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from Ultraklystron by Ultraklystron



ch. (x2)
life is hard for nandaba
ninamori, haruhara,
samejima, firestarters,
flying v, rickenbockers

medical mechanica
space police panic
medical mechanica
space police panic

every single day here is the same
nothing happening and everything's lame
brokenhearted girls play many games
also guilty of riding in that lane

under bridges lewd moments reside
keeping secrets and feelings inside
finally confront with nothing to hide
not my fault that she's going to cry

sudden confrontation then interrupts
bass to my skull leaves me concussed
didn't see it coming no time to duck
maybe that'll finally change my luck

finally home but what should I see
vespa woman who assaulted me
making dinner for my family
lost my cool and I did so fully

even though I know I've taken damage
can't bare to see beneath the bandage
think it might hide a brand new appendage
hope it goes away and my body mends it

finally time to confront and unload
said I don't care if you overflow
if that isn't best then I'll never know
swear my forehead's ready to explode

now it's lights off with robots and mechs
id unlocked with emotions unchecked
couldn't stop it with a glock and tec
but a rickenbocker swing can connect

put an alien god in a void
back inside the skull of a young boy
sour bitter moments fusing with joy
waiting for the next bot to deploy

giant iron trying to flatten the crease
spacey police trying to seal in a beast
hungry girl trying to lock down a feast
borrowed powers coming up on their lease

canti pray I don't face them again
canti pray I save all of my friends
in this madness I'm here to defend
swing the bat like my old brethren

empty-headed here with nothing but angst
but alive again with nothing but thanks
hybrid rainbow moving upward and out
finally saying something when I dare shout

mechanica still has a surprise
white mist tries to choke out the skies
keep us inside to validate lies
but I've grown ready to defy

greater worlds, I now know exist
double neck guitars held in my fist
pirate king and a god and a man
not a boy now so forget your plans

no nori left for eyebrows
no reason to be shy now
nothing left to deny now
only option to try now


from Ultraklystron, released May 5, 2018




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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