from by Ultraklystron



by Karl Olson

in my mind, there are the outlines
of a wronger, shoujo-manga romance
in my mind, i am out of time
with this wronger, shoujo-manga romance
in my mind, there are the outlines
of a wronger, shoujo-manga romance
i must be, right out my mind
with this wronger, shoujo-manga romance

you can almost see it in my eyes / my dream state's in overdrive
my mind can dream the greatest lies / and i know that they can't arrive
and i know that i can't survive / the reverie's scenario
but even though unrealized / i'll share it here in stereo

i see these moments like a chapter / in a manga by an author
the moments leave me so enraptured / that reality seems harsher
in shojo beat this leads to love / or atleast some little dramas
but there's no exclamation points / instead it is more commas

this nonsense leaves me out of joint / yeah it leaves my head spinning
like i was dropped from up above / to go from last place to winning
and you know i'm just beginning / to illustrate the background
gotta get all of my facts down / then overload my wack sounds


the details are so exact / and all the imagery is vivid
but it's half-reality / all i can just be's livid
cause though i play never the mack / sometimes i'd like to just live it
but that'd result in fatalities / so i could not forgive it

but the linework seems obvious / all the screentones are clear
though the storyline's the oddest / i think it could run for years
it'd get rated with some jeers / but i never love the critics
plus all of their lame fears / are not really that acidic

it'd make an awesome serial / it would be a massive hit
it would stress arterials / and that'd make my ticker quit
and i still have more to get / and ever more for me to dream
and though i can't pursue it / i'll transcribe it into reams



i'll transcribe it my lean / all the times that never happen
i can't wear it on my sleeve / but i'll put it all in rappin
with all these little situations / all these charming daydreams
whose ownership and creation / owes a lot to instant teen

but i'll become the writer / and commit the record down
it'll make my words tighter / it'll make my record pound
the scene's over / no extension / i'm not hova / but i'll mention
that the dreams will keep on coming on each time i hit a convention


i would never trade a dream / for my burnt brick
never am unclean / but i'm still real sick


from the fourth estate, released April 11, 2009
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2009 Karl Olson.




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