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A Song About Youth Culture in the 1990s.


nineties kid
by karl olson

tower records is where you could find me
when i was a little kid in the nineties
always dreamed that a label would sign me
of adolescence, small things remind me

just wanna go back the 90s / watching lots of nicktoons
cd boombox was the tool / i used to record sick tunes
listening to nirvana / after kurt had left the building
thinking to myself / i want to replicate those feelings
but oh no i'm a rapper / guess it's cause of odelay
though i kept the score / in rotation on my slower days
listening to nas too / memorized it was written
at the same time with cibo matto i was smitten

so that's why i wanna rewind / back to my boombox
before i got old and / before all the doom locked
back when it was golden / the era was too amazing
before the internet / had me constantly lazing
i want gangsta rap / with some grunge rock energy
i'm still wearing flannel / bumping public enemy
i think need i about / 2 decades of undo
cause though i was teased / there were many days of fun too

AOL Floppys / the internet was easy
and some how safer / a little bit less sleazy
twenty nine cent / hamburgers at mcdonalds
buy 3 and bike home / so I can watch hey arnold
kenan and kel too / aw here it goes
cheap nostalgia / embedded in codes
and i know my smartphone / even pwns all pagers
but my CD walkman / was a second savior

the dream of the 90s / is what i'm still stalking
ain't it funny that / I want what others are mocking
back when that 486 / was the top thing
windows 3 eleven / ditched for the hot bling
seattlite life / i felt almost live
the tech boom era / where we almost thrived
i still might not make it / like jennifer trynin
i keep it like Pete And Pete / weird and defiant


from Unwarranted Self Importance, released April 1, 2014




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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