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Lost Languid Muddle

by Ultraklystron

Fine Whine 04:26
V1. ...Million play songs yeah I wrote those Getting loads of plays in the background of videos Odd that I'm going so hard with my dope flows Know I am not a rap god, just Kuroki Tomoko ...I'm Madarame, no I'm Hato As I said it here, some imagine that I'm not though Line is so unclear, it's the nature of the media Might fear what you hear's just references I'm feeding ya ... Put a lot of bait up for debate Moving innuendos, yet they wait to contemplate Cannot ever finish, all the weight laid as of late The cooking ain't started, dinner's frozen in a crate ... Get it y'all ain't warmed up to me Chilling in the back, everyone ducking me ... Understand that I'm difficult to eat Only for the palettes more bizarre yet not elite Ch. Whine, but I'll keep the vent trill though Find a lot on my chest now to spill though Whine, but I'll keep the vent trill though Find a lot on my chest now to spill though ... Play the villain till you're gone Cause nobody wanna hear from me ... Keep the real out my songs Cause nobody wanna hear from me V2. ... No time for comments only questions May not have the answers, but just stay outta my mentions What we have in common is the unearned condescension But this is my q&a, and lyrical convention ... Dress in your finest if it's cosplay Lose yourself in someone else, if only for three days Trust me, every line, I'm puttin' on an outfit Mask is like the AMEX, don't leave home without it ... So please line up for the dealer's room Gotta a lotta merchandise to be eagerly consumed Oversell myself, made perspectives back off Left my hands full with a backlog of backstock ... Bubbles bursting like it's back in '07 Exiting paradise kisses never know heaven Came so far, but despite all of the go gettin' Market wants a sacrifice, or at least some bloodlettin' V3. ... Hyperfocus on the wrong places Lost in the bass hits, but missing the basics Looking at the friends who got into high places Trying to pretend that the envy ain't tasteless ... Guessing greener grasses are ageless Just like these faces upon social spaces Soaked in selection, filtered for fakeness The cycle's direction, is seamless and breakless ... Being middle aged ain't grown enough Everything delayed, layin' low, just holin' up Body falls apart, makes me feel like throwin up Cannot make a start, everyday's just holdin' tough ... Too many lost despite new connections Too much time passed to pursue resurrections ... Trying to bring a close to my missions Feeling like I've outgrown limited editions end. Way too online and focused on the timeline Interaction digital's just sitting on the sidelines Riptide drags way below the lowest tide lines In a trench, but not the trenches of an incline Can't resurface let alone expect a come up And it's for the best, late success would be dumb luck My vocals are weightless, so lack gravitation So now I'm out of line cause I'm mad with waitin'
Bad Posts 03:26
Ch. (x4) Get mad n' reply New like n' subscribe Corn cob, corn cob Bad posts, sad lies V1. Why be inventive kid? Mathematics incentive the negative Why be attentive kid? Get more attention for being insensitive Forget the empathy Weighting that favors more hatred, audacity Decrease capacity All hater language forget perspicacity Tumbled and polished Everyone's dignity ruined, demolished Screaming like colic Making a mess but y'all call it a Pollack Rotten for profit So ill begotten the gains that they lock in Poisonous moppets Toxically talkin upon every login Everyone's goin for engagement Easy mode's gettin' more enragement No love for those with a sage bent Go dumb gettin' real paid then Everyone wanna get their bands up Nobody wanna get their hands up No love for those getting handsome So getting ugly's the perfect plan huh? V2. Ignore the human Keep all your kindness absent and truant Never a Truman Bucks never stoppin' so long as your screwin' Everyday ruined Technically winnin' even when you're losin' Replyin' crusin' Goosin' the numbers up till they get clued in If they switch patterns Adaptin' again is the action that matters Regroup or scatter Continue sendin whatever recaptures Eyes and attention Get the retention back into the mentions Paying the rent then Tryin' to tell yourself you're not demented Not owned is whatcha tell your psyche "It's fine that not one soul likes me" Self assurances landing tritely No insurance, no landing lightly Nose divin into dark abysses Just jokes yet you're feelin' listless Whole life's maladroit and bliss-less No kisses, just kicks and fistses
Sick 03:15
