scenester blues (remaster)

from by Ultraklystron



Scenester Blues
by Karl Olson

It's abhorrent - all this hatred up in the rhymetorrent
This mindset should be arrested / so here is the warrent
I mean shouldn't the nerd community / be more supportive
Strikes that me that all this fighting is / insanely abortive
Of the goal of making nerdcore rise up - and elevate it
Instead a stew of enmity / is all that's created
After all we're all nerds / we know it bites to bullied
So we ought to understand / this situation more fully

I'm not sure if I'd want be seen in this scene
And if that seems mean that's just the statical mean
Yeah that's average / and that's so depressing
You'd be shocked to find out just how much / I find it distressing
We should be allies like Piccolo and Goku
Instead we're like Vegita or even Majin Buu
You all can trendcend your ego / yeah, I know you're that smart.
Come on rhymetorrents, don't break my heart!

I don't want a crew
If it gives me scenester blues
Cause these bitter hues
Leave me torn up and confused

I don't want a crew
If it gives me scenester blues
So I build some pews
To relate my point of view

"We unite on the basis of what we have in common"
We shouldn't be like fighting / like Kings of the Shaman
Instead we feud and hate / like were nothing but pawns
But this ain't an FPS / there is no chance respawn
The fragments are created / and with continental drift
There is soon a giant ocean / an insurmountable rift
Because we're all sniping / yeah we're shooting the gift
No denying all the evidence / no taking the fifth

So it's time to reabilitate / it's time make friends
Time to put humpty dumpty / back together again
I'm not saying that this world has to be a nursery rhyme
I'd just like to see a scene / that's a little more sublime
Ain't easy to heal wounds / hard to kiss and make up
But if this vitrol continues / this scene will break up
So I am the fireman / I'm here to put out the flames
But if I don't get help / then I'll have to proclaim


from Romance Language, released February 14, 2007
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




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