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Most Otaku Ever: Alternative

by Ultraklystron

ch. (x2) most otaku ever on the microphone most of you don't know where this sample's from start a revolution just to pass the time until the city comes alive: Texhnolyze v1. waking up seems I'm always making beats everyday prize fighter on the mpc I'm Ichise my ill demeanor cost me an arm and a leg but my pride stays forever, never going to beg i'll never stay idle, simply passing hours limbs always needing the power of raffia flowers in my own lane so much that my vengeance devours bitter all the time I just relationship sour but still i shine brighter because i'm ever illumined the doc's correct that I've become the perfected human excised from society because my nature's too raw but does that really matter you're like a new god? beat the brains out of enemies, because i lack empathy or my sympathies have overloaded back into enmity but this world is over, no worry about indemnity a city ever at rest, is never how it is meant to be v2. my eyes are unstoppable, and ever so clear as the seer of Gabe, my vision lacks peers make you see as I do too, drive you all to insanity bring the end of this city, exactly as planned you see that's the kind of perfection only I ever bring the only prophesy's doom, so Armageddon I'll sing turning us into shapes, but there is nothing gestalt everything ending now, and brought right down to a halt make you murder your leaders, cut them down in the streets plus those who put us here, view us as nothing but beasts brutalize the dictators, and then be shaped by creators who are just as inhuman, they'll turn their back on you later they'll destroy me as well, turn the world into hell nobody living to know, no history left to tell everything's muted and planed clean of all faults everyone executed and burned from every vault
Top Priority 03:32
Ch.(X2) Used to download this off IRC Now I'm living that life IRL You know she's my top priority Without her I'm stuck standing still V1. My life was no Sinatra / couldn't do it my way Anime: the only thing / That gave escape in my day Queuing files in IRC / always watching new shows Onegai inspiring me / but still I often felt low My life couldn't be that charmed / Like that young protagonist Confidence was disarmed / So every shot just had to miss So I also felt that / my universe was static Always feeling held back / And avoiding a panic Gradually acclimatized / to be social through these cons Fujoshi told me that I'm fly / still thought they must be wrong But that broke through my fear / of even giving compliments Stupid lack of confidence / finally fell to common sense Finally got a little nerve / but was still just the biggest nerd That's when life threw me a curve / but finally I had some words Made a little small talk / didn't think I had a chance But one year later / the language would be romance V2. Now that distant memory / is sweeter than caramels Irony in retrospect / is possibly the parallels Red hair and glasses / experience surpasses Arrested development / Was key in how I acted She was from a distant world / an alien abducting me Sometimes a tsundere girl / having trouble trusting me But I straight pursued her / even she went away She could wipe my memory / I'd think about her everyday Cause she put me in motion / expanding my universe Finally feel emotions / love for her's my truest curse Forever put her in first / hold it down against the odds Love could cross a galaxy / even though it's sometimes flawed I know it's never perfect / I can be unintelligent But we both keep working / to get past that irrelevance Literally heaven sent / came out from amongst the stars And since we made it this far / Farther really isn't hard.
