by Karl Olson

Time to come live from Seattle
With No Fear or Loathing
But you should understand that
I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing
I fawn innocence and cuteness
As a pretense to hide my muteness
Though I'm sure the perceptive
Probably already knew this

Watch out now - for it's time to come with feelin
Cribbing angst from shoujo comics/Japanese and Korean
Bishoujo in floppy socks/Art School Punks with Dreadlocks
Superfly samurai rolling on dubs in droptops

We read our graphic novels for a moment to pretend
That we've got our own digital absolute best friend
You may read it for characters/I may read it for the man
But we can share series data on imageboards like 4chan

Slash mc is my category/upload pictures and some stories
At the end it's shadows on the wall/ like a cave allegory
You could call me the doctor/cause I was born on gallefrey
And if you believe that/than I'm also kid n' play

And when I was young/ I was like a teen titan
But I'm not Beastboy nor Raven/you can call me ultraklystron
Now I'm not superhero except when I'm on the mic
Cause I never go gentle into that good night

I don't need pinky diamond gleam/nor expensive ice creams
with spinning rims and drum machines/sown into the seams
Give me a pair of converse/old skool style like Kareem
Then you better clear a path/for my super buster beam

I'm enigmatic like a puzzle game/so just give me a twist
I turn breakbeats into gold/like the fullmetal alchemist
And I'm feelin fine/sans influence of the mountain kind
I Don't need the robotussin/I already feel divine

My rhymes maybe nothing but gratuitous boasting
But here's to a world with fortuitous toasting
It maybe imitated / with adept MC ghosting
But they'll have to keep up/cause I'm never ever coasting

And I'll still moderate / even when I'm world renown
Even when people come / from a 1000 miles around
From shores of Hokkaido / to heart of Sea Town
I'll keep posting on the net/ til the forums shut down


The Melody of Logic / always plays the truth
So don't try to step to me / because that game is uncouth
And by step I mean don't think that you can argue with me
Unless you've got hard data that you've collected recently

And generally I'm sick / of hearing about politics
So don't even go down that path / I'll vanish like Loonatics
Cartoon Series - So anyone that can hear me
Better make sure that they are enjoyable company

Though that's not to say I hate / nor that I discriminate
I just would like to dodge negativity / before it hits my plate
So I'll admit this verse hasn't been that nerdcore
Am I becoming like the geekstas that cut the path before

Acting all socially relevant/telling companies to go repent
Rather talking about how my trading cards got all bent
When I was tripped by a football player/Who said he hates Angelic Layer
And I how I put Twin Spica/Up on my home networks' share



from Opensource Lyricist, released November 27, 2007
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

I make
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Beat Tapes
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