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the dream designed

from Romance Language 2 by Ultraklystron



the dream designed
by Karl Olson

catch us at the starbucks / sippin on a frappachino
and when comes to her / it ain't a thing to drop c-note
sing to her like cee-lo / though she's got better pipes
she's matching all the hype / and all the gossip over skype
helps me keep my cool / when the world's in a panic
you know that i'm a fool / and i'm a hopeless romantic
could write a million verses / come the worst or the best
when there's things to redress / free to get it off our chests

we work it out frankly / and though it hurts at points
it'd take more stuff to tank me / then getting out of joint
when there are opponents / we take 'em out quickly
yeah, they learn what owned ment / and we do it swiftly
she's the saved game / that i'd never delete
she keeps adding more content / that i could never beat
call it a ball and chain? / call it nothing but pain?
I'll take her for a second / rather than eternal fame

i know you on your grind
and i'm up on mine
and one day we'll find
the dream we designed

i don't do this for a reason / i just do it cause i can
plus i've been disconnected / off of the scene's lan
guess it's my winter season / guess i'm waiting for a spring
cept she's my everything / so i let the verse ring
i couldn't care at all / if my style here offends
i'm not the type of person/ to play games of pretend
the same rhyme scheme again / like you even noticed
you probably should know this / i don't have to blow this

i already got more / than all the cats out on tour
don't need groupies at the door / when i've already scored
a catch much better / than world made of cheddar
where the camera's flash / where the fake trendsetters
try to make me a tablau / plaster me on tabloids
already a nice beau / no media android
i program for that, man / to make ends for her
for who I would incur / any wrath or anger


from Romance Language 2, released December 1, 2009




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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