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Real Boss (Omake Mix) [Feat. Ise Trey]

from Null Signifier by Ultraklystron



ch. (Ultraklystron)
I am not a victim; I'm a real boss
I am not a victim; I'm a real boss
Yeah, I have it good, so I really floss,
And if I didn't that would be a real loss

v1. (Ultraklystron)
I made it as well as anyone expected
So I don't have the right to feel too dejected
So tell me I'm special & I won't correct it
But I will not say it beyond introspection

Finally I'm recognized often;
I keep it all popping;
Acceleration isn't stopping

I'm doing this til I'm in coffins;
And people are talking:
Ask me what is the goal I'm stalking?

Why you still writing so hype when
The code that your typing
Should be the only thing you're liking

Recruiters are on me and calling
And say they are balling
But it's just a trick I'm not falling

Keeping my business amazing
And keeping the pacing
Inside of my head with no backing

Audience never left waiting
And They'd find it grating
If I held back from attacking

My highlights resist any shading
From ill informed hating
The details resistant to cracking

Hungry opponents left fading
The thinnest ice skating
Plus I made the corner they're backed in

Cause it's been a minute since I've had a win
Except for everyday that I wake again
And it's not virtual: I don't play pretend
If I went back in time I wouldn't change one end

v2. (Ultraklystron)
Even the train to work's a truly blessing
Using that time to create's so impressive
At least that's what people say, that's my impression
But still it's not better than studio sessions

Sometimes I feel like I could be
More than I try to be
But then again nobody's fly as me

Just trying to see what the peak would be:
Is it just B2B,
Or could the whole world be seeking me?

I guess could go get an agent
To be a reagent
But frankly I'm ever so patient

Honest, my minutes are seconds
To my quick perception
So I'll keep on making connections

Face it nobody could touch me
Yeah if they were lucky
Maybe they could handle my basics

Advanced work that gathers advances
From lingual romances
Is out your league, cannot fake it

Nobody will touch my production
Nor ignore seduction
That comes from my sonic creations

So I will not act like I've had it hard
Put it in every bar
Screaming out yeah ultra made it

I don't have to care if I make it now
Let me take a second here to break it down
All my contemporaries here play for keeps
I'm paid til 'bots dream electric sheep

v3. (Ise Trey)
Biting on flows, call me the Pirana
Biting on hoes, call her the Modonna.
Chillin in a dinner wearing new Designer.
Sitting in tags, I promise the Devil don't wear Prada.

Limpin Posideon, the missle been guided.
Defending Goliath.
Arrested Tobias.

DAB, (Arrested Development.)

Feelin so Loco,
Leanin four Loco.
Codeine in my full bowl.
Socks and a polo. (flex)
Been Shroomed out my Domo like Mario, Bro
(Whoa,) where did my dome go?
No AB's and I'm Sou-lo, Ho. (flex)
HOE x4

Reimagine your future before you flex according. (flex)
Said you got bars but you been seen me forwarding. (flex)
Respek your Elders, read the Scrolls, go back to Morrowind.
Bitch I'm a Real Boss, I ain't fake like Rick Ross.
Throwing lines like a Discuss toss.
Getting rid of the flaq with one morning floss.
Final Fantasy Wakka met Waka in a rap battle.
Out came this Blitz, song and trunk rattle. (I'm a real Boss.)


from Null Signifier, released June 16, 2016




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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