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Something something but I'm different.


Ch. (x2)
Still an OG, Master Roshi
Girl's outta this world so Mihoshi
Whip heavenly like a mikoshi
But I stay hungry like I'm Yoshi

Tired of this Big 3, too clean when ya bleach spit
Understand that I'm read or die my niche wit
Shonens can go jump off a cliff if you don't believe it
Dattebayo in denial verbal jutsus just weak shit

Me I'm monthly made cut deeper than demon blades
Cause this flow was made for me while y'all was on ball parades
Yuru camp on holidays in places further than the universe
Get it that's means I'm cold, and ready to make your unit hurt

Gotta Fraw Bow cause she talkin White Base
And I'm Noah Bright because I'm in the right place
Mecha on deck leave ya wrecked yet toyetic
Newtype knew the hype would connect so prophetic

Grab the beam saber while the Minovsky loose
Particles obscure until it's too late to move
Endless space visions yet my future's aloof
As I am not bothered by these Zakus and Goufs

Ifs, ands, buts: all couched in invectives
It's Star Trek beef: prime cut's the directive
Maybe too plain or immune to infectives
As crews assimilate yet I'm passed by collectives

No circles either, perhaps I'm too ether
Maybe just dead livin in the world neither
Almost Live but I'm no John Keister
But I still grow tall in the land of cedars

No limit, just a glorious mimic
Basalisk consumes and nobody forgive it
Loose lips sank ships and caused enmity
Chasing Anity; closin doors on amenities

Had it so good, but then spat in it's face right?
Nutritional, wholesome, but just didn't taste right
Heart always bigger than clingin' to the past
As found families found a way to outlast

Y'all follow analytics, I just write 'em for a bag
Reactionary critics cannot follow cause of lag
Subscribers just might be an area I'm bested in
Socially a sleeper, but woke at getting vested friend

Gold chains weak next to platinum handcuffs
Preferred stock gains? I cannot get enough
Chase the almighty dollar, the pursuit to get paid
Each move addin' accolades to the resume

Speak properly of the anime rap papi see
Everyone copy me barrin' owning property
So F - 1 - 17: way too stealthy
Stay eatin' healthy and get more wealthy

Wait I bake and eat the cake, anime
And done so before it only played on Saturdays
But you sell NFTs ain't that nifty?
I write the code, so that no one can grift me


from Misanthropomorphic Widescreen 2, released November 27, 2021




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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