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All I Know

from Romance Language 3 by Ultraklystron



Eye you in those bicycle shorts and a tank top
Looking round the corner like my visions on a bank shot (switch it)
Get you in a plug suit, highlights so enticing
It's no wonder you're the one that I'm wifing...(yeah)
Every moment all I know is that I want it (yeah)
Every moment all I know is that you got it (yeah)
Every moment all I know is you're the hottest,
And ain't nobody ever gonna stop us

And you say I'm so pure, but you know my addiction is
Is when both our emotions are raw yet frictionless
I still get nervous but now I know we're both game
Before a words said, well, will be glad we both came
In those black boots, knee socks, yeah, yeah know me
Gap looking perfect with that zettai ryouiki
Say you hate my ota style, but I know you love it
Natural Tsundere girl, dear, I know you covet
Getting with you girl, just kissing on your b breasts
I give you the d best while you play your 3ds
Guess it's role playing plus the game is role playing
Battle music blasting I guess we're both raiding
We're almost at the climax and it's larger than IMAX
Charged up to the maximum with all the combos I stack
Final boss conquered at the moment of ecstasy
Perfect end to living to out all of these fantasies

Giving me ero manga dreams every night there
Everyday away from you is actually a nightmare
Just wanna give it to you hard, just the way we need it
You told me that you like it, when you feel me beat it
Hold you down like it's enhanced gravity
Talking so nasty cause we like the depravity
Signifies trust and the depth of honesty
Then switch it up - switch it up? - and you're all on top of me
Riding all night til I see the sun rising
Never satiated I'm still feeling on your thighs then
Always reaching highs then - but this is icing on the cake
Because the fact is - that you're my real soul mate
Even when the sex is layed back and not vicious
Even without that every moment is delicious
And I swear that it's not distance prompting this outburst
You know for me that losing you would be beyond worst


from Romance Language 3, released February 14, 2015




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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