Meta Verse

by Ultraklystron

Perfect 03:09
Ch. (x2) What's the second act after perfect? What's the next path once you've murked it? Can you even what trust they say? Do they even know what they've relayed? V1. ...This isn't homage or parody Toxic male culture claims rapping over therapy these corvette verses stay racing down suburban streets Glad I'm ever sober, don't desire bourbon neat Somehow he's a workin NEET, paradox upon his feet Cannot rest upon his feats, gotta keep the code elite Can't claim home, gotta stay running bases Never Basic with BASIC, just ASICs and blue faces ...The real talk everybody's running from Elocution fails none know where he's coming from Verses in third person ain't workin to connect the dots Need electrocution to get it through despite the shock The cornball cliches coming from a mile away Exasperatin always, people say the style's played We're passed debatin, okay? Face it or just runaway Kanye went west, but escape's not in estates V2. ... The magic of mania isn't lost on me Rappers gab about their bag but it's a colostomy Too grotesque in the accomplishments they share Proud of all their lows, tryin to oversell despair Or hide behind a coating of pop culture properties Cause they can't be relatable in other ways probably Stuck in their ways too attached like viscosity Hustle backwards all day, it's their own atrocity ... The irony not lost on myself Self critique better targeted than at anyone else Tryin to take shots, reverse time and dodge that Then self-immolate with my caustic blog raps So slept on I'm a bed for communities And too damn meta like Abed in Community Unable to tell a new tale past biography My past date poetry was always all apologies
ch. (x2) smiles blind in a glow of a sunset gladly go back cause i ain't won yet i want it all back because it's all i ever wanted v1. Otaku til my death, just a born con lover I know full well all the nerds are on others Never once the best when I shout or song mutter I am just that geek dude who covers Don Glover Besides I love these girls even when they act out Alpha would be omega, why should I back out? Your resistance only makes things harder So my institance only takes things farther No grammar club, so no alternate ending People told me, "it's your fault not trending" Choose one hustle, and forget variety Other dreams scuttled like space based society Astronaut anyone just a programmer right Who can learn languages in his pajamas right? No, I will rage against the dying of my own light And pick every battle to succeed at my own fights v2. Funny I can't speak it, but I can freestyle it Type it out in verses, but I can't profile it Recorded it on drives, but otherwise choked up I wish I could explain, but my signal broke up But the simple fact is, I just want to make beats Leave the programming to the shut ins and NEETs I wanna stage, an ultrabook and some blu rays Perform live tomorrow, and write reviews today I just want sushi with friends who hate another That's peanut butter crazy, I know I'm a nutter Cause I know these people cut the ties at scorn's height Wish I could destroy it all like my name's Zorndyke Maybe it's for the best, I've changed and grown So have all the rest of them, and yet I feel alone It's like the confidants that gave confidence have left me But I was the one who moved, tossed it out like heftys
Ch. Light me up but I said what I said Plenty talk drama can't stand in my stead Living rent free inside of their heads Cause I just stroll where the weak fear to tread V1. time to show y'all homes, but not doin a walkthrough science deity of mics, spit like little washu think you run the zone, but watch who to talk to locked in so hype? naw, leggo of the blocks dude talkin cash shit, but haven't heard half a word's worth records stored but no hits, mine built outta bird chirps elegance but no wit, dyin in ya slurred verbs why I'd even chill here? nevamind ya scurred nerds upon a level that ya can't even contemplate not braggadocio I never gotta compensate y'all went enjo kosai, if y'all ever go on dates can't knock their hustle, exploitin' ya reprobates hookin' back to crooked paths like you cookin' math upset with my statements but I never took it back said it with my chest even put under duress I'll never recant, y'all can never pass the test V2. Critiques from craniums, concaved not convex Gabbin' sans consent like VAs chasin' con sex So disgustin' right? Checkin' for ya listenin' Truthfully I wonder if ya neurons ever glitterin' Can't blame youtuber kids for settin' different roots Punchin divots on the lids, insistin' on their truths Putting subs & images up so y'all get points I'd rather get some dubs & then dip out this joint Barely got it made with ya sukiyaki flows "But..." blasted everywhere lookin' like bukkake shows But it never sticks, just rinses off like soap Guessed it's too Dialed in, antiseptic, didn't float On the next one, modest, never too Jay Too much baggage, yet I never pack a suitcase Every scenes set dressin', 2D and two faced Petty dreams? confessin'? Ya I keep it truth based
Nodes 03:15
