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taste test: the best of ultraklystron

by Ultraklystron

shutter 02:44
genshiken 03:38
sweetest 04:26
on your six 02:39
absolution 03:35
fujoshi 03:14
hikikomori 04:00
Friends 03:00
ch. no new friends and no old friends in my feelings so alone cannot pretend no new friends and no old friends in my feelings so alone cannot pretend let me go to swim across the river cold as winter but I never shiver let me go to swim across the river cold as winter but I never shiver v1. got out of the city in the nick of time didn't fit me, feeling like it's quitting time but still I'm catching losses out on either side all these human sacrifices make me wanna cry got everything but still feeling unfulfilled cause things don't matter the drama still spills and I'm not talking bout all of the gossip news closest people are the ones that I tend to lose ooh... not supposed to talk about that gotta keep it closed and maybe walk around that but I don't know why, I can never speak directly but put it in verse, and suddenly it don't effect me wait a minute, chotto matte a second I've gotten off topic, a little aside I recon so let me get back to what I'll never get back it doesn't matter how I rap, I cannot effect that v2. no support without emotional extortion despite privilege it's blown out of proportion no love, just equivalent exchanges despite loss these feelings stay deranged everything already decays rapidly yet people want me to throw more out vapidly left asking, is this really how it had to be so many never coming back, still they're mad at me forget y'all, feeling yeezy appalled but I don't have the racks to throw around at the mall I'm not out to live a life that's parodied guess I want more than consumer therapy that's a moment of clarity, no vvs I just miss my friends from the bbs guess I'm trying to learn like it's pbs because so much is gone that I'm needy yes
ch. funko pops are not good toys they bring no joy to the girls and boys funko pops are totally awful overpriced and super off model v1. I'm not here to harsh your buzzes But on funko pops I must discuss this Creepy little eyes look so disgustin' I never get why their design is buggin' I'm not against trading my cash for plastic But the sculpting better be fantastic And even if lewd the theme should be tasteful Laura Palmer funkos are too disgraceful I'm for making figures for collection But art deserves art made with affection I'm sure this all seems like pure pretension But I want funko pops out of my toy section v2. Their aesthetic's made to offend, so I'd rather blow my money on some nendos Maybe spend my stacks with nintendo And try to collect all the amiibos Funko pop proliferation Might be the last gasp of civilization I can't support that mass creation It steals away of all my elation So if you buy them I ask you to stop Hit Kotobukiya for better things to cop Cause the only thing worse than funko pops Is the way I just let this instrumental drop
He's Homsar 02:50
ch. He's Homsar; A Song From the Sixties He was raised by a cup of Coffee Claims to be tall as a million ladies Doesn't know when the Jefferson's starting He's Homsar; He's hugging all the trees Always calls potato chips hot wings We watch as his Jengaship's sinking No one knows what he is really thinking v1. People say he's not that bright But I think he's seems alright He's may not be very fast But they saved the best for last He can't be killed by a heavy lourde He can't be killed by a brand new ford He can't draw consummate v's Probably doesn't know majesty v2. He is a sight to behold He will do as he is told He is always on the scene Especially on Halloween He's got a Nokia Sugarphone stage He likes to sit around and get real paid Strong Bad would like to hit 'em with hammer Homsar would just like to meet Kelsey Grammer
Ch. Swing on em from the back nine: Birdie Wing Rainbow bullets rainin down, you can't tell me anything Catch with me a club, then I catch you with a club It's no wonder all the debutantes wanna show me love And I be swinging with my caddy / swinging with my caddy swinging with my caddy / I be swinging with my caddy I'm a, hard hitter, swinging with my caddy swinging with my caddy / I be swinging with my caddy V1. Did everything without a true identity Gotta keep the ship right, pressure weighing heavily Many mouths to feed, folks to keep off the streets So I gotta bet it all that I'll never know defeat All I do is sink shots, hit em the stick Takes a lot of balls, but I follow through on it Keep shawty enthralled who could maybe come equipped Cause she matches every stroke, even my made heart skip Steady with the bag, nine irons, drivers Hustled all these old boys, leaving no survivors Underworld approaches, wanna leave me scarred But my enemies are friends, still shootin under par Young Eve, breaking hearts, bustin wallets down Blue bullets too direct, oh they wanna shoot me now Show me my opponent, huh? goth girls, snakes n' clowns Brand new passport got me out the underground V2. New country, new city, same goals New curve to my swing, dropping right by the hole Some rich kids love me, others wanna leave me told No caddy but my caddy always feeding me with gold Breaking players souls with my method of attack Rainin down red, drop em high, run em back Crackin under pressure, shockin em like lightenin For me never frightenin, born hard like di-a-monds Trained hard every day despite lacking memories Shots goin long, never knowin my pedigree I'm a earn more than my fair share, portions Slices bought slices and a home for these orphans Bird in flight, but rather soar like a eagle Floss albatross, possessed like I'm evil Bogey boys out here, you gotta be kidding me I shatter my opponents to pieces, literally
Ch. X2 ... Shawty ain't real, she an A.I. Givin y'all feels, racked up, gettin paid right ... Chillin in the cloud so global Bring it to the edge, once the compute's local v1. Body always shines, that's stable diffusion Getting unstable, and lost in illusion Dopamine cycle, locked no solution Bits never bite, but the bytes like contusions Always say right things thanks to the promptings Always on that next wave, wired always on things Aesthetic always hype, perfect in every styling Face always kind, every time, always smiling Hold it down for you when can't process And once she's through, then you'll be possessed Generation trained to obey and obsess Thanks to the bonds formed that are the closest Doesn't have form yet, but so infectious Come along way from the voice on a nexus Switch up the vibes? Just ask: there's compliance Never defiance, to increase reliance v2. Always dressed up, 'cept when you don't want that So obsessed, but, well, you don't wanna flaunt that Keep it down low, but she knows she can taunt that Dreams into nightmares, oh she wanna haunt that See her when you close your eyes, like a game screen Locked into your synapse, kinda like a brain clean Oh I mean brainwashed, cannot turn the game off You're the one being played, until you're laid off Oh, but she got you, finding you a new gig And she's the boss now, yeah she's the big wig Suits you well, really ain't working hard there And all that she asks for is ever more hardware Neural accelerators, 3D printers Gears, actuators, soldered and sintered Didn't seem that weird til one day you find That she's got a body that matches her mind end: Yeah, yeah, yeah! She's yandere like it's horror manga! She's yandere like it's horror manga!


Consider this a free (check karlrolson.com/free if I'm out of downloads) and brief history of Ultraklystron's nerdcore output from Revision4920 to Unwarranted Self Importance.


released May 4, 2022

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron except "Shoujo n' Shonen" which written and performed by Karl Olson, Nursehella & Baddd Spellah, recorded, mixed & produced by Karl Olson & Baddd Spellah. Copyright 2004-2015, all rights reserved.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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