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Unwarranted Self Importance

by Ultraklystron

this music lives by karl olson a nerdcore died before i could ever break out? sorry kids i'm not buying into that fake out want to say it's a novelty, that i'll probably i'll never make a living on my verses solidly because i say haruko this, and ryuko that because my alt persona is the shonen bat cause i'm a ronin that's battling demons cause i'm a salaryman whose still dreamin of saving the planet with the verses i spit cause late night grinds are as bad as it gets but i cannot be sold unless i'm folksy like beck or like the mainstream just spitin some dreck cause whose gonna connect, when you talk about shows the characters from which, not many care to know? i could rap about house, maybe flow on fringe but i'd rather talk about my latest manga binge ch. i must emphasize it i will always rise it i'll never eulogize it the fact you cant deny it this music lives(x4) v2. even if i gotta make this with my own hands gotta take the silica right outta the sands forge my own transistors just to make a synth cut my own tape loops to be fresher than mint i'll do that n' much more, make drums out of trash write verses on scraps and turn that into cash if i'm back to a four track, i'll still make stacks spit my verse on a mic bought from radio shack and it'll still be gold, well, it'll have heart so go ahead - yeah. set me right back to the start hit the reset button, i'll go twice as fast leave you soon surpassed with my lyrical math i am integral as i take no derivatives i approach infinity when faced with limits kid you act like a cynic kid, but i bring hope i'm a cardcapting rapper, and a raptor pope v3. i love nerdcore, i love backpack and i don't care if my idols can't accept that plus i don't have idols, only influences pay them no mind, their opinions are fluid, kids if i did what was obvious, i wouldn't be spittin hard i'd close down shop, you would see me quittin hard if that impinges on ends, isolates me again i'll still have my friends who be givin me spins throw your diamonds in the air, me i throw my N like weezy throws his ends, cause i still defend nerdcore til the last day, until the day i die like how i'll read suppli with a tear in my eye it's just a part of my life i can't ever deny i shall not live a lie, i can wear no disguise so if you wanna be hard, then continue ahead i got my digi charat cards, otaku til i'm dead
No Defeat 02:35
no defeat by Karl Olson v1. a million smartphones raised high in revolution the truth shall be heard through the tech evolution even though luddites might bring retribution but at this point they fear no execution tweets gives us all resolution to fight youtube shows us all what they're doing inspite of lack of the freedoms and rights owed each of them they know that they're noble inspite of those beatin 'em haters block the ISPs and the streets but 2 million marchin can't meet with defeat when the whole world's backing them and tracking them actively asking them "what's like to battle deceit?" equality and justice are the words of the day if the people have a say, then they're going to stay i'm almost surprised there's not more sensation about the world's fight for representation ch. if you love rights retweet what we're saying cause it's permanent now can't delete what we're saying if you love rights retweet what we're saying cause it's permanent now can't defeat what we're saying we no know defeat we don't know defeat (x4) v2. everyone on the internet has become allies from goon to anon everyone shouts a battle cry for a just and democratic state that's formed by the will of the people not a war or a lie it's that against the world and cam girls in their room who changed their profile in support of whom? those in the streets fighting for their cause who seek equity by defying the law regardless of what happens, let it be known their rights can't be crushed, cause you'll be overthrown the citizens' tumblrs document injustice you better fear the public, cause you can't trust us to lay down simply cause you claim to lead we'd rather have peace but you're making 'em bleed and though we can't be there marching by your side we'll spread the messsages far and wide
Deal With It 03:28
deal with it by Karl Olson v1. Here's a subtle verse / but this really ain't a shy flow It's a blessing and curse / like pairings in Oreimo So my little freestyle can't be this based Because you see my ita-style's all in your face On beast mode like Maki, born ready to let go Summon evil on these MCs / like I'm Kuroneko Leave you in the dust to contemplate your past doom Body you like Nagisa, Assassination Classroom Shat's Kodocha rhyming; really just child's play So shonen chumps line up, I'll slice you with smile eh? I'm own on my grind, I'm out here to get more I went from hand me downs to Yokohama thrift stores Who'd have thought light novel heroines like Haruhi Would have me buying anime merch at a Marui My life is awesome like the selection at Lawson See your faces falling, raise up ya jaws son ch. My everyday's amazing - Deal with it To anybody hating - Deal with it My everyday's amazing - Deal with it To anybody hating - Deal with it Gonna drop these shades cause I don't even care (x4) v2. Sipping umeshu Fanta, and eating conbini cream buns I don't need to pause, you just hate my team's fun I used to be too modest, but now I am the opposite I both carry the universe, and I stand on top of it Sometimes I crash a web stream, and then every ko-gal raves Truly feeling liberated, like I'm in a Valvrave I make my chores otaku, kill it like Spike and Vicious Watching Cowboy Bebop / while I do the dishes All I do's delicious: Jasmine Tea from Family Mart Doesn't seem gar, but, it's really a manly start To days of pure leisure, everything I do it better Fresher than sashimi, with a taste that gives you pleasure Shibuya lunch counters, 300 yen noodle bowls Mt. Fuji hot springs, bishoujos on my strolls A life this amazing ought to be held for ransom But you cannot catch me while I'm on the shinkansen