Ch. X2 ... Tired of these packages and nodes ... These dependencies they forever grow ... And they'll never let us go Don't know what we're reaping when we sow V1. The framework too complex and tangled there Don't know how to react when the vue is too angular Some said to smoke and think on it, do a jQuery But that's never been my template, because I K worry Too many strike outs so then I just strike through Try to recast but never fitting the type dude Try to use sass but then people don't like you Acting too smart when the device is a light, dude Get it? Told to drop the metaphors, stop speakin in code Told em I speak plainly, own fault if ya dunno All the layers I'm linking together into a cypher Real me stays encrypted yet baring my true desires Really spitting data, it's fire based Never chasing tokens, that's an ignorant liars chase Scope excludes tomorrow, only act on today Disappointed in peers who just connect to get paid V2. No malice or love, no passion or hatred We can't even know that, networks are obfuscated Hide behind a black box, swerving liability Maybe we are same, cause either way it's killing me Fatal errors keep coming up all around me Engineers never imagined, sleeping soundly Consequences of functions that barely do Should keep people at night, yeah it's that scary dude Even Frankenstein's monster had a brain that's human We don't understand what these machines're doing Wait, they can't even perceive anything of their self Yet we put them in service to help everyone else To pretend and act like externalities Can ever be enumerated for the realities Of the existence of me or anything that I make Unit tests contradictory, every repair breaks
ch. (x2) no apologies for the lack of anthems but singular themes aren't mine to ransom this isn't rap about nerd topics this is my own life and I can't stop it v1. back with my team, figurines are still gloss-glazed i still dream of offdays, retiree in cosplay graduated clean but i still fiend for boss pay amalgamated scene left empty as they lost ways home base anime store no longer in business lot raised to build condos, sold to the ever witless memory ill fitness like the era's never witnessed roger said to me, "i think we're doomed to forget this" clout chasing lemmings group massacre our culture borrowing things commodified it's like it's folgers rushing in and getting undone by life's soldiers really so upsetting, cause the highs are much lower jack sparrow some new series to fill in that absence no explaining clearly, y'all not narrow or that dense copy community to replace the ones that time stole fence the past for meta nonsense until the rhyme folds v2. i still have dozens of DVDs that i haven't watched truthfully I'm so shocked that on that i haven't botched my self-restraint cause easily I could've acted youthfully continue piling new material ever uselessly consume evermore while the ethereal clocks me fate taints and mocks me, that's whose gonna stop me now I run it back a bit more reasoned and modest a corner in which I paint myself as no god or goddess can't lie, no mourner in spite of all of my losses no morning or night, just sunrises are alotted heartbeat spikin' cause the blood is all clotted from tears held in after all they say i've got it mighty and high privileged, but i still feel funny, off i'd dearly like to think i'd live life like it's bunny drop but i could never step to the brink, i would just walk away can only the play the game, can't reinvent it, no hakase
v1. College radio play before I started high school Overseas airplay let my ego fly too Got that far with no promo or press kits No agent or manager to focus and test it No videos or memes on which to go viral All instrumental but still felt vital Scammers in the email tried to hustle me Imagine how far I'd've gone sans anxiety Could had my music in pornos at just 15 Instead I wrote a 16 about all my sick dreams Every win demonstrating I'm better I'm over being bitter, no quitter, but a getter I combined lanes folks said weren't compatible Derided and ignored as another Seattle fool But honed a diverse set of skills into battle tools Quiet like I'm neutral but really fuckin radical ch. (x2) Is it work though, is it jokes though Movin backwards? Ah, never me bro From the first light, til the dirt flows All I do's me, that's the whole show v2. Other people flailing, failing because they're waiting Only think that green bays are fit for their sailing Even in my stormiest seas I stayed creating Throne came naturally with no abdicating Automated drudgery so faves are made easily I did that with my homie because he believed in me So as a postscript we programmed and post scripts Giving animators worldwide a bold uplift Many dropped on bandcamp with more to come Was in 2 films about Nerdcore when I was young Produced a track & got a million views on YouTube & that's not my job, that's only my hobby dudes Get 6 figures writing web apps, remoting No rent now; it's a mortgage; yes I'm boasting Took my time with it all, seemed like coasting But when a virgin took off, he was space ghosting end. Many folks pop but they never maintain Focused on the metrics, their art's constrained I could hate everything that I do tomorrow & still get a 10 out of 10 from my sorrow
No Focus 02:42
