12am in NeoYokio

from by Ultraklystron



hey, Archangelo and the Eastside Gentlemen
look at the Ichiban

hey, Sailor Pelligrino
hey, Helena St. Tessero
look at the Ichiban

ch. x2
Kaz Kaan with the toblerone
can't leave the game alone
Kaz Kaan with the toblerone
and you know I'm in the zone

looking clean, looking neat boy
doin' work not a neet boy
gotta clean up the streets boy
martini caprese boy

catch flak from the east side
old money just tells lies
snap back with hand blasts
knocked out on ya damn ass

melancholy is the average
til demons go savage
gotta stay stacking cabbage
field hockey I ravage

if a demon once talks shit
they get hit with the chocolate
head slap with the Toblerone
exercised from your home

chocolate bars that I spaz on
verses slayed like I'm Kaz Kaan
all I do are the dope flows
here in Neo Yokio

I'd rather be a sad boy
but Lord help you if I'm mad boy
nobody gonna stop me
nor Lexy and Gottleib

even when things get shady
and it gets hella crazy
perfect game and great plans
mecha butlers and top brands

ensure top victory
remembrancers ain't stickin' me
try to give me your very worst
I'll chop it down just like a Hirst


from Ultraklystron, released May 5, 2018




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more.

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