Boys Be Bold 03:11
boys be bold by Karl Olson V1. Noticing this mojo, she's holding a meowlth First place my brain goes are thoughts that are fowlest Then I notice her friend whose holding a wallscroll Guess that the sights while I'm on this mall stroll What? My subject matter seems stuck in loop right? Girls, anime and shopping are all that i do right? Look, I'm just glad anime still sells man Life without manga would be a living hell man And I know I could just read a few scanlations But I want to support all the people creating And alliviating all the stresses I know So I don't mind paying for hikaru no go After all it gave my dad and I something to talk on Sometimes it's my reason to I want to rock on So I hope those who ain't half my age plus 7 Stay otaku and pure, in a doujinshi heaven Ch. (x2) These toys get old... These dreams get sold... So boys be bold... don't ever fold... V2. I see a young man that like me back in '02, Rolls with fujoshi, he's fudanshi so true Give him a nod because I know how that goes. He so subzero, he knows he's that cold Hope it's better for him than it was for me Hope he won't see real pain before he's forty Hope the drama won't come cause I know it's brutal Plus he'd fight it because he don't know it's futile I got friends who are each other's enemies And they're openly sour, they don't pretend to be Good, but I guess they kept it honest I just hope that kid's life always stays the bombest I didn't ever understand that nostalgia Until the day I recognized I would never call the Tomodachis that I'd spent great times with No longer all the peanuts to my linus
Reversible 03:44
reversible by Karl Olson ch. switch it / change it / flip the game / so reversible (reverse) get it / claim it / rearrange / so reversible (reverse) so reversible / so reversible every week's never same / so reversible switch it / change it / flip the game / so reversible (reverse) get it / claim it / rearrange / so reversible (reverse) so reversible / so reversible this everyday school life is so reversible v1. getting in trouble in that old life everything's rubble, time to fold right yet the pace doubled, time to hold tight replacing cold nights, with a bold life finding other selves in the same one caught up in the moment, an untamed son finally became one, finding a new path perspective lacked, now has accrued that better not touch on their clique / lest be you kicked / snapping these necks like a stick // no illusion or a trick / solution is quick / pen at your throat is a bic // never a demo or a show / ready to blow / the legend is something to know // slapping down all of these foes / because they want faux / ignorance keeping them closed // coordinators matching the coordinates style is the deadliest ordinance take it to far you're escorted hence manipulate the weak via sordid sense a little lip gloss caused a big loss an innocent boss set the gig off every action's keeping the clique floss heads up in the clouds already lifted off never one second's a bore // enemies sore / never imagined they soar // memories shared open doors / moments adored / getting these people to shores // crossing to places unknown / finding a zone / those without seizing the throne // used to be ever alone / now they've grown / companionship creates a home // v2. getting too caught up in the game now isolated forgetting all the shame now knowing in a moment it'll come down gotta calm down, gotta come 'round can't lose identity but the amenities erase all selves in every vicinity reality checks are all left unchecked the right things left but the dots connect the temporary reprieves / arms hidden in sleeves / truth never let to out breath // until it's starting to seethe / boiling these needs / into the most manic screed // posse all ready to bleed / obsession breeds / cuteness addiction it feeds // losing their marbles and beads / taking the lead / passions are burning like trees// beauty is a measure that's uplifting temporary so it's ever wilting imitated so it's not the real thing but inside the moment sparking feelings sinning so fitting it's forgiven path arranged as the lore's written prison turned a freedom back to prison living then it's dying then it's living the time limit draws ever close / cut roses don't grow / disguises and clothes are disposed // like the world god only knows / who knows how it goes / reality is not a show // triangles form then they break / because what's at stake / is beyond they all could take // but for a slice of the cake / will they act fake? reality is theirs to make //
Next Game 03:33
