A song about very, very nerdy women into otaku culture, and my affinity of those types. Also, references!


if your doujin stacks aren't as large as mine / then i wont even give you the time
[I need a fujoshi]
you gotta be reading all the josei trades / and getting in on all the forum raids
[I need a fujoshi]

if you wanna be mine, then you can't be hatin / on how i read genshiken and gravitation
i could be your man, and romantic cheapskate /but only if you don't have any NEET hate
better not be sickened by the slash fiction / because if it does your exit'll be quickened
it's only shonen-ai not about yaoi /but even it was, you'd have to be okay
and we could travel, hit ikebukuro / keep it on the down low, hide from the bureau
head back to the states, cases full of BL / travel to a con and hustle that for resale
or we could keep it; hey can you read it? / oh you can translate, that makes me heated
you make me need it, i want you a scochi / it's hard not to love a hardcore fujoshi

but i gotta ask, you like mayu shinjo? / that'd be my style, that'd be a window.
into what you like when it comes to romance / we'd cut to the chase and forget the slow dance
or you like seinen cause i'd make rain then / if you like amazume, it'd be on the chain then
i'd be your kaoru, and you could be nana / we could take a breather but only if you wanna
if you dig cosplay, you'd be my ohno / take some videos and play it back in slow mo
but you can't be slowbro, i'm more rapidash / going fast, the ladies want me like i'm ash
if you're not my misty, may's around next / so you better grab me if you're not vexed
by my otaku flow and ita demeanor / the fujoshi know i'm an otaku scenester

I get around, round and round, from the puget sound to the akiba city, baby


from Animatic [Deluxe], released April 9, 2012




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
Beat Tapes
& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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