Miracle 03:00
V1. Avatar of rhyme reborn to here to do work Gotta absolve the sins of an injured earth Killing ourselves with our actions byproducts Cause all we want to do is play around and buy products So I've cheated death once to keep us all in the game But goal of my reign is to end acid rain And the pollution causes spiritual damage Puts our physical selves at a disadvantage Have the power of the gods and we've abused it heavily Only increased our cancer rates more steadily Consumption ad infinitum is quite the tyranny It's all a facade nothing's what it appears to be I'm not against the modern world only new ignorance False cognition only leads towards a bigger chance Of falling off a higher cliff at a much higher speed And this isn't an anime only us can save we Ch. X2 ...And now a miracle is about to occur ...Some how we're all going to change the world V2. And I wish it was all just wondrous story Directed by Mr. Shoji Kawamori Wish I could hear the spirits of our planet pleading To cut it a little break from our relentlessness beating Wish I had telepathy to see the destruction Caused by all of our impulsive consumption Instead all I can do is read the news a little But even that doesn't seem to move my views a little So all I can do now is try see past the target Try to be one with the moments that are the darkest Only when once internalized can the images starkest Finally ensure that real change in me has started I know it'll be slow cause I'm a sedentary larder But I'll fly from the bow of a legendary archer And we could all grow just as organically If we all clear our souls and dissolve our manic needs
ch. (x2) life is hard for nandaba ninamori, haruhara, samejima, firestarters, flying v, rickenbackers medical mechanica space police panic medical mechanica space police panic v1. every single day here is the same nothing happening and everything's lame brokenhearted girls play many games also guilty of riding in that lane under bridges lewd moments reside keeping secrets and feelings inside finally confront with nothing to hide not my fault that she's going to cry sudden confrontation then interrupts bass to my skull leaves me concussed didn't see it coming no time to duck maybe that'll finally change my luck finally home but what should I see vespa woman who assaulted me making dinner for my family lost my cool and I did so fully even though I know I've taken damage can't bare to see beneath the bandage think it might hide a brand new appendage hope it goes away and my body mends it finally time to confront and unload said I don't care if you overflow if that isn't best then I'll never know swear my forehead's ready to explode v2. now it's lights off with robots and mechs id unlocked with emotions unchecked couldn't stop it with a glock and tec but a rickenbacker swing can connect put an alien god in a void back inside the skull of a young boy sour bitter moments fusing with joy waiting for the next bot to deploy giant iron trying to flatten the crease spacey police trying to seal in a beast hungry girl trying to lock down a feast borrowed powers coming up on their lease canti pray I don't face them again canti pray I save all of my friends in this madness I'm here to defend swing the bat like my old brethren empty-headed here with nothing but angst but alive again with nothing but thanks hybrid rainbow moving upward and out finally saying something when I dare shout mechanica still has a surprise white mist tries to choke out the skies keep us inside to validate lies but I've grown ready to defy greater worlds, I now know exist double neck guitars held in my fist pirate king and a god and a man not a boy now so forget your plans no nori left for eyebrows no reason to be shy now nothing left to deny now only option to try now
Itsumo 03:29
ch. no matter the losses you suffer I'll be there forever together forever i promise it will get better, I'll be here forever, together forever (x2) I will never let you go stay together itsumo v1. found me when I was at my lowest thought instantly that I had blown this could've sworn that I'd just been cursed there double cursed then would've been the worst there you took me in like we took you in thought at most that we'd all be friends but quickly everything changed cause you were unfazed by the strange situation that my life is understood just what my strife is didn't care, didn't pay it no mind and kept it 100, all of the time wasn't to say with you it was easy cause everyone wanted you believe me cause we could see that you're gifted regarding curses you could lift it gave me love that I was never given no kidding I was super smitten generous to a fault so massive proactive but yet some how passive heartbeat accelerated by your presence so prayed that I earned your deference was your king amongst these peasants though no matter what I'd never resent but you chose me over better choices tuned out those dissenting voices who'd never see me through your eyes so I mean it when I sigh... v2. different class, you could've clowned me but you just laughed, your love surrounds me had my back better than my own family though it's hard to understand me held me up when I was failing but with you it's smoother sailing every moment spent with you is darling average born but with you I'm a starling never imagined we'd ever make it there never fathomed we'd ever take it there when it's serious and so sincere with you around I can know no fear and your family supported me freely didn't judge and just let me be me even though I was little naive you gave me all a welcome reprieve being with you is my mission open up your heart forbidden let me in to your world so hidden let me help you feel forgiven what's a curse to a true romance what's the worst to a real chance of finally moving forward even if that movement's torrid want to hug you with no fears cause to me you are most dear even if that path's unclear wanna stay with you for years so...