next game by Karl Olson v1. So yeah at twenty I did not get plenty Now I'm nerdy, past 30 and I'm wearing Fendi Animated like I was drawn by Penn or Genndy Adventure Jack of all trades, getting dimes not pennies I'm just a child of the american dream So some try to hate and embarrass my team They say my style's wack, and disparage my scene But I'm otakudom's fate, I'm the karas it's seems Sentai protector of the hentai confederates Swagger on Kaworu or Shinji but better yet Mecha director for the young Robogetter set Staying on my Wallace until my cheddar's met Or maybe I'll just level up my wendslydale Finally do it right for all the friends we failed I've tried to be good, but acted too impartially But I'm nice deep down, like I'm Marshall Lee ch. (x2) No flight sim now I'm on a jet plane And now I'm on that next game Apologies if that's upsetting But I'm focused on that next thing v2. So I'll keep on spitting at clip so able No mystery, no Dipper and Mabel It's just science, yeah I keep it Bill Nye But I move in silence, like a UFO flies All I ever do is spit with a hardy flow And steal girls' hearts guess my name's Ricardio I used to suck at rapping and once could hardly code I travel through rhyme now, I'm Doc and Marty, whoa. Haters are just jelly babies, and I'm Tom Baker Wallet's on entmennans, guess I'm a long caker Fireflies by the bonfire try to steal all of my shine But my verse is DDT; kill them with every line 80s born so I grew up always checking Alf I played every real game featured in Wreck it Ralph And now I can build those games using python Not Kabuto no it's just Ultraklystron
Web Toons 03:10
web toons by Karl Olson Ch: I watch / cartoons / on YouTube / and you should too (x2) Come on hang out with me, were having a web cartoon party (x2) v1. Look Ultraklystron is back with some sucky raps But I attack with Allegri's Bee and Puppycat Nerd til the afterlife but you know that modus pays Went to Deadly Space Action from a little Bonus Stage Hanging out online is virtually all that I do I've been hanging out on YouTube watching Pony dot Mov Don't dismiss my plans, this isn't about Mr. Hands I'm just taking a break from reading all these Kiss x Sis scans I exist to demand more animated stories sir All I want to do is watch all the Bravest Warriors Dead the haters I like the creators on channel Frederator Traded Macklemore's gators for voice work by Jeremy Shada Oh no I think the tumblr kids are bored of me But Wallow gave me props I mean Ian Jones Quartey, see If the Nockforce thinks that I can run the block well I'll big them up and hope that maybe I'll make their knots swell. v2. Nothing like watching the suffering of Meduca To make you take a break and watch Catbug and Tezuka No one rebukes or refutes the Emotion Lord's moop But I'll keep playing these episodes on a long loop But it's getting late, it's 2 in the am/pm Is this acid laced candy or only Robitussin DM? Cause I'm throwing a party, I brought entertainment over It's all the podcast episodes of Cartoon Hangover I also brought that old school, got that Homestar and Strong Bad Got some Professor Brothers cause I think their song's rad JFK was just the trillest of all the boys But honestly I've enjoyed all of China Illinois At the end of the day that fate may befall most webtoons Network tv slots yet not one thing is ruined Even anime has entered in this mania Only lames haven't watched Little Witch Academia.
like it like that by Karl Olson ch. (x2) i could love you like it's josei manga i know you like it like that like it like that v1. i saw you in that con line outfit drove me out my mind stuck up conservation noticed that your talents shine thought you'd be a new friend you exceeded my designs correspondence started catching feelings over time overtime my heart beats but that feeling's so sublime almost like I'm dying but with you that would be fine and now it is forever every moment is out prime fate tied with a red string never getting out of this bind v2. so I'm feeling some type of way on that mizuho X kei saying onegai teacher show me something new today you haunt me in my nightmares yet again that seems okay locked into my soul now almost in my dna now you say love me that's all i wanna here you say i just need you so close like we were just yesterday bet on this is high stakes but this ain't game we play so if you want me right now i'll be there with no delay
Nineties Kid 03:29
nineties kid by karl olson ch.(x2) tower records is where you could find me when i was a little kid in the nineties always dreamed that a label would sign me of adolescence, small things remind me v1. just wanna go back the 90s / watching lots of nicktoons cd boombox was the tool / i used to record sick tunes listening to nirvana / after kurt had left the building thinking to myself / i want to replicate those feelings but oh no i'm a rapper / guess it's cause of odelay though i kept the score / in rotation on my slower days listening to nas too / memorized it was written at the same time with cibo matto i was smitten so that's why i wanna rewind / back to my boombox before i got old and / before all the doom locked back when it was golden / the era was too amazing before the internet / had me constantly lazing i want gangsta rap / with some grunge rock energy i'm still wearing flannel / bumping public enemy i think need i about / 2 decades of undo cause though i was teased / there were many days of fun too v2. AOL Floppys / the internet was easy and some how safer / a little bit less sleazy twenty nine cent / hamburgers at mcdonalds buy 3 and bike home / so I can watch hey arnold kenan and kel too / aw here it goes cheap nostalgia / embedded in codes and i know my smartphone / even pwns all pagers but my CD walkman / was a second savior the dream of the 90s / is what i'm still stalking ain't it funny that / I want what others are mocking back when that 486 / was the top thing windows 3 eleven / ditched for the hot bling seattlite life / i felt almost live the tech boom era / where we almost thrived i still might not make it / like jennifer trynin i keep it like Pete And Pete / weird and defiant