ch. i ain't gotta locus i ain't gotta focus i ain't gotta line no one gotta toe it blooming like lotus power like a potus i ain't gotta shine no one gotta know this v1. need y'all to disparage me with clarity, sincerity cut me down like uzaki-chan just embarrass me cause I'm just iago, parroting a parody like to think I'm dere, but cooler than i care to be cut a check to charity but kindness is a rarity in my head way too mindless when you share at me froze won't let it go when in the zone apparently and I just act out though when i oughta seek therapy but can ai play it fine, wait in line while weights design to balance out the signs, eradicate the inclines no delaying time, no saturdays to rewind runaway, even climb, dip, escape and then pine no focus on the themes, scatter shot with memes can't build a dream team out of nightmares it seams winning ain't in the genes, in a plain tee & jeans staring blankly at screens, ever thankless unclean v2. crying when I look back, yeah i never shook that tried to make a good track, fished never hooked that words that can't be took back, sitting in a book rack chopping like I could hack, but burning like wood stack forever on my bullshit, not one of the cool kids boiling over full then, i could never cool it loathing the closest, trying to strike their poses thumbing up their noses, testing patience and focus kept inside but ready with smoke like I'm Philip Morris not a lie just steady yet broke when i kill a chorus ever shy it's heavy the yoke that i feel it's torrid it's all bull like a taurus, words hollow and porous expectations of essays on faves betrayed again wreck the patience via delays that fray nerves of the friends not a shock at all to fall off as boosters exitin blocked a fall yet hit the ground as y'all text ya friends
Reaction 03:24
v1. validation of a section of the blueprints space between getting packed moving feeling prudent stagnate in a crowd and I'll know no improvement staying in the shadows as teacher and a student ego check myself into the billboards? yeah right. but I'll skate and glide until i feel bored of my life no format or system, I'm so unpartitioned some might insist that is deep indecision never measured up to great expectations mostly drawing losses, an odd animation name should imply I'd broadcast my agenda but I'm below the tiers, under 7, no antenna no colorful bandanas, never pledged allegiances maybe too banana to file any grievances frequencies I scanned too strong in their impedances tryed to dial it in, but couldn't land the sequences ch. understand that I ain't playing to a faction cause i don't make this make this art for your reactions don't need a single thesis, just pieces and fractions do it outta passion, till I'm outta gas then v2. watching success from the side seems mystical but I dare not assume that I'm naught but typical fault lies within my own actions pivotal but a balanced focus seems beyond difficult insanity displayed by the repetitive actions returns never grew as reduced satisfaction made the world gray like it's desaturation this infatuation that's dematuration it's really not patience, just counting the hours time just devoured, while the physical sours chores to be handled despite natural vandals shirked responsibility my eternal scandal double sided candles burn down unceasingly try to act strategically, but repeatingly my backwards priorities keep me appeasing me my failures stack up around me increasingly
Tune It Out 02:40
V1. More than I need to know, so ready to tune it out Too many splitting attention, need refocus routes Just wanted to talk a little, can't hear me over the shouts Built for another era, never for chasing clout Gotta turn the opacity higher and block the view Apparently transparency something I'll never do My life's ain't How It's Made, processes stay obscure Maybe that's immature, but I am over demure Yeah, Every lines a double take lost inside a garden path Played off in sarcastic tones, emitting a hearty laugh Can never feel heart broke if every bar was jokes Can never let a heart heal when clouded in smoke Meta and too weird, already hear the reactions No one even gets why that's any satisfaction Hyperfocus on strangers as everything passes by The sociopathic social's too barren, I won't survive Ch. There's no angle for entry here It's my fault there's no sentries here So warm yet unfriendly here That I could spend centuries here V2. Numbers lie better than words via statistics Know that very well yet still tricked by the heuristics Outliers gathered to make you feel inadequate It's working as intended, it's function is accurate Understanding every trick inside of the machine Don't mean it's incapable of crushing every dream Landscape uncontrolled, so many can stop ya plans bruh Because there's nobody immune to propaganda All of it's so exhausting, too tired too keep abreast Never giving back energy, losin what we invest Pattern locked in backward all we can do's regress The only option is exit, so ready to let it rest And isolate in a scale that naturally can protect Get comfortable in a space less ready to prereject Or maybe just call it off and leave it to braver souls Who sees that a bronze missing while everyone else is gold?
