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shoujo n' shonen (feat. nursehella & baddd spellah)

from Romance Language by Ultraklystron

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Shoujo n' Shonen
by Karl and Danielle

v1. (Ultraklystron)
What sends me into a tiff? Why it's Talho's midriff!
Leave Eureka to the lolicons; I'll fence all of their persocoms!
I'll check out Miss Misato, when with Yebisu she's blotto!
If I want it really freaky though, I mack up on Miss Ritsuko!

I never need the moe style - just give me Cutey Honey!
I'll make her nanobots implode - right in front of everybody!
Make a harem with these glasses on? Well then just call me Negima?
Inner Kly is a such jerk, saying "Leave these girls beggin ya!"

Anime has taught me one thing, and that's never be athletic!
Atleast if you want ladies, then you better be pathetic!
Be timid and undecisive - Even space will give you girls!
If you want some cool devices - Then that plan you must unfurl!

Though that's not for real life - only in the anime,
But there I have posse made of cute jouseikousei,
There's a fan club all up on me, and they're screaming out their lungs
"L. O. V. E. L. Y. Ultraklystron's" what they've sung

Anime girls and anime boys,
Step up to the front and make some noise!
Nursehella and the Ultraklystron,
Livin large, cause we got our ice on!
You got imaginary friends? We got imaginary lovers,
And we'd like to get these 2D cuties between the covers!
(Between The Covers)

v2. (Nursehella)
I'm a sucker fan-girl for the anime boys,
They be my vice to be concise, the poison of my choice.
All them bishonen ronin, they get me fuckin' moist.
Japanamation masturbation, uh huh, I do enjoy -

Oi! Mister sandman, come bring me a dream,
Edward Elric in the flesh to help me work off some steam
In the shower for an hour 'till he starts to rust,
Back to my room until noon for a threesome with Lust.

Don't you dare wake me up, we just getting started.
My hentai list will get me blissed, but it ain't for the faint hearted.
Fabricating fornicating with imaginary men,
Lights camera action, satisfaction, and let's do it again.

I'm so X-rated and illegal, was a bounty for Spike Spiegel,
- Handcuffed in the buff, wearing a pair of high heels.
I get the slammer, Spike's the warden - I'm his personal toy,
And he plays me 'till the morning - see you later space cowboy!

Act four, I'm gonna score with my boy Cloud Strife,
Mako eyes, but what's his size? Like his buster sword? Nice.
I've got All Seven Fever, almost at my limit break,
Wait! Lemme pause and savor, there's another road to take.

Back in time ten minutes, we're undressed and having fun,
Our necking gets discovered - Tifa and Jenova's son.
Checkin' out this yaoi pair, so well endowned, I'm impressed
Cloud gets off with Sephiroth, so I grab Tifa's chest.

The quest's a final epic orgy, ooh I like how this is shaping,
Sell the doujin-dvd 'cuz a moogle was taping.
I can't disquise this, it's a fetish of a lecherous mind,
Nursehella kinky and coquettish pet otaku concubine!


v3. (Nursehella vs. Ultraklystron)
N: PG-13 Karl vs. Nurse's triple X?
U: Well, what you'd expect? I ain't ever had sex!
N: Karl, you so innocent and you adorable.
U: Well, it ain't my fault your mindset's deplorable.
N: Coppin' feels can be fun, but the nakeder the better.
U: My clothes are kinda chaffing me, let me take off my sweater.
N: Nice Simpsons reference Karl, but you're Moe Szyslak
U: I'm sorry, my bad, this an anime track.
N: So level with me Karl, who's the best bishoujo?
U: Maybe Sakaki-san, she's got back like Flo-jo.
N: Isn't she in high school!?
U: It's anime, so it's cool.
N: True that, she'd be on your Shikon Family Jewels!
U: Wanna bring me over to the side of the Sith?
N: Well, maybe that way you can finally get kissed.
U: Well, it's better than being an anime floozie!
N: When the boys don't exist, why should I be choosy?



from Romance Language, released February 14, 2007
Written and performed by David Cheong, Karl Olson and Danielle Prokop, produced by David Cheong and Karl Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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