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Figures or Fendi (Omake Mix) [Feat. MC Lars]

from Null Signifier by Ultraklystron



v1. (MC Lars)
Ball like I'm Spaceman, spaceman, spaceman, ball like I’m spaceman spiff
Lost in the clouds don’t think I’m allowed to lay it on the line like this
Try to build my YouTube followers up but I’m always stuck around 8k
Spent seven thousand dollars on that Dragon Blood vid but did it blow up? no way NO WAY
I’m 33 now see my numbers slip watch those iTunes checks get small
Used to be a name some people knew now they don’t know me at all
Dank memes on the scene, what I mean is the dream to be big on the net won’t last
Cause they click and they stream and close and they sleep and pain hits your heart so fast
Everyone’s got a mixtape, soundcloud, YouTube page with a million songs
Bumping SIMPSON WAVE watching DAT BOI roll on the unicycle on and on AND ON AND
Just want to make my parents proud one day, but honestly I’m just getting by
Watch my friends having kids getting PhDs, while I’m playing dark clubs every night
But I know that the art and the heart and my voice that I put in this work will last
I may have had more heat when I first came out but I’m still writing rhymes in the trap
They got Garlic Bread making people mad mad, homie this is 2016
So I’ll sit with my pad and that Klystron beat keep on killing it and do my thing chyea

ch. (Ultraklystron)
Do I want figures or fendi
No wait no; I want it all
Veruca Salt-style: I want it all

Don't let your offer offend me
No, I won't return your call
Block you, so you can't return your call

respect me or lose me
have fun finding a new me

if you're only do you
I'm only gonna do me

I'm only gonna do me (x3)
have fun finding a new me

v2. (Ultraklystron)
I'm comfortably uncomfortable
Emotionally unpunkable
Only tragedies can surprise
But can they make me feel inside?

Keep my timing / like it's DDR
Get attention / such a needy star

But it's a long climb / at wrong time
Meta cliches / are a strong sign

I've been a narcissist / since I started this
In my childhood / in apartments kid

Overwrought thoughts / all that I've got
But no 8-mile / more than one shot

I wanna love life / like a love live
Gotta a best girl / not a rough life

And it's all mint / not a scuff life
So consistent / like it's one size

And though fits it me / it's unfitting
Never stayed still / so I'm not sitting

Perseverance means / I'm not quitting
The only way is up / I'm uplifting

Buckle up, because it's lift off
It's the real thing, and not a rip off

And it's going down, without a tip off
It's a wild ride, and we can't get off

It's the struggle dreams, mixed with subtle memes
Mixmaster flow here to muddle themes

I sell flow-vacaine; no rebuttal stings
Sell accessories; I stay hustling.

v3. (Ultraklystron)
Divergent in emergencies
Insurgent running hurriedly
Only tragedies can surprise
But they get my soul to try

I could drop out / choose a opt out
Start a lock out / sell a stock out

Rather walk tall / than to stop now
May not block falls /but I'll not pout

Though I could shout / put em on blast
Get my devout / to act real rash

Maybe black ball / put on em last
But attacks stall / and the feels pass

Moving so fast / like a new lotus
Staying on focus / put em on notice

Setting precedent / I don't mean POTUS
More a dissident / never once soldiers

Dropping references / sans semiotics
If you're ignorant / made you feel neurotic

From the grave bars / flow is necrotic
And it makes stars / so it blows atomic

Gotta muscle up; you better get swole
As the only way that you won't get told

Is to end my run, you better be bold
Turn the lights out like a choke hold

I still bounce back like cockroaches
Cause I've seen worse, still here gloating

Made a troy ounce from a penny wait
See, my critics can't acclimate


from Null Signifier, released June 16, 2016




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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