Calling Out 03:17
v1. the tech and tecs... the tools of the trade... get ready to deck... if we're coming raid... plug into your neck... download your array... broke all your sec... memory betrayed... drop bodies (x6) lead is the gift, if my section nine people are catching you naughty head's getting ripped, you should surrender or you'll be disembodied so don't kamikaze, they'll make you a zombie if you're acting haughty deep in the net, soul's in a ghost dive seek real truth cause you know most lie opposition is toast not a boast I've disabled barriers and broke eyes amateur hacks with interceptors body all of these young inept sirs forever young with no elixir cyberized and so's my clique sir section nine but that stays on low low rolling out with Batou and Motoko ghost in a shell but I'm not Proto have a soul and my vision goes slow mo never get me confused for an AI not the kind of person who'd stay shy never staying out of the fray I pull the micro out and then spray fire ch. Surprise! Surprise! I'm full prosthetic. When I take battle damage / need a tech not a medic. Full cyberized! And you're pathetic. I'm the best of the best / trump genetic with synthetic. (x2) v2. we keep it all low... keep everything' quiet... but if we must blow... then everyone's dying... you know how it goes... if the apple you're biting... gets stuck in your throat... last moments are writhing... we're diving (x6) discover the truth in the net, then flush out corruption from hiding providing true justice while heading off all of these violent uprisings he who stays the lowest dethrones the inept and the sick and conniving chasing down each of these passing plans individual eleven and laughing man only ever making a lasting stand cyberized vision is amassing scans glide along side Tachikoma's gonna leave these enemies torn up laser sight gonna snipe well sure enough Kevlar vest on the chest gets blown up gonna put several bodies in action all these hacks means they're my actors break the firewall of your factions don't even see the corner your backed in active camouflage also surrounds us end game is that we confound trust so quiet we don't make a loud fuss til the Jericho's out going bust bust
Wings & Halo 03:30
ch. (x2) Little grey wings on my back And a halo on my head Never want or seem to lack But the truth is still unsaid v1. Descending at rapid rate, with no brakes It's seems as if my action state has no wait I'm not terrified and some how that's scarier Falling without end, lacking one barrier Everything seems well now, like I'm in well now Wake up underwater, no wait I'm in shell now Black out again, regaining consciousness Memories are absent, I'm being just honest yes I had dream I think, I just described it Confused to my core, as if I could hide it Now my back's screaming, feels like it's tearing Everything's wrong, like everything's erring Bite down and black out, guess that's like 3 times Wake to new appendages, yet I'm in my right mind Feel oddly at home, welcomed into friendship Charcoal feather family, hope we never rend it v2. Time is flying by, and friends start to fly away Thought I understood life, as a young Haibane Guilt eats away at my core irrational Feathers turn black, no longer ashen wool But my friends are patient, hide it with medication Search for inner peace through deepened meditation Still panicked in a rush trying to reclaim my history Instead my past found me, and absolved my misery That moment in the winter only caused more questions How come I was saved, but my friend isn't mentioned? Cause that person loves and cares for me with every fiber What history would have to be seen and deciphered? Brought the true name forward, almost rejected me But the lesson learned kept us connected see Couldn't stay long, but our souls' debts are payed Always in my heart's cup; memory'll never fade
ch. (x2) self acceptance is a difficult road when in you're in this big city all alone real miracles happen when you get friends finally get a tight circle: Genshiken v1. so otaku but he could never say it no one to talk too, so he never betrayed it there no was walk through, or possible game plan he never once thought, that it could ever change man but by chance he finally got guidance loving his hobbies and this new alliance he's a changed man, finally gotta a goal he has a crew, and a new place to call home used to be so nervous, and feel so broken now he's got that backpack full up with doujin his adult game is playing adult games with friends who think the same, and give him no shame just took one event to rearrange his outlook evaporate his worries, let all the doubt cook off - now he's a manga editor staying on his grind out there to get it sir v2. she used to feel held down, rejected called fujoshi and felt dejected so disconnected lacking one friendship