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by Karl Olson

It might come off as trite my dear
But it's like my sight's been cleared
I know you think you stand alone
But when we stand together that's called home

It might not come to you easily / But I want you to believe in me
And not to be appeasin me / But instead because you see in me
A brand new life / A new path / a new hope
Not like that means total change / No need to elope

I just want to be there for you / To help you cope
And to help you it keep it fresh / Like my is scope
And I'm know I'm like the Kei to your / Mizuho - but who knows?
Maybe one day I'll grow enough / for you to disclose

Everything - good or bad / that you ever dealt with
Yeah one day I'll be strong / so you'll never melt this
Love I have for you / yeah I hope you know this
I love you like Hideki / loves Chii in Chobits

It's a love unconditional / I hope you feel me
It's mature like Jay-Z / I'm a grown up for real g
So I hope you and I will rise / making some gold hits
Yeah, I hope you will accept me / so we can both grow this


I want to be your asthmatic / who's tight with mathematics
Be there so you don't panic / want to stress that emphathic
I've recognized a lot of things about / myself lately
First and foremost of which / is that I hope you'll date me

Or atleast not hate me / for the things that I've said
You're still welcome in my house / can still sleep in my bed
So if I'm lost in translation / or just crossing wires
I'll step back and leave you be / if you're crossed and tired

Scratch that - I'll bring you some tea / or some coffee
And if need be drive you / to some therapy
I don't think you're crazy / but since you're so friendly
I always want to be available in all capacities

But I'd rather have you / as the Tohru to my Kyo
But I'm fine we're just friends / like Kei and Ichigo
On a similar frequency / but ultimately split
And though I'll leave it up to you / I hope you won't quit

I know there will be times / when it all hurts
I understand fully / I could lose my shirt
On a gamble like this / but it's something I must do
Because deep down I / know that I can trust you



from Romance Language, released February 14, 2007
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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