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i'm changing
there's no going back
there's no going back

i'm transforming
and even i'm afraid
even i'm afraid

everything is work / in the studio, the lab
and the lab on campus / when home is getting drab
my code is getting rad / the solutions all fallout
functions don't call back / all they do is callout
when i'm finally working / it doesn't feel empty yet
but i feel unfilled / enumerate as an empty set
technically one / but it doesn't mean much
because I'm everywhere / yet never seen but

i am pretty sure / this life is not in NP
sometimes it's so good / i feel like i'm Tenchi
and when the carnival goes / i know it'll be back soon
and sometimes you clean up / when life sucks like a vacuum
i have limitations / i am aware and on that
i'd like to be madoka / but i have yet to get a contract
my fame's staying compact / at least in the short term
but i'll defend my territory / even when my fort's burned

ask me if i'm satisfied, dude / of course i'm not
every option that i tried/ everything for which i fought
fell down around me / i should have stayed alone
i was a real fool to think / that i could build a home
not even a good jester / i'll never get a throne
but atleast i'm not thrown / drunk texting on a phone
that's the funny part / i do it all sober
no wonder i'm so jaded / because nothings glossed over

every last brain cells / blazing here at full tilt
my head is not empty / in contrast it's too filled
wish my life was fooly cooly / wrecking up mopeds
emptying my skull / 'til the emotion here's so dead
where's the rickenbacker / bass note lobotomy
tired of living through / all these false dichotomies
you ask how i go from / cheap brags to introspection
it's not that i'm two-face / my life's at an intersection


from Misanthropomorphic Widescreen, released May 11, 2016




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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