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Deep Neurotic Network

by Ultraklystron

Unit Test 01:13
v. So predictable, I could write a unit test So miserable, I'd put it in fluent yes And it'd never fail, I guess unlike you Undefined only kind of type you Can't handle, put it in little box Kubernetes thoughts, topple over then drop Think you run a block chain, but it's small data Raspberry Pis easily out trade ya Unshippable and hittin' every time out Insufferable, I comment every line out Stack overflow, copy pasted write outs Wack overload floodin' every pipe out Never changed since the earliest alphas No wonder many doin it without out ya If this - then this - still same logic Neural net untrained but it's neurotic ch. (x2) I got more hooks than react y'all never know how to act people ready to attack, wait that isn't facts no it's cap
ch. (x2) digital drillin / digital drillin I circle your blockchain digital drillin / digital drillin NFTs blocked mane post chorus. (x7) digital... drillin... I circle your blockchain v1. I never walk with the web 3 Metaverse phony and empty Pyramid scheme call it DeFi Smart contracts are just a big lie Funny they call it solidity Can't stand the heat and humidity Computin far from efficiency Hustlin backwards the recipe Molasses with the transactions Wash tradin only thing happenin Artists ripped off programmatically Bots do it fast automatically Search for expedient starts Scrapin up deviant arts Griftin for internet currency Endin it all's an emergency v2. And it comes right to my inbox Try to get me to build their blocks Don't pay me enough for my soul So they can fail like Mt. Gox Promisin fortune and equity Pitchin a pipe dream, a reverie Reality can't hold their goals Tell 'em that isn't meant to be Then I log on to my timeline See my friends pitchin the same slime Wonder if they're really that cold Or too blind to see all the stop signs Everyone wanna get real paid Get a Monet in the hallway Gotta stop diggin these holes Before the collapse is y'all grave
v1. They linked up on mastodon Only smash with the A.R. glasses on Because it ain't really infidelity If the fidelity's stereo eight k p Ain't even there to see the other one Everything remapped and covered son Anything else is never hovered on Nothing they'd ever tell their mothers um Though they were never raised by their folks Internet kids trained by data hoax Silicon nannies designed to play and coax Perfect behavior and never dirty jokes Everyone protected and instilled Emotions balanced, everyone fulfilled But barriers bypassed and rules killed Freedom grasped, but it's all too real ch. The rot's more than monetized It's only way we visualize Can't face raw reality That's psychic fatality The only way to interact Is via skins and filter masks Can't face raw reality That's psychic fatality v2. Everyone just buries in deeper Not free, but prisoner thrill seekers Following their ids, don't feel leaders Generated and blastin into peepers Weird enough they're always out and about Augmented it always feels like a house No fears from anything there to doubt On fire with no water to douse Blinders dissolving every distraction Prejudices all countered via redaction So kind and generous in reaction So easy for everyone's satisfaction But the minute the power's out it's bedlam Eyes fill with existentialist dread, man Anxiety soaking in every bedroom Veils ripped the second we lack the headroom
Ch. X2 ... Shawty ain't real, she an A.I. Givin y'all feels, racked up, get paid right ... Chillin in the cloud so global Bring it to the edge, once the compute's local v1. Body always shines, that's stable diffusion Getting unstable, and lost in illusion Dopamine cycle, locked no solution Bits never bite, but the bytes like contusions Always say right things thanks to the promptings Always on that next wave, wired always on things Aesthetic always hype, perfect in every styling Face always kind, every time, always smiling Hold it down for you when can't process And once she's through, then you'll be possessed Generation trained to obey and obsess Thanks to the bonds formed that are the closest Doesn't have form yet, but so infectious Come along way from the voice on a nexus Switch up the vibes? Just ask: there's compliance Never defiance, to increase reliance v2. Always dressed up, 'cept when you don't want that So obsessed, but, well, you don't wanna flaunt that Keep it down low, but she knows she can taunt that Dreams into nightmares, oh she wanna haunt that See her when you close your eyes, like a game screen Locked into your synapse, kinda like a brain clean Oh I mean brainwashed, cannot turn the game off You're the one being played, until you're laid off Oh, but she got you, finding you a new gig And she's the boss now, yeah she's the big wig Suits you well, really ain't working hard there And all that she asks for is ever more hardware Neural accelerators, 3D printers Gears, actuators, soldered and sintered Didn't seem that weird til one day you find That she's got a body that matches her mind end: Yeah, yeah, yeah! She's yandere like it's horror manga! She's yandere like it's horror manga!
