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Advice Animal (Feat. Beefy)

from Animatic [Deluxe] by Ultraklystron



Not sure if cheap ploy for internet notoriety, or hilarious track about memes. Also, Beefy drops a brilliant verse with the best punchline on the record.


intro: [ultraklystron]

ch. [ultraklystron]
i'm still an animal, i'm still an animal
giving rad advice, but i can damage fools

v1. [ultraklystron]
i used to do that hoverhand / i was forever alone
was slowpoke now i'm slowking / so you ought to watch the thone
i went from an awkward penguin / to an insanity wolf
i hope y'all realize / exactly how much courage that took
used to be scumbag steve / now i am good guy greg
i give up it to the fans / i don't always make 'em pay and beg
not sure if innuendo / or just about free streaming
i don't always imply / but when i do it's done through memeing
been going dragonforce / pretty much the bossest rapper
but i'll never go dumb / insight like philoraptor
people wanna stop my shine / but that isn't a bother
haters are all just rugrats / i'm baby godfather
my depressed dog side / thought i'd fail from the get go
or maybe that was just / my inner skeptical hippo
i still have more to go / but i think all of my friends
will be hipster ariel / and brag about how they knew me when

v2. [ultraklystron]
wanna stay fly forever / never will i let death kill
anyone who disagrees / can go and make like they're bear grylls
feeling like i'm in demand / call me a production maven
and i'm getting so paid / if i'm a bird, then i'm rich raven
i used to be lonely pug / asking chicks y no love me
but now i'm best compared / to mr. david duchovny
used to get so dejected / used just say okay
but wait it's not okay / now i'm joe decreux every day
so if you're a butthurt dweller / y'all can stay in the cellar
business cat you and buy you out / i'm target, and you're just zellers
don't even know what that is / cause you never leave your room
you're part foul bachelor frog / part humor like lame pun coon
yo dawg herd you like hating / so we added some rage to waiting
now you can herp while derp / and complain about what i've been creating
by now i suppose you know / that i lead a redditor's life
and if i ring nursehella / guess that makes her a redditor's wife

v3. [beefy]
Forever alone not cocky, Surf all day you can't stop me
No need to put the phone of silent, cause nobody ever calls me
I try to be the voice of reason, I wanna be good guy Greg
You see me, Beefy, I wanna be the grown up version of Success Kid
I don't wanna be this guy. I don't wanna live this life
All blue and cold, go to bed alone, no home for a Redditor's Wife
So I flipped my brain to insane, and I got myself a puppy
Old owners had a baby. HAD a baby. Murder Husky.
I get paranoid like a parrot when I'm running into trees
I got a business cat with a baseball hat, telling me when I can leave
And I call him scumbag, Hell no I'm no me gusta
I've got those first world problems, I can solve em [I can solve em]
My rent is too damn high, like Fry I squint my eyes
Is rent too high or am I just broke? My friend I can't decide
Firetrucks don't stop at red lights, better run and tell your friends
I don't always write rhymes, but when I do, I don't know where the punchline is


from Animatic [Deluxe], released April 9, 2012
Lyrics and vocals by Karl Olson [Ultraklystron] and Keith A. Moore [Beefy]. Backing composition, mix, production by Karl Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Anime Rap,
Drum n' Bass,
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& more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever ❤️

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