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Go Already

from Null Signifier by Ultraklystron



everything akimbo, and off its planned axis
no chemicals to calm me, not one for xanaxes
no support or kickstarter, won't let the fans back this
always do or die, not once was damned practice

the past was Tom and Sara, Crystal and Alexis
seventh grade me couldn't dream of a Nexus
now the smartphone hangs off of a necklace
so I can shout at Google Now to help direct this

I take every benefit in my life for granted
middling middle class male, can't be recanted
was only seven when those bleak seeds were planted
and the only way to weed it out's to keep on ranting

I'd like to get back on track but I keep derailing
bound by the facts I've not been detailing
some say I'm as fake as silicone or saline
but I'm still traumatized from my prior failings

...if you're feeling so down
if you're feeling so down...
why don't you go already?!

...if you're getting so down
if you're getting so down...
why don't you go already?!

...if you want it right now
if you want it right now ...
why don't you go already

...if you're feeling so down
if you're feeling so down...
why don't you go already

paralyzed in my speech fearing retribution
I feel so cast out with no absolution
I'm ever so stunted in my elocution
Therefore I'll keep stunting in my execution

my pariah patois' a misappropriation
thirst for validation and adoration
make the fan base into a congregation
only me to blame for this abrogation

they say I'm angelic, others claim I'm falling
in come the zealots, questioning my calling
put words in my mouth, interject in all things
I'm just doing my best to move without stalling

wake up every morning knowing no forgiveness
I wouldn't wish for my worst enemies to live this
I wish I could rewind all of this business
but it's what I deserve as god as my witness

I am just an object / I am not a person
doesn't have emotions / cannot be hurt and
lacking own goals / having no dimensions
csondemning all of me / not allowed opinions

just a vessel whose / rights are not a given
any love imbued / has terms and conditions
cause I started fires / can't pursue desires
without definition / nullest signifier


from Null Signifier, released June 16, 2016




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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