well that's moe

from by Ultraklystron



Well That's Moe
by Karl Olson

Moe charas everywhere / all you need's right mindset
Overanalyze their hair / and you'll quickly find it
The moephile attitude / makes akiba profits
Drives otakus insane / for underage moppets
Even nerdcore hiphop kids / are hard-pressed to stop it
Moe's explodin' like acne / you wanna to pop it
But marketable mcs like me / simply cop it
But standard's asks me to crop it / so I photoshop it

Out of my pictures / or rather my artwork
But the removal of moe / really makes my heart smirk
I really can't actually support / this Freudian train wreck
Supported by oddballs / with screennames from Star Trek
Picard13 has some / pics that are pure dreck
I hate that party van stuff / I'll just do my mic check
This moe mentality / leaves your mind's eye pecked
It's clearly immoral / and utterly suspect

She's twenty-one but looks twelve? Well that's moe~~!
She's an adorable demon from hell? Well that's moe~~!
She's a mascot chara for Shell? Well that's moe~~!
She's a magical girl from CLAMP? Then scream "hoe~~!"
She's a maid and a childhood friend? Well that's moe~~!
She's actually just pretend? Well that's moe~~!
She's psychopathic again? Well that's moe~~!
She's a magical girl from CLAMP? Then scream "hoe~~!"

Mahou shoujo is moe / and it doesn't hurt
Because what's better / than girls in mini-skirts
Wait, maybe bike shorts / yeah, that's moe also
Only independence / makes moe false yo
So, who here is ready to step / up to the plate
And scream out loud / "moe's totally great?"
Not a person in the house / well thank you Kami
If you had spoken up / I'd have called your mommy

Cause nothing says wack / like the moephile's crack
It buries your soul / in surrealist plague
That is to say / your perspectives so destroyed
You're falling for the traps / come on they're still just boys
But you're like "come on / everyone just get with it
Who want's this CG / collection of Bridget?"
So stay away from the moe / it'll kill you man
But if things get their worst / it'll thrill you man



from Romance Language, released February 14, 2007
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




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