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mc urban planner

from Opensource Lyricist by Ultraklystron



MC Urban Planner
by Karl Olson

From your local Taqueria
Harujuku to South Korea
Mos Burger or Lotteria
I'm droppin onemotepedias

Reprasent for Pyocola Analogue
One of her Medic Dogs
I'm not your demogogue
Nor a Spacely Sprocket or a Coswell Cog

I'm the next rebirth of Clow Reed
And I've got no greed
I just must suceeed
Hyperkinetic beyond all needs

So I'll go crazy on the microphone
Got nothing to lose
Like McCauley Culkin in Home Alone
or Maybe Tom Cruise

These MCs front like they're the Greatest
But they are not players
I shouldn't need to explain this
They are just CS Majors

I fall into the same camp
Just in a different manner
But atleast my name is not
MC Urban Planner.


The rap scene of the nerd is littered with diversity
So Wired's focus on one segment is kinda cursin me
To continue to strive in the land of obscurity
Ah well I'll just use the time to graduate from university

Meanwhile I'll hone the style and dexterity of my flow
Cipherin bout Kimiko and Piro out of MegaTokyo
Getting respect from Penny Arcade yeah namely Tycho
Then grow a beard to be feared like the crew from Etro

You Know that I could be your substitute mc chris
I worked on Sealab too - cept all I did was dis
On Episode S B 0 0 thirty three
On the Sealab Season Three Hatred Commentary

So I'm known nationally reknown as a critical geek
And even MC Chris knows that I'm a cosplay freak
Put on the raver pants and gloves at the apex peak
Become the mahou shonen protector of the meek


So called hardcore mc's give me nothing but flack
Cause don't drink/don't smoke let alone hit crack
Not even other nerdcore artists seem to have my back
But a need for intoxication is something that I lack

Now I'm not trying to sound like I'm Nancy Reagan
Nor intellectual like Steven Hawking or Carl Segan
This ain't a call out - I'm not pleadin or beggin
Just trying to explain why I'm not self bakin

Now part of it is faith and part of it's allergies
But one part is greater and it is most importantly
That I already redefine the words very scatterbrained
Not at all flattering - but atleast I'm still kinda sane

Atleast I can spit and rock navi like my name is Lain
And I've got the luck of fifty thousand folded paper cranes
Music up in Pringles Ads like I'm house of pain
With the verbal anesthetic - lyrical novacane


At one point I didn't think that I would complete this album
Cause my work was nearly turned to dust and talcum
My hard drive almost died - so my machine wouldn't start
It killed my heart - It was like I took a shot in the dark

This situation was dire - leaving me so infuriated
It was like album suddenly got hurnieated
Push came to shove it could've been recreated
But it pained me to see my work so soon negated

That's not to say I didn't back up my system
But the situation made me feel like I was a victim
I felt like issuing Maxtor a brutal dictum
I felt if they were on my IRC channel I would've kicked 'em

Well I recovered - even wrote lyrics while I reinstalled
Dreamt of what I'd produce like Kanye West or Prince Paul
Prayed I'd I never ever ever have to do this again
Wrote about in my emo blog for all of my friends.



from Opensource Lyricist, released November 27, 2007
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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