jumping outta buildings hoping to end it fell into place amongst those like-minded they knew her world and they gave her kindness took her places that she'd never dare go went from unloved to one whose cared for the line work filled in with screen tones emptiness replaced with a dream home comiket tables are now a staple of her life, they're no longer a fable now her position is one that some would covet selling out booths cause her works are published club president and not just a member all because her friends all stoked the embers v3. bullied in high school, the wounds won't heal well rejected him just because he read BL started to trap just to get a connection surprise was it worked for a few sessions found a group of people who accept him one of the girls, to the girls who get him but to some others, his style upsets them could his obsession be out to wreck him? cause he doesn't know where his fantasies stop now sacred to death that the walls could crash down cause for an uke, he feels so loco worries that he goes past otokonoko but where his story ends is probably happy because his friends all have his back, see? his path's unknown, may never be decided but it doesn't matter with his friends beside him
ch. Overcoming all this hesitation Drawing closer like it's gravitation Isn't rational, it isn't patient Never can hold back, it's gravitation V1. Headphones always locked up / in the keyboard Goofing off in class / all can see that he's board Sequencer turnt up / keeping all beats floored Net an F in math / but the sum will mean more Out there making tracks now / run it back now Make all the layers stack now / then attack plow Run into a cold face / the told face Someone you didn't know face / but so based Didn't like the bars though / took it hard though Not feeling so smart though / inner heart glows Passion in the art grows / with a scar though Gotta make a start bro / though it's dark bro All up in a new place / a new place Situations two faced / it's too faced Even if love returns / could still yearn Hope it never adjourns / and won't burn V2. Keep it on the low down / but these bro clowns Try to shut it down / try to run the whole town But that is that game now / getting fame now Even it's lame now / things will change now Could even make it rain now / run a train now But the craziest thing / feels sane now Only need that cold voice / and that cold face Only making one choice / that's a bold taste Number ones and concerts / and even TV Distance is the one hurt / it's never easy Always want to act out / but it's not doubt Love is so intense / every syllable's shouts The memories are ever beautiful / The drama is ever greater And love is making the truest fools / especially of every hater Drawing closer to impact / the moment everyone paid for Gravitation un-held back / crack the earth, make a crater
ch. (x2) step inside the shadows of my heart see it through right through the dark it's just the beginning, it's a start it's a start v1. know it's beyond any reason truly the most savage season lack anything to believe in emotions taunting and teasin' panic attackin not breathin' innocence lost got me grievin' warmth ends up very decievin' everything seems so indecent try to lay everything bare then grievences ready for airin' but we're too easily scarin' not death defyin' or darin' but now it's for time declarin' every secret to be shared then makin' the opaque transparent organize all your affairs then... v2. feeling unsure of the future trying to be a seducer club only made up of losers really a joke with no humor only connect through computers cannot escape these accusers everyone circulates rumors snooper boomers in the boudoir all that they want are examples sacrifices for the bramble they do not care who they strangle they're just distressin' the damsels youth has them easily rankled because their now is a shambles they want us all disentangled but we're ready to be vandals


About half a decade ago, I finished up & quietly released a mixtape EP, Most Otaku Ever. Each song was themed after a favorite anime of mine, and which had some very uncleared samples too. I decided to rework those tracks without the samples, as well pulling some rare & unreleased remixes of some of my other anime rap tributes in as well to give a more cohesive feel. This "alternative" version of Most Otaku Ever is both a re-mixtape, and kind of it's own album, with songs about Texhnolyze, Onegai Teacher, Earth Maiden Arjuna, FLCL, Fruits Basket, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Haibane Renmei, Genshiken, Gravitation & O Maidens in Your Savage Season.


released August 7, 2020

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson aka Ultraklystron.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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