ch. X2 sick of playin games, sick of all the typin sick of all the nothin everyone's writin though I do the same, in many things I say but I wanna do better, so I hope we all change V1. Dear Myself, Thought Everything Had Changed But Drama Pains Still Strains With Too Many Lame Brains, No Horsepower, Just Pony Bars From These Phony Bards Whose Flows Sound Like The Lonely Island Taking Homely Sharts Only Multis Spat Are Spats About How They're Wack With Cargo Culty Raps Demanding Press In Attacks No Sack So No Racks To Blow Down At A Sak's Probably Can't Attack The Discount Racks At The Gap That's No Cap And Mask Off And I Never Do That Ya Try To Catch Me Slip But I Redact Run It Back You're Back To Driving Lyft While There's Nothing I Lack There's No Laughs At Your Act, So Back Off, Do It Stat No Matter The Era Or Forum It's Breeds Boredom Stare At The Screen But Each Screed Reads More Dumb Than The Last, All That Errata Seeds Like Sorghum Cream Of The Crop Leaves, Fell Off & Got Sore Thumbs V2. Fuck Everyone Whose Writing For Neural Nets Whose Only Real Audience Is Made Of An Empty Set No Human Actually Trying To Look To You Just Following A Trail Of Crumbs Like Blue Clues These Cyphers Summarize Evoking No Emotions Just Click Bait Listicles In Hip-Hop Coatins Upset That No One Ever Digs You Out Of Ya Blankets Of Pop Culture Nods, Ya Listeners All Thankless The Parasocial Relationships You Built Are All Fakes Counterfeit Connections That Easily All Break It's Like Ya Bought Your Come Up Off Of Ali Or Wish Because It's Way Over Due, And It's Broken n' Shit And It's Cause Of Wiki Raps That Run Up The Streams But Don't Keep One Fan On Who'd Follow Your Dreams I Get This All Sucks, And That You've Been So Hurt Cause Your Fanfic Bars Blocked Your Self Insert
Ch. (x2) Break the internet? Nah it broke me. Taste the bitterant: Flavor chokes me. Break the internet? Yeah, it'd be fun. Bet it's goin' down, US-EAST-1 V1. I ain't got the patience to correct you Connect four no way can't connect to Anyone whose ignorance a virtue Not cruel, no I don't wanna hurt you But I ain't obligated to debate you And you don't want me to educate you So there's no path to extricate you You just want my L to validate you But you gotta snatch it, I can't give it Best chop like a hatchet or forget it Think you're like the coffee from a civet You just smell the same: rancid, acidic Used like to wallow in the slop as well Knew the path I followed it was hot as hell Tired of the enmity and rotten tales Recognized my dignity is not for sale V2. Used to gaze into abysses darker than Scolded 'cause I was a firestarter man Couldn't trust or love as it was harder than Simply giving up on being smarter than The web encased me in conspiracies ML always guiding me to query seas Never sunny beaches in realities But radical oceans where the scary breeds Bailed on that as the poison overwhelmed Turned the bow with no reverse upon the helm I evacuated to the 3d realm Some left back trapped in their cerebellum Shadow boxin enemies who never show Ignorant with no desire to ever grow Locked inside these selective communities Reinforced by weights that push more lunacy
ch. (X2) Feelin like I'm livin in exile Been cut from a different textile Kevlar in room of full of reptiles Head down, hands up, stackin checks while V1. Mad sick, rabid attacks from these hell hounds Panicked when I deflect, thought I fell down Tragically it connects, so the bell sounds Magic academic got you spellbound Akko cause I'm KO with a AK Stack grows with a great flow that's a pay day Rack clothes with my pesos not layaway Black hole as the weight grows can't stay away ...Too many threads to dereference Even right there underlining my pretense Preference the densest, obtuser the sentence My truth is compression, condense til it's senseless Not my problem if there's no comprehension Actin' appalled then at my condescension Ignorin' calls to play nice, no pretensions My conversations are built on dissention V2. Can't give a damn what I spit today Perfect score tied up like kitsuke Those out reactin, askin me to clarify Oh, no I don't give the keys out to paradise Wrapped nicely and with a neat bow And still coming through purely in a neet mode K still flows with a mix of elite code With geek nods deeper than any meek know Since ninety nine, just before prime time Puttin off homework, slackin off that grind Toonami's the only place that I wanna be Nostalgia blinds, might pull them back, honestly Snapback with a clapback to now More than clear on that when and how Got to a place where I'm just like wow Played my cards like it's magic, clow
Still On One 02:34
V1. You said I'm stupid and arrogant Said I'm a fuckin embarrassment Wanted to define the narrative Victim act was your imperative But really wanted that violence Intimidate into silence Only thing keeping you filed in Consequences of that style then Never imagined me spittin Situation was forbidden Too bad I did it Off the top and in writtens Creation tailored and fitted I'll never quit it Fought me and scolded my actions Only chased your satisfaction Breaking my traction Taught me to hold my obsessions Follow through on my intentions & Beat back depression Ch. X2 Know some wanna see my whole life spun Good luck watch out if you try somethin Wanna catch me down bad, on a sad run Too bad everyone, I'm still on one V2. Never believed in my vision A devil's advocate sittin Questionin every decision Always insultin my mission Never respond with elation Despite the monetization Wanted that for your creation But when I get it you're hatin? Couldn't accept that I'm special Different moves left you unsettled You couldn't kettle Flower with beautiful pedals Blueprint thrown out and disheveled Proving my mettle Too many options too brilliant Evergreen in my resilience Dreamin of millions Haters can stay in their feelins Shoutin invectives at ceilins I'll still be healin
