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by Ultraklystron

Constant 03:33
ch. I am not the most, I'm beyond on it Center stage, everything orbits like comets I know that's too far, but if I'm being honest I know I'm still more than a footnote or comment Check the catalog and respect the content Maybe give that a blog if it's not dauntin' Either way I move along, spit otaku sonnets Others come and go, while I remain a constant v1. Joined a lot of discords that I'm never gonna post in Gotta a lot friends bored that I can't blame for ghostin Others actually ghosts and they weigh upon me daily These shinigami go in and forever assail me Sure that all the nerds bored, I'm not the most nerdcore As in not most of nerdcore: I just let my words soar Seven bars deep and I'm sendin what these weebs hate Bars without references, my preference is an endless eight Tired of inspiration being entwined with tragedy Bars made of anxiety just enshrined depravity Peers try to tell me that this isn't how it had to be But if I shy from society, perspicacity atrophies Not in lost top 10s and never been in big 3s Yet not once stoppin', uncensored no fig leaves Fudanshi garbage man, never copping big pleas Try to honor senseis past, yet I can't ever teach please v2. Left to wonder where the truth is, whose more useless Separate the Hercules, the Jupiters and Zeuses The Evas and Gundams from the Franxx yeah lets do this Gunbuster vs. Guntank? you know whose losin' Progressives and Alternatives from Classics Chobits, Dear S, Hand Maids - it's all just plastics Sailor Scouts & Sakura & Madoka all rally But even Creamy Mamis need a Magic User Sally More than like ten uh, owe a debt to Utena But Dear Brother's tattooed on that like it's henna Fruits Basket and Ouran provide massive gasps But that melodrama needs Versailles & Glass Mask It's so transparent: who's children, who's parents Who's in it for the art, whose motives are errant Who's Gendo Ikari, who's Shinji, who's Rei Hard to say who's good, and who's out to betray
ch. Asuka n' Ayanami Epic team, Epic team Otaku Drill Couture COSPA and Book-Off stores   Young Animal deplored One your idols adored v. Ultra K back Ita drip killin the simp chasing clout over dreams Soldiers attack Otaku thrillin' the tint laced without any seams Fujoshi tract Got all the fudanshi and mojyos supporting the team Can't hold us back Stop any posse who'd no go or hoard all our cream Ki blasts or a bankai / gum punch givin' black eyes Death notes but I can't die / grey wings but I still fly Don't need anything tucked / I'm Undead with the Unluck 50 Cent plus a Young Buck / beam sword leave ya dumbstruck, ay It ain't my fault ya not popular / you never check ya thermometer Tryin' to play at philosopher / but that ain't knowledge ya droppin' there Some embrace curses I break 'em / some couldn't face what I've taken Enemies thinkin' "we'll shake him" / they would be gravely mistaken Many could hate it but none can pretend To carry my weight like I'm Spike at the end I bring those hundreds while they're breakin' tens I'm on the hunt and they're takin' defense Battle Royale and I'm takin' it all I'm nobody's pal and I'm gettin' appalled Newtypes and Saiya-jin tremblin' scared Ten thousand years early and so unprepared
Broke Weeb 02:06
ch. you a broke weeb if ya cannot buy ya anime you a broke weeb if for manga you don't ever pay you a broke weeb if ya cannot cop a crunchy sub do ya love the art if ya never throwin money once v. i can give some of y'all passes cause you don't live where's there access all media for your masses lacking the girls the glasses but others got plenty of options got lotsa cash to be droppin but never a Blu-ray popped in nor a subscription once locked in simpin for e-girls twitchin only fans too in the mission eagerly flexin with bits then for 2d money goes missing piratin their favorite pirates irony clear through the iris keeping their drip very stylish directors work til they dying guess ya don't care if ya faves live never supporting creatives even when anime saved ya couldn't spend money save it really it hits me the hardest artists out stealing from artists y'all oughta see out the farthest instead ya defile and tarnish i know ya fan base's massive got the cash to be proactive but I guess it ain't attractive so y'all keep acting so passive animators in the struggle all their dreams getting muffled y'all could make everything better if y'all just broke off some cheddar
ch. childish neets seeking purity underlining epic immaturity growing up they don't have the courtesy they stay digging downward fervently v. never put the toys away leave it all exposed how the boys'll play couldn't find a joy today endlessly disclose loudly ploys delayed wonder why they never blow never double check to try a better code never water what they sow cannot grow despite starts on fertile roads stuck in their ways can't admit it always on socials bullshittin' scrappin' but they're never winnin' antisocial but won't quit it energies leading to nothin' aggression an act always frontin' tweets only thing they're dumpin' drywall the only thing punched in backwards to hades, path gettin' hazy hatred infinite yet ever so lazy inner light fading, never once chasing suffocate under the weight of the pacing so disconnected, love misdirected trapped in their lies, feelin' ever dejected poison infected, mental insect men cannot survive once they turn into weapons
Clickbait 02:12
