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A Song With Pointlessly Obfuscated Lyrics For The Sake Of A Reference And Pun


by Karl Olson

switch it / change it / flip the game / so reversible (reverse)
get it / claim it / rearrange / so reversible (reverse)
so reversible / so reversible
every week's never same / so reversible

switch it / change it / flip the game / so reversible (reverse)
get it / claim it / rearrange / so reversible (reverse)
so reversible / so reversible
this everyday school life is so reversible

getting in trouble in that old life
everything's rubble, time to fold right
yet the pace doubled, time to hold tight
replacing cold nights, with a bold life
finding other selves in the same one
caught up in the moment, an untamed son
finally became one, finding a new path
perspective lacked, now has accrued that

better not touch on their clique /
lest be you kicked /
snapping these necks like a stick //
no illusion or a trick /
solution is quick /
pen at your throat is a bic //
never a demo or a show /
ready to blow /
the legend is something to know //
slapping down all of these foes /
because they want faux /
ignorance keeping them closed //

coordinators matching the coordinates
style is the deadliest ordinance
take it to far you're escorted hence
manipulate the weak via sordid sense
a little lip gloss caused a big loss
an innocent boss set the gig off
every action's keeping the clique floss
heads up in the clouds already lifted off

never one second's a bore //
enemies sore /
never imagined they soar //
memories shared open doors /
moments adored /
getting these people to shores //
crossing to places unknown /
finding a zone /
those without seizing the throne //
used to be ever alone /
now they've grown /
companionship creates a home //

getting too caught up in the game now
isolated forgetting all the shame now
knowing in a moment it'll come down
gotta calm down, gotta come 'round
can't lose identity but the amenities
erase all selves in every vicinity
reality checks are all left unchecked
the right things left but the dots connect

the temporary reprieves /
arms hidden in sleeves /
truth never let to out breath //
until it's starting to seethe /
boiling these needs /
into the most manic screed //
posse all ready to bleed /
obsession breeds /
cuteness addiction it feeds //
losing their marbles and beads /
taking the lead /
passions are burning like trees//

beauty is a measure that's uplifting
temporary so it's ever wilting
imitated so it's not the real thing
but inside the moment sparking feelings
sinning so fitting it's forgiven
path arranged as the lore's written
prison turned a freedom back to prison
living then it's dying then it's living

the time limit draws ever close /
cut roses don't grow /
disguises and clothes are disposed //
like the world god only knows /
who knows how it goes /
reality is not a show //
triangles form then they break /
because what's at stake /
is beyond they all could take //
but for a slice of the cake /
will they act fake?
reality is theirs to make //


from Unwarranted Self Importance, released April 1, 2014




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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