by Karl Olson

I tear apart old tankoban / and make a collage of our dreams
I cherished every single one / but I cannot breath it seems
So I am barely holding on / But just seeing your smile beam
Warms me like an old rerun / Nostalgically you gleam

I thank you for the memories / the souvenirs of days done by
I think I'll always worry / If I ever made you sigh
I feel like I owe you / more than words or gifts can say
I'm thankful that I know you / a debt I can never repay
Maybe it's a love song / That has been made years too late
I really should not prolong / I should dive right into fate
I'm sure we have both moved on / So why am I behind the gate?
I wish the best for you / And the future you'll create


We've been friends for a while / known each other for some years
Attuned the same dial / sharing laughter and our tears
And coffee shop lunches / matcha, chai and pasteries
Comedy in bunches / from each other's histories
It couldn't last forever / moments pass by hurredly
I wish I'd been more clever / would have thought of more than me
If nothing I would have / told you how awesome you are
And maybe I could have / recognized your brilliant star

I'm really gonna miss you -
Best of luck when you're away -
I wish could've kissed you -
Though I am really okay -
With just being a step -
That you made along the way -
Besides I couldn't have kept -
You in my world so gray.



from Romance Language, released February 14, 2007
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




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