ch. I don't destroy, I create and I don't toy with the hate fall for a trick can't relate I never click on the bait stay watchin, eyes poppin lies hop in, I stop 'em stay watchin, eyes poppin lies hop in, I stop 'em v. trolls all controllin the movement manipulate what you're doin they wanna make you a product that is the goal of the project hijack subliminal bias bending the facts in the lies yes they take on many disguises until they bare their incisors actors decentralized global ML decoding your photos playing like they're in your local sewing divisions the focal they're flooding specific mentions moving the bits of dissension accelerate the infection ensuring bigotry's let in turning seeds of worry into nightmares to control burn and bleed then scurry into night where their one goal is to manufacture consent for their profit from terror your rights being redacted, damaged past repair there and there's no more heroes, none left to protect you let it burn like Nero, they'll probe and dissect you nothing to left connect to, the network's all co-opted every redirect to their scams; gotta murk to stop it
intro. spitting fire as it's turning light into dark cause life is more slices than tournament arcs segments where connections are tenuous difficult to split daydreams from memories ch. Used to chase figures / Now I chase figures Kill La Kill these bars / like I ate Trigger Gotta grow or die / through these cold winters Gotta hustle hard / be the sole winner v1. used to win raffles, now I'm winning hackathons insights help find what to take action on best company value singing all my praises until I come around simply asking for my raises suddenly the tune changes acting like strangers so I return the favor and tell em see ya later if my ambitions pass what they're dreaming after I'll exit stage left migrate to greener pastures cause the green's what I'm after, ichiban factor every greens necessary to fight these bad actors wish these things were actually debatable but the cycle's endless and deeply insatiable so i play the diagonal in absence of verticals patient and merciful as I advance to terminals don't want to derail in accident fiery gotta the mind the details until I'm a retiree v2. coder looking for coda that's a semicolon flooded like I'm NOLA or Tohoku with these big emotions Looking for finales or exit doors from borin dreams Never made it to the valley, stuck indoors like quarantine sitting on the outside looking inward not upward reflecting back on senpai with manga filled cupboards adjacent lanes busy cringing with a snappy diss past chasing clout, I just want one room of happiness shonen jumps shojo to become seinen or maybe they recognize that's not the way then but nakayoshi smiles fade as cookies crumble friendships fall apart over betrayals, stumbles the drama never changes in anyway but the scale so maybe staying outside it all let truths prevail but frankly I cannot buy into that slow plan cause I wanna solve the case, detective conan
Sound 02:00
ch. so the pressure's coming down coming down, coming down bringing censure on the clowns on the clowns, on the clowns didn't wanna hear the sound hear the sound, hear the sound but it's time to come around come around, come around v1. I'm feeling washed, that I'll concede I'm really more Beck, than Oliver Tree Never the boss, too colic and twee Couldn't connect, but apologies Aren't in my lane, I never forgive Expecting the same, until I don't live Everyone's friends, until there's a stress No longer pretend, there isn't duress (1/4 start triplets) Deriding all hagiography All of the nonsense impossibly Imbued throughout all our history Made to perpetuate misery Distractions, idle frivolity Hollow facades of equality Coverin bigoted policies Now it's revealed for all to see v2. Everything's fresh, until it repeats Until the reset, loops 'round the streets Container reloads, no data's intact The history known, cleared outta the stack Reality's facts, too fragile like glass The angels should laugh, at how we all act Can't handle the truth, as distance from youth Grasp getting loose, on what we should do Gotta face it with detachment Understand what's been enacted Motive for constant protraction Denying mass satisfaction Keeping the masses divided Separate classes reside in Areas governed from hidin Realize that's why we're fightin
Map Reduce 02:06
ch. map it back and filter it another off kilter trip reduce until I'm killin it until I've got my fill of it sort it out and organize in the cloud like soarin skies regressions on these csvs I move it outward p2p v. I am not a good escape, no reveries in bedsheets Only drill downs I know are SQL & spreadsheets But that doesn't mean that comedy's the feel Just means no Baudrillard, it's not hyper real Simulcra actors isn't what I've ever been after No additions or filters, except for effects in masters Shout out favorite fantasies, but never as an escape But to impound reality, put it on the disc and tape Still ultra to the klystron, ultra with no ice on Still keeping all eyes on, the one to roll the dice on Production all nice son, still keeping the lights on With Typescript & Python, I test, commit, write on Yeah, I'm too unfocused cause my gifts are too plentiful Could've made 4 or 5 of me, really that incredible Everything you try to be, I've already sold discrete A code elite with Shojo Beats, brain's on Code Lyoko steeze (huge)
Full Cycle 02:13
ch. all of this slander and libel everyone talking in trifles waves wash 'em all out tidal jugular, heart, every vital all of this slander and libel everyone talking in trifles me I stay rollin' - full cycle full cycle, full cycle v. full cycle - gotta keep rollin and makin the moves, ay full cycle - gotta keep holdin & stickin to grooves, ay full cycle - target on lock never let outta view, ay it's vital - to stick with ya nakama, stay with ya crew, ay stay ride or die for ya dudes - real is imbued - yeah never lie keep it true color of that'll shine through - even if rude - people'll love how you do energy creates a space - a better place - enable others to face others may dare to deface - attack the base - but they're unable chase structure so effortless - upward it floats embrace so massive - while cowards build moats function so effervesce - hard not to gloat faceless and passive - cannot even cope the commentariat ever enthralled new generations all echo the call no one can bury it, it shall never stall no hesitation as challenges fall gatekeepers all turning tail now heart breakers all setting sail now watch every wall being scaled now enemies getting impaled (ow!) ate meager y'all earning well now card takers y'all getting scale now got every call being trailed now enmity vetting so stale now
