he's a og

from by Ultraklystron



He's a OG
by Karl Olson

I'm on my game at the gameworks, rollin with my team
I'm so fresh that my game hurts, best that's ever been
Not a player with lame flirts, all they do is dream
Of what like it's like to be a player like me, cause I'm an OG
(He's a OG, He's a OG)
Coming straight from /b/
(He's a OG, He's a OG)
Level 9 OT
(He's a OG, He's a OG)
Don't you know it's plain - to - see, I'm an OG

my love life's like my rhythm games / the scores I get are both the same
a few misses and few amazings / the rest greats cause I'm never lazing
combos stack to get multipliers / and thus my scores get ever higher
I play it through on expert first / cause easy mode doesn't quench my thirst

I'm always in two player mode / and I don't do no online play
never entering those cheat codes / I just step up and make my way
threw that tracklist till I win / till I achieve that victory
till I'm losing that double chin / till everybody can plainly see

that I'm mack up on that mat / like I was born to be in the groove
that I stack it like rhymes I've spat / like I could never fail or lose
and the fact is I know that I've still / got to level up my skills
but their ain't another man out there / who even comes to close my thrills


I never give up on my games / never run around like Rick Astley
The next question that've you got is lame / so don't bother to ask me
The game I love is para para / because I'm so great with my hands
When I play I create terra / because divinity's the demand

And yeah I'll play some solitare / but we all know that's unsatisfying
Games are coolest when you share / that's a fact there's no denying
But if you're relying on your friends / to get past every single track
You might as well just not pretend / and admit that you're ultrawack

But one day, if you stick with it / and get that muscle memory
That thought that you might dare quit it / will only be a reverie
Everybody else playing / will note that change and give respect
So please don't be delaying / yeah, players don't give up yet



from the fourth estate, released April 11, 2009
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2009 Karl Olson.




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