damage
can't bare to see beneath the bandage
think it might hide a brand new appendage
hope it goes away and my body mends it

finally time to confront and unload
said I don't care if you overflow
if that isn't best then I'll never know
swear my forehead's ready to explode

now it's lights off with robots and mechs
id unlocked with emotions unchecked
couldn't stop it with a glock and tec
but a rickenbocker swing can connect

put an alien god in a void
back inside the skull of a young boy
sour bitter moments fusing with joy
waiting for the next bot to deploy

giant iron trying to flatten the crease
spacey police trying to seal in a beast
hungry girl trying to lock down a feast
borrowed powers coming up on their lease

canti pray I don't face them again
canti pray I save all of my friends
in this madness I'm here to defend
swing the bat like my old brethren

empty-headed here with nothing but angst
but alive again with nothing but thanks
hybrid rainbow moving upward and out
finally saying something when I dare shout

mechanica still has a surprise
white mist tries to choke out the skies
keep us inside to validate lies
but I've grown ready to defy

greater worlds, I now know exist
double neck guitars held in my fist
pirate king and a god and a man
not a boy now so forget your plans

no nori left for eyebrows
no reason to be shy now
nothing left to deny now
only option to try now
Track Name: Clear History
I've never been as good
As I ever said here
Without all of your patience
I'd have been dead here

But there is not a way...
To bring back yesterday...
The history erased...
The moment betrayed...

Used to chill with my otaku every Friday
7pm we were speeding down the highway
Already socialized for 5 or 6 hours
But now we're all hungry and need something to devour

Cause forget going home, where we're all alone
Existential dread calls? We don't pick up the phone
Just for a second we're all looking for the mystic
Even if that's just the International District

Didn't get it in the moment; no honestly I missed it
Moved on to the next one. The past? I rage quit it
Cause I had to be me, and obtain a degree
Become the person who I was destined to be

And all of this something that I gotta keep saying
Cause one element that's static, one thing that's staying
Is that I stay nostalgic even though I move forward
Generating feelings that just create more words

Now there's people that I'll never see again
Or get in the same room cause they're long past friends
Things had to change to create a better base line
Though I don't even see folks over FaceTime

Just as much to blame for not keeping the balance
Being a great friend to everyone isn't a talent
That I've ever displayed, so folks feel betrayed
And gradually a never is built out of delays

And it becomes hard just to spit about shows
Cause I no longer have all of those I kept close
Half of the fun was discussing it on the weekly
Deep down I knew it'd never come together neatly

Suppose it could've been worse if I fell into urges
And didn't hold back my inner most merciless
But it was trivial to look forward to that dream
But now nothing is the same, as it wasn't what it seemed

Now people who I'd never have disparaged
Aren't an after thought to be invited to my marriage
People who I used to keep it all confided in
Are now people that I know I won't find again

Until I'm retired and browsing the obituaries
Terrifies me that the thought isn't even scary
Come to terms that even if there is afterlife
I'll stay away forever cause I know I'll never set it right

Too much gossip, politics and bad blood
Turned friendship to hate, or even worse to bad love
And even those I curse I actually kinda miss
But it's way worse when circumstances just shift

What if work and age hadn't gotten in the way -
Would we still read manga every single Friday?
Instead I made an early finish to a belated start
And left them with a bad taste; conversation heart
Track Name: Run Away
You put me on trial
Though I was just a child
I gotta run away
Til I can face the pain

You knew it was wrong
To shoot me down so long
I gotta run away
Til I can face the pain

I've been feeling trashy
Never classy
Dry excellence
Guess it's all
Subarashi yet

I've been feeling tore up
Super sore gut
Pure reticence
Then I fall
Back to core cuts but

Gotta find new way
Every few days
Nothing's okay so

Forget my initials
Heart is crystal
Outside of me
Stamens sit
Need no pistils now

I don't gotta say names
Just encode things
Til my load change
Till my flow
Brings that pain, blame

Bound to need a breather
But I seether
Learning leader
Turning cold
Thoughts on freezer

Cowering from violence
Trying silence
More than frightened
But a hold
Tries compliance

Everything is broken
Sold as tokens
Wreckage smokin’
That's my soul
Watch it floatin'