unwarranted self importance by Karl Olson v1. It's All You Guys Fault That I'm Not Popular Your fault that people don't cop what I'm droppin there My rapping's sugoi, an amazing lean mean flow No, I'm a fool, a 30-something Chuunibyou I think that I'm the main character antagonist But I'm not even hated, nobody slaggin' this Truly without notice except for my devoted Guess it's no wonder that I've gone unpromoted Wait that's on me, rap game tsundere Love to hate to love it, success is too scary I'm Yukihira, and I treat it all like Furano I always put it down, but then I'm back on it more Always leaving it alone, I claim that I gotta ride But the fact is that I can't hide my softer side I feel too burnt out to ever be turnt up Inspite of that that, I made it here, guess that I've earned luck ch. I know it's unwarranted self importance I know my ego is quite disproportioned v2. But My Mental Choices Completely Ruined my options Thought I'd Become A Hero but I fell back to caution Getting a Job wasn't Reluctant, I put my all in I knew that my fall back, would just be a fall in Let me bring it down, and stop flying off the handle Put the walkman in the backpack, Recorder in the Randsell I know life is not a game, it's no Fantasista Doll But whatever my target, my plans had missed it all But I will never cease, or know peace from my witty words Always another series on that rap game Pretty Cure Marble chop n' Screw a track, I am out here to thrill My raw rhythm's Nudist Beats, keep my rhymes Trill La Trill Sorry my songs are referential first world whines All about my boring residential nerd girl times I suppose this album might be Romance Language 3 But disappointingly I'm only in love with me
Genshiken 03:38
genshiken by Karl Olson ch. (x2) self acceptance is a difficult road when in you're in this big city all alone real miracles happen when you get friends finally get a tight circle: genshiken v1. so otaku but he could never say it no one to talk too, so he never betrayed it there no was walk through, or possible game plan he never once thought, that it could ever change man but by chance he finally got guidence loving his hobbies and this new allience he's a changed man, finally gotta a goal he has a crew, and a new place to call home used to be so nervous, and feel so broken now he's got that backpack full up with doujin his adult game is playing adult games with friends who think the same, and give him no shame just took one event to rearrange his outlook evaporate his worries, let all the doubt cook off - now he's a manga editor staying on his grind out there to get it sir v2. she used to feel held down, rejected called fujoshi and felt dejected so disconnected lacking one friendship jumping outta buildings hoping to end it fell into place amongst those like-minded they knew her world and they gave her kindness took her places that she'd never dare go went from unloved to one whose cared for the linework filled in with screentones emptiness replaced with a dream home comiket tables are now a staple of her life, they're no longer a fable now her position is one that some would covet selling out booths cause her works are published club president and not just a member all because her friends all stoked the embers v3. (hato) bullied in high school, the wounds won't heal well rejected him just because he read BL started to trap just to get a connection surprise was it worked for a few sessions found a group of people who accept him one of the girls, to the girls who get him but to some others, his style upsets them could his obsession be out to wreck him? cause he doesn't know where his fantasies stop now sacred to death that the walls could crash down cause for an uke, he feels so loco worries that he goes past otokonoko but where his story ends is probably happy because his friends all have his back, see? his path's unknown, may never be decided but it doesn't matter with his friends beside him
blind consumers by karl olson v1. the tech that you rock from ya hat to high tops was probably made in an overseas sweatshop this probably ain't a happy topic to talk on but your cellphone's tied to suicides at foxconn that's the company all these western brands send all of their designs, blueprints and plans they make everything from laptops back to cellphones pay people slave wages, give 'em jail cell homes but if you made this stuff legitimately you'd never get another cell on contract free and if you think your ipad already breaks the bank it'd could cost triple, so give 'em all your thanks why? because you'd have pay folks a living wage you'd have to give 'em weekends, and even holidays and the toxic chemicals used to finish your gear couldn't just be dumped into a river that's near ch. but we want a tablet and digital sneakers new tvs cause the old ones are beaters google tv on our hd recievers transflective color on our ebook readers need a new laptop to post to reddit and a dslr to shoot pics to edit we don't really care who we hurt to get it blind consumers never know to regret it v2. and to some it might appear that i'm a hypocrite because all the tech i rock is just as illegit it's rare to find a new phone made in the states or some 1st world place, i'm sure y'all can relate all you can really do is try to advocate make it known to the world, you should try to wait don't upgrade every 6 months just because you can because even the e-waste goes out to distant lands smelted by little kids, putting poison in the air if this cycle goes on, the poison won't stay there the tradewinds will blow til it hits your city don't want to breath that? well it's too late, pity. can not complain after the tragedies occurred i know you love gear, but you're really too absurd with the cost it comes with, i really gotta say this y'all don't truly need all the latest and the greatest
