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Out Here (Omake Mix) [Feat. Ish1da]

from Null Signifier by Ultraklystron



ch. (Ultraklystron)
don't care about genre
don't care about mantras
I'm out here and getting it...

forgot about paper
no thought in the labor
I'm just out here getting it

like Random and Richie
like the Emerald City
I'm out here and getting it

and there's no forgetting it
no time for regretting it

I've been feeling uninspired -
I've been feeling like my work is undesired
usual won't spark my fire -
kept my schedule well so I'm not just tired

welcome feels so out stayed -
like when I see homies when I'm in the states
cause everything I do is played -
and I know that some of you can well relate

even with my thousand songs -
they won't change a thing even when I'm gone
even with my money long -
this is my sunset, this is not a dawn

conscienceless, and feeling lame -
consciousness retained, waking up again
cram me back up on the train -
neck is downward strained, and I'm in my brain

locations change but stay the same -
different places yet nobody's switching lanes
never find a higher plane -
stick with all the same don't desire strange

though I know I'm one to speak -
never was that bold, never was that chic
never once achieved the peak -
simply killing time in silent defeat

shouldn't even bother now -
wasting time like this shouldn't be allowed
never should've been so proud -
can't blame anyone who would disavow

I'll carry forward anyway -
even on my own, I'll make better days
won't succumb to that malaise -
do it for myself regardless of praise

v3. (Ish1da)
Ugh, Maintain what men do
I see you got dat buzz but what that pen do?
I been through what you been through, only difference is our mental
Ish-1, Automatic, feed tha rap game a Senzu
I view life through a lyricist lense, like Final Fantasy, tha spirits within
My anger, my hatred, my fear in my pen, my music doesn't mirror my zen
I'm oozin wit insecurity, but you wouldn't know bumpin my trakc
I'm dumpin tha gat and runnin it bakc, til my body is just a lump in a sakc
Would you be a prophet, if you seen tha vision I seen?
Yo, that's word to Art Lawd, we out here livin our dream
Could never live as a fiend, but I need this path in life
Fukc Oxygen, Fukc H2O, I'd rather have a mic
Up writin half tha night, til my structure finalized
Yeah, I'm rappin like it's my fukn job, fukc my 9-5
I'm a see it done, I will be tha 1, like tha way my name stylized
My heart beat to tha beat, only reason I'm alive, That's why...


from Null Signifier, released June 16, 2016




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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