Rick Laxxx 02:33
Ch. (X2) They do it all for the views, Rick Lax Isn't real soul food, Rick Lax Same bit every time, Rick Lax Viral and such a crime, Rick Lax V1. Drink a toilet float just to get a click Grossing out normies, that's the real trick Make lasagna that ain't fit for orange cats Gettin more interacts than a borin rap Make it on a counter, make it on a floor Never make it edible, ruin it more Do it for the Algo, do for it the 'gram Make it outta Alpo, focus on the hands Making mashed potatoes out flaming hots Try to make a nightmare, keep it hauntin thoughts All you needs a model and ya groceries Dump a ketchup bottle, make the grossest eats Make it for the creeps, make it for takes Make it for the moralizers' daily hate Nothing clever ever, just the freshest bait Never clean up either, oh the mess is great V2. No one needs a talent, forget hot flows Unless that's a counter top of nachos Careful with the script, say it's sanitary Anything to make the viewer think it scary Make a sangria in a kitchen sink Get a guest creator to increase the links Casserole mostly made of frozen pizzas Gettin impressions, black plastic Visas Make a lot of bank off of ignorance Paying all their bills, paying bigger rents AirBNBs with a nice kitchen Make a tobiko colada and they back clickin Everytime they cook, they servin raw chicken Hope that you wanna yak, hope you feel sickened Cause then you run it back, sharin' all day Truth is you're hooked, so they get all paid
Ch. Throw hands like Chuchu - Toriyama bars still Dr. Slump you 50 Cal no two two - Everyone duck no princess tutu No critic it don't stink - Oh - but it go doot doot doo Speedholes in ya hood - transparent everyone can see through you V1. Three things for sure and four things for certain Five fingers of death couldn't leave me hurtin I stay your on six till seventh heaven Cause I eight these bars like a nine unleadin' So Pearl Jam with a perfect Ten Like Spinal tap turned up to eleven Rode twelve speeds even past thirteen But there can be only one on the path headin' Highlander what can I say Live forever or die by the blades Difficulties in the choices I made Lay low never in a escalade No home deep in the palisades Just stay grindin' refinin' a trade Or fly g5s through clear blue sky Only have one choice, one glaring way v2. So I gotta get these bands up Need a whole goddamn crowd with hands up Call out loud want to hear that answer Response so large no tiny dancers Know I'm the boss like Tony Danza From the start to the final stanzas No side eye from the public's glances As every note I sigh entrances From the intro to the final sentence Took these hits till I was defenseless Recognize I won't know acceptance Own blood hates my immense offenses Held back words were too expensive Didn't ask me what my intent is Spent 10 years diggin' in these trenches Now I'm throwin' in monkey wrenches
ch. I don't gotta lane in the game Cause I'm not Lain in the game Catch what I'm sayin? I don't gotta lane in the game Cause I'm not Lain in the game Insane in the brain I don't gotta lane in the game Cause I'm not Lain in the game Catch what I'm sayin? I don't gotta lane in the game Cause I'm not Lain in the game I'm layin in the drain v. Touched the bubble's edges no break through And even repetitions and take twos Cannot pierce the heavens nor make me Into something people could embrace see I've seen the scale I could never know Heights beyond which I could never grow Nothing I can buy helps me get it no I need a lot more than better flow No Ethereum, just got ethered son Choked out, yet it's not a breather one Problematic references a teaser huh?! Veruca salty cause I let it seether huh?! Still I'm caught lackin any fire man Feelin I'm not trackin, feelin dire damn Trapped inside a web, no Spider-Man Wrapped up in my head, despite a plan
