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Work It Baby

from Animatic [Deluxe] by Ultraklystron



A song about the various Japanese fashion trends, and how someone would look good in all of them. Also, another Tolkien reference. Just realized that's two songs in a row.


i see that dolly kei, i'd dress that dolly every way
never on that molly, eh? but you look like ecstasy
the antique style that makes me wanna say desu
but if i do that, then i know that won't get you
but you carry that well, sure you're not ball-jointed?
you're like a dolly queen, or soon to be anointed
can't even find the words, i can't seem think through
leaving me speechless, you're looking so shinku
also I like it after dark, i would go ganguro
if she switched to that, i would still want her through
looking pretty fly, neon saturates my eye
and your white eye shadow has me screaming "oh my"
never thought i'd fall for a girl with a spray tan
but you're looking so good gotta take off my ray bans
you could even go manba, and my anaconda
would still want some, so go do what you wanna

Cause you're outstanding...

loli or mori, it's perfect baby
any style rocked is perfect lady
heads spin round like a circuit baby
everyone knows that you work it lady
so work it baby, work it baby
fashion everyday, just work it baby
so work it baby, work it baby
you good every way, just work it baby

you could be my mori girl, oh we'd have some stories girl
forever in the forest, as long as you adore me girl
and those mori colors seem yoshitoshi ABe
and that style's tasty; you're cooking like Nabe
desire shire style - but girl you're no hobbit
and i'm sure every mori asks you were you got it
every color's so muted, but you're eye-catching
don't even have to shine to look ever-so fetching
wardrobe ain't got a lion, and girl you're no witch
but you've got me enchanted, making my body twitch
and your style never quits; i don't wanna be friends
tell me what to do, you can be my DM
you could gal it up, though you already turn heads
in a t-shirt and jeans and a dirty pair of keds
sweatpants, hair-tied; crinolines with hair-dyed
my eyes all on you; sorry if i stare, aight?

You're just shockingly beautiful...


from Animatic [Deluxe], released April 9, 2012




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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