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Swinging With My Caddy

from Deep Neurotic Network by Ultraklystron



A bonus track because the algorithm rewards you for putting old songs on stuff. Also some fun music to close on.


Swing on em from the back nine: Birdie Wing
Rainbow bullets rainin down, you can't tell me anything
Catch with me a club, then I catch you with a club
It's no wonder all the debutantes wanna show me love

And I be swinging with my caddy / swinging with my caddy
swinging with my caddy / I be swinging with my caddy
I'm a, hard hitter, swinging with my caddy
swinging with my caddy / I be swinging with my caddy

Did everything without a true identity
Gotta keep the ship right, pressure weighing heavily
Many mouths to feed, folks to keep off the streets
So I gotta bet it all that I'll never know defeat

All I do is sink shots, hit em the stick
Takes a lot of balls, but I follow through on it
Keep shawty enthralled who could maybe come equipped
Cause she matches every stroke, even my made heart skip

Steady with the bag, nine irons, drivers
Hustled all these old boys, leaving no survivors
Underworld approaches, wanna leave me scarred
But my enemies are friends, still shootin under par

Young Eve, breaking hearts, bustin wallets down
Blue bullets too direct, oh they wanna shoot me now
Show me my opponent, huh? goth girls, snakes n' clowns
Brand new passport got me out the underground

New country, new city, same goals
New curve to my swing, dropping right by the hole
Some rich kids love me, others wanna leave me told
No caddy but my caddy always feeding me with gold

Breaking players souls with my method of attack
Rainin down red, drop em high, run em back
Crackin under pressure, shockin em like lightenin
For me never frightenin, born hard like di-a-monds

Trained hard every day despite lacking memories
Shots goin long, never knowin my pedigree
I'm a earn more than my fair share, portions
Slices bought slices and a home for these orphans

Bird in flight, but rather soar like a eagle
Floss albatross, possessed like I'm evil
Bogey boys out here, you gotta be kidding me
I shatter my opponents to pieces, literally


from Deep Neurotic Network, released June 2, 2023




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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