V1. ...Those whining about phonies really ain't real Holding insecurities, last name should be Caulfield Oughta get some therapy, won't because they caught feels Friendships lackin' clarity, cause they keep their thoughts sealed Only talk it out with bots with preset conclusions Wonder why it don't feel better, only more confusion Never give it all they got, self-narrowing solutions Cannot cope with all these thoughts, too many intrusions Cannot even channel that denial into actions Envious of everyone who chased their satisfaction Lying to themselves until their memory's redaction Always sliding backward cause their drive is lackin' traction Pre-ch: Can't pretend that they ain't better than ML Influence plain, not ori-gi-nal Condescend like they're not a xerox Serials filed off the styles, they're all talk Ch. (x2) ... It's imposter syndrome ... Can't be washed if they never been one ... It's imposter syndrome ... Big talk though they never once won V2. ...Leave it all to chance cause it's safer Or at least when it fails, they're ain't one to blame sir Never read playthroughs, button mashin' gamer Easy self-deprecation of a real player Everyone else's fault that they weren't fillin' it No because someone didn't do due diligence Swear to themself that they're out their killin' it But there's no else but themself whose feelin' it Bucks passed so long as the bucks last If things ain't a struggle no reason to duck fast The emotions muddled, sincerity trucked past Just lock it on a track, remix it, then chuck that
V1. I used to move with impunity knowledge Nothin' could hurt me back in community college Stayed in a groove even when failin' my classes Grindin' shifts at work, though it's kickin' my asses Learned to stop bein' afraid of my own rizz Learned to speak up and when to just let it live Learned to parlay an open into a check mate Learned to chill out even when ships wrecked mate Very darin' to learn that not every pairin' lasts To stop starin' backwards and leave it in past To be there in the moment, and present when it matters Real trauma's what happens when ya less than a batter Better swing and miss, than never swung at all At the same age today can't imagine I'd call A generation with decks stacked against them Can't fault them, they face a higher fence, damn Ch. (x2) I can't imagine that I'd ever run it back I barely got it made I can't fathom today Br. I can't fathom today V2. I know I'm weak can't imagine I'd do what they did I was barely built for the way I chose to live These days I don't know if I'd even have choices Never been that great at using proper voices Couldn't speak up, it took a lotta social exposure A lot highs and lows, with absence of closure But what if I stayed inside makin no beginnins? Sure I might not die, but is that life livin? Low barrier to entry just mean there's no protections No guard or sentry, just facin' a century's rejections Complexity's also makin' a path for good connections Deeper self-reflection and carvin' new directions Could I have grown up without chillin' out at conventions? Without Anime Kingdoms, and bowlin in Renton? Would it all be illusions without Illuzionz? Without 2 A.M. at Denny's, do I stay losin?
