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if you're not here to byte flows / you likely wanna bite flows
admire my otaku cool / if you pass you're psycho
cut to black and notice that / you're just wearing your night clothes
wondering if what occurred / was really mental hype though

thoughts are more substantial / than the homonym implied
wait it's circumstantial / plus consider what's bellied
if your dogma designates / ideals over people
it results in greater hate / and pushes salacious evil

sickness is the default / i guess I'm ill-equipped
competitor's ill-equipped / to recognize other gifts
so they look it in the mouth / while the words falls out
and that river flows fast / need to swim all out

but they're looking crusty / in the water they're drownin
no laughs, lacking dignity / yet we're all clownin
try to cut a smile / now everyone's frownin
blade's the wrong approach / but I cross these sounds then

i gotta a lot jokes / but everyone loves my zingers
could bring truth through the smoke / but people wanna see dingers
if devil men battle angels / is anyone here a winner
this geo fronting is hell / but this isn't for beginners

giant robot in the sky / I guess I got the plug suit
fly to the most high / like I Mecha drug move
everyone's connected / because that's what a plug do
covenant's electric / so crossing paths could plug you

station's not stationary / target is never centered
paper which we had married / exits right as it enters
so the chase keeps on / regardless of status
like sun will bring dawn / regardless of atlas

what is on shoulders / could be brushed off and over
with a temperamental tweet / and unquestioning soldiers
not sure if I'll hope that / things fumble and moulder
or get too woke like / a half pound of Folgers

misspelled confessions / are just coffee cup names
usually below mention / as the results are the same
but all those baristas are / unlike barristers
let alone those who'd / write laws parroted

those who'd choose means / to give power to their keys
the Glock click or locksmith / can give power to the dream
the blocks clique and soft myths / only differ in the scene
sanctions or sanctioned / is actually everything

walled garden rules keep / it all overgrown
right can be wrong / when you write the wrong tomb
written in the wrong zone / fight for rights like song on
1980s MTV / but those days are long gone

ironically though / spaces have greater access
through payola dough / still baked through the axis
we no longer need / DAT demos and faxes
but that demo needs / a cute face and fat asses

preferably from cities / with a dead hot address
with bodies to climb / key to growin the fastest
never built in a day / so you must learn to roam
yet a top flight hub / must be base for your home

sing a lotta cheese / cause the clout is calzone
sellouts must please / or be without and alone
and if you ever rest / the vlogs come through and bleat
you could have a chuchesta / claim you've met defeat

so kernels stay heated / to stay popping in the streets
Orville Reddenbockin / lest you forfeit your seat
but kernels crash too / tables flipped in a second
cause half's what you moved / versus your prior records

and you never rollback / so just never hold back
if you see a cold stack / just be blunt and roll that
later can redact / accidental enmity
but now grab chances / to enter growth industries


from Ultraklystron, released May 5, 2018




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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