from by Ultraklystron



by Karl Olson

People say to me: "Karl Olson, you're biased"
I say unto them: "Why don't you try this:"
Talk to her about the things that we nerds enjoy
Disregard the fact that she also dates a boy
And talk about the Marvel Civil War and the Jedi
And then you might just have a glimpse of why
I count her as a confidant, inspite of her smoking
Normally I can't handle that, I end up choking

Some say I'm in love, but that cannot work
There are incongruencies between our quirks
And of course the cigarettes seem to ruin a kiss
So there's another reason I support this miss
And it's because she's quite nice - opened up her doors
Gave me extra blankets when I slept on her floor
If you knew her for real, you would get my logic
And it ain't got nothing to with the erotic

Ever since I have met her, I've been stunned
By her warmth, don't see why would one would shun
Such a lovely girl away, who loves cool anime
And who can be the sunlight on a cloudy day.

But still people playa hate, and I can't tolerate
Besides I'd rather see those folks stand and create
I'd rather hear a new track from them / Instead to keep from attackin them
I sew my mouth shut with a hem / To stave off all the hatred stems
I try to write words positive and poetic
I try to rise above the base and make new aestetics
She might have rich tastes - Westwood and Versace
But understand, she's my number 1 tomodachi

You must comprehend, every moment that she lives
She defines life her own way, even tryin' to forgive
Though people won't let her, it's nauseating
I want to opt out from the whole scene, to stop creating
Just hide away with her and have a wonderful time
To have true innocence rather than the grime
Of pointless mudslinging that does nothing but stink
I want to save her like Zelda - to be her Link

Meanwhile, the playa-haters can have the scene
They can have their compilations and bitter lean
I choose to opt out, now and forever
I'll I switch genres to something better



from Romance Language, released February 14, 2007
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




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