Face Facts 02:51
ch. x2 ...just when ya finally made it good somebody gonna hate it ...upset cause they wanna trade places ...but facts ain't something they're facin' v1. folks in the comments green with envy not cash, hence all this talk about "lol, touch grass" lotta projection like IMAX on their part upset 'bout how much they lack on their start crabs in a barrel over stolen jouissance keep it all sterile no new renaissance NEETs can't stand to see somebody make it chances all taken and yet never break it except for the ceilings and barriers smashed preconceptions hauled out with the trash antiquated ideas left in the past as others fly past letting go of the mass haters can't stand to see so many weightless try to blame others cause they're on a wait list not trying to say there aren't issues systemic but that's not the focus of the most pathetic v2. ever so ugly, never looking in the mirror hate what stares back, fear the appearance self-doubt treated like knowledge to adherents self-destructive cycles never getting clearance to take off, to move on, to exit and exist can't break off, or snooze on, this reticence insists to lash out at anyone who juggles things proper those reaching outward to seize every offer not just hiding under gospels and proverbs but out there riding like apostles who slaughter any difficulties that stand in their way yet leave the ground fertile in their wake don't be mad at grasped opportunities don't take shots at growing communities other folks' problems aren't yours to solve just take notes, replicate and evolve
Out Of Order 03:15
Ch. X2 the red, big dog stays walking down the street yellow, tiny canaries, itching, ready to speak so that green, great dragons can attempt to defeat but they're blue, little lizards once they're put on freeze V1. Is that a lewd hook? I don't even know But pretty good for dude who ain't on TV though Came out the era where people were moving CDs bros Everything loops back and keeps repeating, whoa I'm out my mind, I started it all online Files for pocket money put egos in over drive Anxiety tried to wind me up and break spines But the days were too sunny cause all of my shine Seattle broke boy chilling out to NOLA bounce Living in the northwest dreaming of the dirty south Remixin all of that with a very nerdy mouth Rewind it all back just to shake the worries out A penny for a your thoughts while I can't get a dime Even when my thoughts are played back all of the time Wanna drop it like it's hot, but I guess that's out of line Holding back on every shot, so nobody's cryin V2. I could story swipe, but it would just bore me I'm not that predatory, more on those allegories More on the those endless sorries, everyday of my life Sit on the door of forty, yet must apologize I don't wanna rewind to the era that I liked Ridin bikes to the minimart gettin Mike & Ike's Liters with the big mouths I could never finish Junk food diet snacking on my little spinach Left to run streets, limited sense of danger Pay less trainers, nominal fear of strangers Happier though alone cause friends were so rare Tallest in the class so everyone stopped and stared Focus issues kept my perspective from aligning From the goals my surroundings often were designing Grades not reflective of these standardized findings Fuck returning back to everybody maligning


No theme songs, but maybe not without theme.
It's very much about itself, hence the title.
You're welcome to skip this one.

Also, I recorded most of this in under a week, including expanding little random 8 bar loops I'd written into fuller songs.


released April 20, 2022

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron. Copyright 2022.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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