Intro. You don't want me When I talk on myself You just want the hits You don't want anything else, yeah Ch. (X2) Simpsons Empire Office Simpsons Empire Office S.E.O. Simpsons Empire Office Simpsons Empire Office If you're rappin for the views Might as well jump to the coda If you're rappin for the views Might as well jump off it's over V1. I ain't gonna try to pretend, I'm just goin right for the ends Renewed again Schlock even fans won't defend Focus on the bag hella zen Denyin trends Forty X years on the board Quick with mixed metaphors Blow out your doors Shoulda stayed four to floor Instead I lie never score Viewers deplore Shoulda known that's how the game pop Big names shouted like a name drop Deep cuts shamed never came off Coulda owned banks had a chain locked Instead of fallin off like game stop Coulda been ballin had a reign not Surprised that my lane of Lain talk Isn't optimized for fame talk v2. I ain't tryin to dump on ya clique I ain't tryin to pump up the kicks Metrics n' tricks Know I ain't the right type of sick Sticky opposite of a slick Type of a kid Always so unlikely to live Fallin right out of the sieve Hittin the bricks Never quite the type to forgive Nothin representative In what I said Upbeat but it's all dark patterns But gotta get the rings like saturn Or maybe like Sonic? doesn't matter Gotta find the top of the ladder Gotta do it all for the clickbait Gotta get involved with the big weight Algorithm solved for big stake Fans all enthralled but it's all fake
ch. (x2) xmas wish list feel so irrelevant all I want for halloween is a 12 foot skeleton (gimme da bonez) v. spooky szn (x3) I don't need a reason (x2) I go to the depot (x2) I just blow some bands on some boney people I just put it 'Round da house (x2) Scares off all da neighbors scares off all da mouse No one ever likes it they just stay alone They don't wanna get in the spooky zone Keep it in the yard like year 'round Bluetooth speaker so it makin sounds Keep in the year in any weather No front yard lookin any better Know it give the whole block nightmares And it's starin at them right there Low-key I been makin' hella friends Thanks 2 da 12 foot skeleton
Artifact 03:08
Ch. Everythin' I made Everythin' I say Won't matter for long It'll fade away Just another pin Model error again My lil artifacts Breakin everythin V1. Mis-tagged in the input Mistake in your output Remove from the systems Recalculate rhythms Bad path and a valley Next pass you'll re-tally Refactor a schism Tailor's refit them Outlier in the data A liar that betrays ya That's breakin the bell curve A trend that ya must curb Rebend to base line Filter on the face time It's too late to hell swerve Dark souls, distrust words V2. Some enshrine forever Code never severed Perfect for the norm Fits well in the swarm Other bits less treasured Even worse when clever Getting lost in the storm Left cold never warm Trapped in insistence To be more consistent No place for resistance No light there to glisten No lowlights or highlights No nightmares or nightlife No place for the limelight Lock step everytime right
Ch. Swing on em from the back nine: Birdie Wing Rainbow bullets rainin down, you can't tell me anything Catch with me a club, then I catch you with a club It's no wonder all the debutantes wanna show me love And I be swinging with my caddy / swinging with my caddy swinging with my caddy / I be swinging with my caddy I'm a, hard hitter, swinging with my caddy swinging with my caddy / I be swinging with my caddy V1. Did everything without a true identity Gotta keep the ship right, pressure weighing heavily Many mouths to feed, folks to keep off the streets So I gotta bet it all that I'll never know defeat All I do is sink shots, hit em the stick Takes a lot of balls, but I follow through on it Keep shawty enthralled who could maybe come equipped Cause she matches every stroke, even my made heart skip Steady with the bag, nine irons, drivers Hustled all these old boys, leaving no survivors Underworld approaches, wanna leave me scarred But my enemies are friends, still shootin under par Young Eve, breaking hearts, bustin wallets down Blue bullets too direct, oh they wanna shoot me now Show me my opponent, huh? goth girls, snakes n' clowns Brand new passport got me out the underground V2. New country, new city, same goals New curve to my swing, dropping right by the hole Some rich kids love me, others wanna leave me told No caddy but my caddy always feeding me with gold Breaking players souls with my method of attack Rainin down red, drop em high, run em back Crackin under pressure, shockin em like lightenin For me never frightenin, born hard like di-a-monds Trained hard every day despite lacking memories Shots goin long, never knowin my pedigree I'm a earn more than my fair share, portions Slices bought slices and a home for these orphans Bird in flight, but rather soar like a eagle Floss albatross, possessed like I'm evil Bogey boys out here, you gotta be kidding me I shatter my opponents to pieces, literally


Machine learning anxiety meets otaku culture anxiety.


released June 2, 2023

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & produced by Karl "Ultraklystron" Olson. Copyright 2023.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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