Not Again 02:20
ch. not again, not again, not again, not again everything getting too hot and then cold again all of my friends - just keep on losing friends all of my friends - just keep on losing friends v. can't even bury it properly don't got the time for philosophy all of the weight falls on top of me all of the waits try to stop our dreams minding my friends and connections praying at this intersection they can hold on to their patience despite the dark invocations compass maintaining direction stay ready to make corrections trying to balance sensations depression pushing complacence but it wouldn't honor the memories wouldn't respect all the pedigree dark side demanding self effigy angels run to stay ahead of me everyone stunned by events - only defence - is to regroup not relent words fail no eloquence - no sentences - don't wanna misrepresent attacks repeat on loop - an endless coup - struggle to build for the youth tomorrows keep getting screwed - all we can do - is keep pursuing the truth too many gone - but cannot stop that'd be disrespectful too many gone - aim for the top despite falling petals gotta hold on - because too soon we'll be back where we started gotta hold on - only way to respect those departed
ch. on us now to carry the banner on us now to move past the damage just cause things didn't go as planned kid got to move on the last advantage v1. despite taking losses, being great regardless facing down any bosses, cool heads stay the hottest never once gotta pause this, easy living lawless illustrated artists, staying out the office gotta wear influence out on sleeves gotta relay that in our steeze can't let it bring it down to our knees cause the whole world out there still needs those with the heat to bring degrees to spark new flames and to plant new seeds never be last of a dying breed never hold back, no don't concede v2. memories try to fade - recall could betray hidden under the shade - yeah we stall and parlay monuments to those lost - built despite any cost rocket ships taking off - launching true never lost ride or die cause we write and thrive keystrokes fly as our type survives liars hide cause they dare not try like to choke but the hype's outsized outside winds leave the meek capsized low defence as the oceans rise our style gathers the lost inside guidance true infinite supplies
ch. it seems like everyone's sellin' me but nothin's what anyone's tellin' me trapped in the memes and hyperbole your dream's my daily reality and I'm not talking celebrity not about the class or pedigree droppin' the things weighin' heavily crushin' lives ever so steadily v. what you thirst for, that's the first or the second door, I burst forth hustled far, yeah I worked for it struggled hard, didn't shirk scorin failed once, maybe failed twice but on the third pass, I sailed right take a bunt, then I hail strike took a curve fast, past the rails right on the edge, just to make the bread to get out my head, to escape the red get in the green, to support the team just to keep it clean, let it shine n' gleam watch 'em grow, even those folks who could not roll, wanted those smokes keeping high hopes, even for dopes who betrayed bros, promises broke but me I fly under radar and stay off the fader I'm over the vibes of the haters wish I could drop like cicadas and sleep now and later but that is never my cadence so many trending uneven some lost in a dreamland some others transcendin' the seasons never committed a treason and keep'em all pleased and wish could rhyme for those reasons understand that I'm not cautious weighing on my conscience but yet it's hard to stay conscious so I just keep my to mantras from unreleased manga with forbidden magic I conjure wait it's just science and patience forgoing elation delaying my gratification focus with hyperfixation despite damnation relentless with no cessation
ch. tank is on empty everything changed nothing distracting from pain nothing to tempt me everything's strange nothing left now to be claimed v1. used to just watch these dystopias now on the podium everyone's getting load of the nightmares that repeat forever the ties never severed can't fathom the futures much better wish I could in the hide in media admit defeat to ya people need someone there beatin' ya gotta push back in discussions despite all the rushin' to double down on a malfunction tradition without introspection is not a direction it's abicating intention the past used to be ever classic but rose tinted glasses gave too many bastards free passes too many crooks in the castle spurring little battles too many put up with that hassle wish I could give you the TV and internet "me mes" but those words ain't coming easy v2. I know I'm otaku til death but sometimes the stress means that approach is a mess I know that I used to be mecha and shoujo forever but right now I'm not that clever see all my friends in the struggle so bars about muggles seem like a trifle too muddled too many are fearing the reaper oppression a feature cause justice was lost in a seizure besides other folks have it covered that's their bread and butter maybe we don't need another summary or a love letter many do it better and they have my respect forever so I'll just flow like a river I won't be a quitter but follow the turns and splits where I may be a little divergent won't sew like a surgeon nor care 'bout the bridges I'm burnin'


Anime, Technology, Drill & Grime.


released September 4, 2020

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & produced by Karl "Ultraklystron" Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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