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These Days

from Animatic [Deluxe] by Ultraklystron



A serious song about how all too often people treat each other poorly and are short-sighted, myself included.


only the undead can't feel my fever lean
notate the last moments of my fever dream
photograph the footsteps where the griever's been
and if this my last, it'll be lever clean
i seen the cleaver shine, hover high in the air
end the properous era, where we did not care
it's not like poverty is gonna make us share
except in the malaise, the disease and dispair

the diamond era won't come, cause we're stuck on coal
we bartered our decency and part of our soul
so we could stay near to the distant shoal
never have to grow up, never have to control
so we could keep it simple, and never feel pain
block out half the earth, never hear it again
only stay in same, and never make change
that be all and end all is running that game

but you can't fool everyone all of the time
even Bonnie and Clyde had to pay for their crimes
so if the debt don't get you, the prions might
leave you just as ruined and you'd still lose the fight
sure we weren't raised right, never once hurt
in the suburbs and the towns so dull and inert
where parents lie to kids, and kids lie to each other
where all learned to screw over our brothers

the only pleasure we get these days is the pain
the only leisure we get these days is the game
the only heaven we get these days is the hell
that we trade shares of, that we buy and sell

we're supposed to be socialized and educated
by the time we're 18, once we have graduated
but whatever's been stated, doesn't really come through
in the end you're alone, and you don't have a clue
and you can either be cruel, survive like a beast
or you can hope that trust might earn you a feast
but in era where it's all dog eats dog
the only sure fire way to become boss hog

is to sucker and steal, be fake not real
and sell it all with a tv pitchmen zeal
they tell you in school to be sweet and kind
but the real world just will not pay it mind
can't be mary sue, the beasts we'll eat you
even knaw on the bones for the marrow to chew
that's the culture under falsehoods these days
to a false image goes our work and our play

and sir, a little sacrifice would go along way
recognize for a moment that it's all gone grey
but then ignorant scream you're trying to betray
the traditions and the rules we've inscribed in clay
they only see one direction we are headin
it begins with an arma and ends in geddon
i wish we could be gettin up out of this circuit
but it's not up to me, but to us to shirk it


from Animatic [Deluxe], released April 9, 2012




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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