Shoegazer 03:24
v1. tired of being socked every day by internal vox fight with myself often, professionally oughtta box trauma bleedin' me out, speechless I never talk desires of this society defeat me I wanna walk either explode somethin', or somethin' is gonna blow somethin' we can't decode, forgot till it overflows multiverses in cursive recursively bury growth somethin' we cannot show, cause even we don't yet know everything ill fittin', yet nothin' is ever ill puzzle pieces missin', so nothin' can ever heal everything's too meta, like nobody's ever real senses going numb, like never again I'll feel never feel fulfilled, emptiness like a void nothin' left can thrill, no moments are overjoyed everything even keeled, leveled and steady state cept when it falls apart, incredible as it breaks Ch. ...Every second passing is the dopest Every word spoke is like a bucket of nootropics They can't find an outline, we detail with copics They can't even cope, it was terror when we wrote this ...Power radiating like a Therac Prejudice pervasive, so the haters wanna retract Going so hard, so they ask us how we dare slap Lookin at how they're cap, jonesin' for some rare 'facts V2. try to slam on the brakes, friction doesn't engage giving it all it takes, yet it all tears n' frays shredded, red n' enraged, nothing left there to save senselessly flashin' back, prayin' for better days stuck at a crossin', blockin' in all directions nothin' but a tool for a faux resurrection talked down to, endless the condescension everything falls apart, lacking any retention touching across dimensions, breaking down every wall nothing is standing still, everyone in the thrall anyone trying to stall, better get uninvolved exit 'fore it resolves, shrinking back from the call everything realigns as variables redefine glitching and changing signs, blazing through battlelines descrating designs, addling weaker minds razing the ties that bind, freeing the lost to find
Change It Up 02:37
Ch. Chill out I'm the same as you Every shot fired is aimed at me too That's why I'll explain it at you Might be time to change it up dude (x4) Change it up (x3) ayy... (outro background) every song's the same, the same, the same, the same (x2) V1. All I see are kids min maxing a little game Coulda flipped lids, not chasing a little change Coulda shown out and flexed with a little range Instead all ya topics all stayed a little same Jump on a Sunday with no Afternoons Cookie cutter themes woulda felt more new Coulda had Friends if you spelled it in runes Somehow Dengeki that everything is ruined Worked like a dog but all you got was a pero More than a deck shuffled wrong for the tarot Clear as day it's cause ya thesis is narrow Yet it fell apart like it's Desus n' Mero Built your own prisons entrapped for life uh Cause all your tracks are homages or cyphers Try to be you but then no one likes ya Amuro slapped by Noah Bright uhh... V2. All the same subjects feel light and novel Long like titles of the worst light novels Poorly built like a pig sty, hovel Bad wolf blow it all down won't coddle Think I'm no threat, think I ain't known yet Watch your tone bet, better watch ya own set Set your watches on it, that I'll rezone it Build a throne upon it, made of all ya cornbread Gotta a lotta Hamburger Helper on deck Whipping up a meal, maybe flip for a check Swing the club deep til it hits and connects Yet no catharsis cause I feel like dreck I oughta cut it up like it's Menchi Stop letting drama live in me rent free Shoulda focused on the love others sent me Coulda felt like I'm Noata or Tenchi
Ch. (X2) Can't try angles, Ayakashi Fate's stays tangled, Abenobashi Waits so steady on my body Weights so heavy on my body V1. Lock on the psyche is worse than penetration Penetratin' that there ain't value in my creation Creates a tension, it's puttin' weight on my soul Soul discretion continually taking a toll Tolls paid rather than melee at the fines Fine days pretty thin is what's plaguin' my mind Mind manners and back burner my day planner Plans to change all estranged, and no one clamors Clamor to feel more, but chasing these fake goals Goals shifted beneath and turned to fools gold (well) Gold chains really never in the Equation The equating of gifts is just equivocation Equivalent my exchanges? no, I just lost more More often than not knocked out upon floors Floors filthy reflective of all my mind blocks Blocks built in my childhood that I cannot unlock V2. Sure cocky though nothing I do is special Special today's the past, and never cast in metal Metal taste in my mouth seared into my dreams Dreams turning to nightmares such a tired scheme Schemes never bare fruit, too many distractions Distracted by cheap thrills and sadder actions Acting right is no longer on the table Table a motion to get emotions but unable Unable to traverse upon fragile grounds Grindin out a path without allowed sound Soundin alarms, but no one here listens Listenin not needed for modern day missions Mission was too vague, so then we all lost Lost futures for everyone, focus too soft Soft attitudes all passed off as demure Demure to a fault, but really unsure
No Back Ups 03:29
