Shout Love

from Romance Language 3 by Ultraklystron



You like to keep it down low
But I just wanna shout love
You like to keep it down low
But I just gotta shout love

I wanna tell the world (whole world)
I just wanna tell the world
I gotta tell the world (whole world)
I just gotta tell the world

like to keep me like that fitzgerald story
never shown though I know that you adore me
one stray implication could scorn me
it's weird how this subject's not thorny
you'll never let another person claim me
get jealous if another person aims me
you put it on the others, can't blame me
cause I'm docile, why bother to tame me
asking me "do you think I'm crazy?"
asking me "will you dare betray me?
make up any rule I'll obey the
letter of law, so just say please
just wanna shout your name in my flows
even though you're waking up my clothes
but i'm also not looking for a fight though
and if i hold you too tight you might go
and i can't live without you again dear
don't feel like repeating that one year
didn't like your distance from my sphere
it's clear that you're still my final frontier
but you didn't always want it quiet
used to shout it out like it's a riot
but then you found you'd rather deny it
loving that once you had tryed it

but i know your image must be maintained
can't be caught out with a lame brain
plus you never want to be soul chained
but it's okay because i'm so trained
stow all of the personal, hide it
except for any friends we confide in
and even some them are getting lies in
do that out of love and defience
and acquaintances never discover
the secret life we're leading as lovers
though the hand has never once hovered
once you got under the covers
it's funny how i put it down in bars though
always such a focus of my art though
inquiries to desires well i dart those
love keeping me running til my heart goes
i know my declaration is indulgent
walking with you's leaving my soul spent
and your smile makes me feel so exultant
truthfully it's ever so effulgent
lights the universe til it whites out
so you understand why i might shout
and I understand why you might pout
devastating love like a wipe out


from Romance Language 3, released February 14, 2015




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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