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Misanthropomorphic Widescreen 2

by Ultraklystron

Mikoshi 03:22
Ch. (x2) Still an OG, Master Roshi Girl's outta this world so Mihoshi Whip heavenly like a mikoshi But I stay hungry like I'm Yoshi V1. Tired of this Big 3, too clean when ya bleach spit Understand that I'm read or die my niche wit Shonens can go jump off a cliff if you don't believe it Dattebayo in denial verbal jutsus just weak shit Me I'm monthly made cut deeper than demon blades Cause this flow was made for me while y'all was on ball parades Yuru camp on holidays in places further than the universe Get it that's means I'm cold, and ready to make your unit hurt Gotta Fraw Bow cause she talkin White Base And I'm Noah Bright because I'm in the right place Mecha on deck leave ya wrecked yet toyetic Newtype knew the hype would connect so prophetic Grab the beam saber while the Minovsky loose Particles obscure until it's too late to move Endless space visions yet my future's aloof As I am not bothered by these Zakus and Goufs V2. Ifs, ands, buts: all couched in invectives It's Star Trek beef: prime cut's the directive Maybe too plain or immune to infectives As crews assimilate yet I'm passed by collectives No circles either, perhaps I'm too ether Maybe just dead livin in the world neither Almost Live but I'm no John Keister But I still grow tall in the land of cedars No limit, just a glorious mimic Basalisk consumes and nobody forgive it Loose lips sank ships and caused enmity Chasing Anity; closin doors on amenities Had it so good, but then spat in it's face right? Nutritional, wholesome, but just didn't taste right Heart always bigger than clingin' to the past As found families found a way to outlast V3. Y'all follow analytics, I just write 'em for a bag Reactionary critics cannot follow cause of lag Subscribers just might be an area I'm bested in Socially a sleeper, but woke at getting vested friend Gold chains weak next to platinum handcuffs Preferred stock gains? I cannot get enough Chase the almighty dollar, the pursuit to get paid Each move addin' accolades to the resume Speak properly of the anime rap papi see Everyone copy me barrin' owning property So F - 1 - 17: way too stealthy Stay eatin' healthy and get more wealthy Wait I bake and eat the cake, anime And done so before it only played on Saturdays But you sell NFTs ain't that nifty? I write the code, so that no one can grift me
Ch. ...Tuning in the signal by reducing my noise ...Disappearing anyway I'll do it by choice ...See better people worth everyone's attention ...Can't blame anyone for forgotten mentions V1. Social networks a reality check Wiping off my smirk, cause my work don't connect I am so far from being one with the wired No matter what's fire, I'm never desired Wasting other's time simply by my presence Despite a shine far from florescence Handfuls of views? choose to condense Around those more glorious in some sense Do I want attention, no I just want cash And I can do that without being so brash Deep in the background, way outta focus Easily back down, and so never close this And when I think on when I was the closest The distance was too far to smell any roses If it's all or nothing, I'll choose the latter Get off the ladder, forget the matter V2. Every sad song always came out the same Every soul bared only hangs in the lane Until the palm trees replace all the rain Guess lemons ain't sour when held in a chain Know that recipes could cook up a move Could hire chefs to create a groove But that whole angle makes me so nervous Defeats the purpose, feels too worthless But knowing that media itself can't embrace The thesis that I need to refine and chase Recognize my style is too outta place And to be polite I'll get it out your face Hypocrite still just by writing this track Double that again by recording it back Triple when I upload it, put it on distro But if you hear me, guess I'd be missed though
Broken Bones 01:54
Ch. If you find this bottle and my broken bones Cast me in the ocean by subduction zones Searching took too long, so leave me alone Cast me in the ocean by subduction zones v. Flying with the birds, rain cries eyes blurred Verbs real slurred, distant shore self-assured Tragedy occurred, left adrift no return Three fires burned, but waits gnaw nerves Passing gaudy as all hell, a flashy grifter... Drawing my last breaths, my body shivers... Lauding my past tests, not once a quitter... Cast my body amongst shells, in ishi river... Ink drafts groove on the low - spat bars killing every flow Thought fast, moved real slow - past scars giving up the ghost Endless days upon the coast - palm trees rustle as wind blows Sunshine made my body roast - big storms bringing in the cold Cold to my core - not just the style but in the actions Heavenly doors - wanna stay wild but now the klaxons Sounding out bold - wanna escape from corners backed in Stranded a soul - without a break the clouds start to pack in


Another little EP.


released November 27, 2021

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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