by Karl Olson

Gotta a devil on my shoulder / she's quite the temptress
But the fact is I'm not sure / if I should attempt this
Not in the starfleet handbook / this one manuever
Besides it's quite a drive / up to vancouver
Not to mention people / questioning incredulously
My current status / my nerdcore credibility
"Ultra-k ain't nerdcore / he made with out a chick!"
Look, are you envious? / or just mentally sick?

Besides I'm sure if you and I / traded spaces
You would check her out / like she was Paige Davis
Or certain members of / the Mythbusters Crew
Who it seems most nerds / dream about so blue
But you too would be / seriously curious
Is just she just teasing / is this just spurious
Well I suppose there's one way / for me to verify
Just need to gas up my car / and get ready to ride

I don't think that it's taboo
To be a nerd who gets through
And who sets a new high score
In this game known as amour

It beats going to yaoi-con / in San Francisco
Sure it's mostly girls / and it's better than discos
When it comes to attracting / a girl like me
Whose entranced by art / from across the seas
About pretty people / from other galaxies
But that seme/uke action / leaves me displeased
Not that I'm not down with it / but I don't wish live it
So that option's out / so I continue to pivot

Around the possibility / in the land of the north
Because we'd still be friends / but yet it seems so coarse
To be a midnight cowboy / on a steel horse riding
Without emotions / on road so winding
Down a path with trip cords / and other snares
Certainly wouldn't want / anything to tear
Between us and yet / it's so hard to resist
Didn't think she'd have me hooked / just off one kiss


I know I said earlier / that morals win
But her constant kindness / leaves me wonderin
Could I make it more / no - I'm just a kid
Besides the experience / might flip my lid
The Chanel on the pillows / after she slept in my bed
Was enough to make me crazy / made me lose my head
Plus it's evident from manga / that I get addicted
On things that I like / then I get conflicted

It could get in the way / of college and family
And I'm so not sure / if could balance thee
Responsibilities / of the power unleashed
A restlessness that only / destroys what peace
I'd built inside of me / yeah my A.T. Field
Is torn by part her smile / and her homecooked meals
She's nice to a fault / asks me 'bout my grand dad
Can't lose a friend like that / it would be too sad



from Romance Language, released February 14, 2007
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




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