v1. So I don't ride with isekai as I'm not a bitter guy Just tryin to find a better life honestly without a lie Other folks hoping for trucks to run up on 'em why Focus on final fantasies that they can never set aside Watch as everyone else is moving up and moving past Even Anno's telling shippers that it's time to touch some grass A universe and century of time and space, it's such a laugh That universal centuries still radiate a deadly grasp Seeing such diversity all thinkin' "no one likes you" Watch 'em double down on chat pachiko waifus The ship will never sail, if they never once try dudes Complaints can't fall on ears, if they can't start a life too The metaphors spelled out by all their favorite anime Somehow never motivates to find a pathway out today Always for tomorrows as tomorrows never can betray Wallow in the sorrow, never piloting, just candidates ch. No Back Ups, No Save States No Reloads, Carry That Weight ...Mistakes are too easy to make You gotta understand the game, cause it's ready to break No Back Ups, No Save States No Reloads, Carry That Weight ...You are your own worst enemy And everyone is ready to catch ya out in ya enmity v2. Everyone's connected, yet got no one to talk too Angst is misdirected, can't even chill with otaku Energy ineffective, too ready to mute and block you Can't walk or talk it out, but ready to run and pop you Can't communicate across divides to any other person And finding new stomping grounds leads to the uncertain Easy to stay inside, and try to hide behind the curtain Parasocial turns parasitic and everybody's hurtin Everybody here's antisocial, but they still acted out Then failed very publicly where all the dirt's tracked about No room for any sympathies, everybody casted doubt Hot takes cooking nuance off, judgement passed on every route All could've been headed off by hanging out at comic stores Made friends at conventions, equals who do not adore Or hate every action that you ever take, no keeping score Made as many day ones as you could before ya shut that door
V1. I don't ride with bots, no Polars or FN Mekas I only keep it real, real people with real records If you're only online, ain't making real connections Parasocial energy only in one direction Meta MCs only live in Visual Studios Only meta for me is references in my loopy flows I've had my Phil Collins, enough su-su-sussdio I'm last of the DoDos goin do-do-dootio On any 2-bit artist project managed in binary Search engine rejects tagged in their finery Machine learning trained, distilled in refineries I show it all in the trash, and ask it kindly leave Delete it off the servers like films at Discovery Bleach bit these puppets with no hope of recovery I'm fine with those actually made by independents I hope indie v-tubers are snatchin' these phony's pendants Ch. (X2) The past's the just past like it's ODB These OTPs were just an OTP It's bad memory schtick like OCZ Why won't they last? Well, it's mostly me V2. Catch a lot FLAC like I'm lossless sound Don't wanna redact so I'm off this now Managed with no management, I'm boss-less wow Devalued my damages? I'll talk less. How? Mostly mental with instrumentals and incidentals Everything real and no rentals of Continentals Even if it means the gleam gleaned isn't as bright At least what the scene's seen on screen's actually right No edits, no cuts or cherry picks No fake outs, jump scares or scary tricks If it's down bad it's actually down bad And if it's all good, won't flip it to sound sad Won't name brands to name brands for clout chases Can't wear a mask or a filter upon my faces Ain't n95, just 93 til infinity Bring it back to life, no virtual reality
Ch. X2 Virtual boys can't make your meals Virtual girls can't pay your bills All of these toys will never fill All of these holes in you are real Post ch. They'll never love you in the way you hope they'll love you They cannot love you in the way you need that love too V1. Best way to, self medicate Never meditate, only generate Then pass out, on the interstate Just an ingrate, won't integrate Can't fight it though, don't wanna scrimmage Just click click, see another image Press delete, if you hate the visage All junk food, never eatin spinach Only green ya got, is the envy Gettin fiscal, say it's plenty Really your lots, very empty Artificial's weighin' heavy On ya soul now, takin' tolls now In the cold out, gettin' closed down Was a hold out, now it holds down Now it all drowns, in the sholes now V2. All the bull ish, never cooled it Common sense out, let a fool spit Let the rope wrap, let the tool hit No defense now, caught a full hit Chase idols, staying idle Oxygen out, lower vitals Cloned styles, looking vile Can't reroute, so the piles All runaway, go critical Neon blue glow, new pinnacle Can't get away, too mystical Chain just grows, invincible Repent now, gotta prostrate Extends out, self-propagates Can't unplug, self-replicate Brand new drug, self-medicate End.(x2) No matter how it's clever It's just a chase forever


released April 24, 2024

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & produced by Karl "Ultraklystron" Olson. Copyright 2024.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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