Broke Weeb

from Zenith by Ultraklystron



you a broke weeb if ya cannot buy ya anime
you a broke weeb if for manga you don't ever pay
you a broke weeb if ya cannot cop a crunchy sub
do ya love the art if ya never throwin money once

i can give some of y'all passes
cause you don't live where's there access
all media for your masses
lacking the girls the glasses

but others got plenty of options
got lotsa cash to be droppin
but never a Blu-ray popped in
nor a subscription once locked in

simpin for e-girls twitchin
only fans too in the mission
eagerly flexin with bits then
for 2d money goes missing

piratin their favorite pirates
irony clear through the iris
keeping their drip very stylish
directors work til they dying

guess ya don't care if ya faves live
never supporting creatives
even when anime saved ya
couldn't spend money save it

really it hits me the hardest
artists out stealing from artists
y'all oughta see out the farthest
instead ya defile and tarnish

i know ya fan base's massive
got the cash to be proactive
but I guess it ain't attractive
so y'all keep acting so passive

animators in the struggle
all their dreams getting muffled
y'all could make everything better
if y'all just broke off some cheddar


from Zenith, released September 4, 2020




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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