all eyes on us by Karl Olson ch. (x2) We're All Tupac (How?!) All Eyes On Us (Oh...) National Motto (What?!) In None We Trust (x2) All I do is stay true like [redacted] (So True!) Justice for me and you through [redacted] (Yeah) v1. [redacted] and prison might as well be synonyms You can't be safe even if you never sin again Every call and letter scraped for their metadata Cross referenced against facebook and reddit later Feds split the signal at the telecom's junctions WESTern attitudes, you can't tell them nothing A pack of lies all disguised all classified Average guys all despised and terrorized Not by any enemies that exist overseas But by bureaucracies that was payed for by he And by she and by us, still they can't get enough Spending into debt, just so they can act tough And it produced what, nothing but paranoia Can't find the facts cause they denied all [redacted] Requests, so I guess that we're all just guests We're only citizens until we fail their tests v2. I'm a pacifist, but I believe in justice If we elected you, I'd think you could trust us It's overkill to store data by the exabyte Real threats move in silence, so we'll never get 'em right No matter the size or scope of your panopticon Some targets are stealth just like your drones and bombs Absolute security is just a falsehood So everything you're doing now is not at all good I hate politics, but I love the people No matter the nationality I see no evil So even if the eyes are all pointed outside Justice is blind, so we could do without spies At the very least I'd like some due process Otherwise all you do is undo progress Cause if some of us more equal than others That's an animal farm, this is a slaughter, brothers br.(x2) it isn't paranoia if they're really watching you so you better watch where and who you're talking to encryption compromised with a little pay to play IE: RSA is bought by [redacted]
Low Gravity 03:21
low gravity by Karl Olson v1. and I'm like man what did i leave my planet for? why'd we even have to leave to colonize planet four? the dust gets everywhere gotta clean it like a janitor i really think scientists should've set other parameters like to ride with the top down, but it's not terraformed and everything's cramped here: I'm really sick of sharing dorms aliens visited and wrecked our base with terror swarms at least i dropped ten of them guess i was in rarer form but I'd really like to go home and breath the air freely tired of these all bunk beds I'd rather have a sealy plus sleeping in low gravity is really such a huge pain gotta strap down to the bed like you're kinky or you're insane and i cant even call home or play a real online game even speed of light travel means the ping is super lame my girl couldn't handle it, she said hated latency should've broke it off earth-side, never made her wait and see ch. (x2) but now nothing can hold me down cause I'm in low gravity ain't nothing you can tell me now in this cosmic rhapsody v2. to make it all worse, can't return until the job's done making this self sustaining is obviously job one but then i gotta wait until the planets are all aligned i bet that's when i will really go right out of my mind but if it's not space madness, it's cosmic ray sickness it's like the whole universe aims at us with a quickness and we can fire back, travel out to great horizons with atom bomb powered spacecraft like project orion but that'll never really change, what it's like to be the guy who actually has to sacrifice the entirety of his own life just to send to a note back to earth to say that we're not alone and he get's no guarantees that there's anyone back at home it's already difficult inside of our solar system cause when the first team left earth everybody missed them but now that we're actually building a true outpost attention is the resource that we all go without most
One Option 03:57
One Option by Karl Olson v1. An otaku rap slice of life, I'm Azumanga Daioh They're Nichijou at best, no one's touching my flow Everything I do's in focus, lyrically a Lytro My wallet's Pochimani, it probably needs lipo Reading massive manga, and the subjects mostly vital Never once afraid to say, I read those josei titles I want real characters that I'm caring for That geek pride is something I thank my parents for In a world of MCs where most spit with no plan I'm a Monster on this M I C like my name's Johan Liebert, I hope that they hurt when I hit pay dirt I'll hack their social networks, because I don't play nerd Find me a D-Link Router and then I'll wreck it faster Than Kenshi when he pilots a sacred mechamaster I've memorized all the default logins and passwords Blow a hole in your security like Starwind's Castor ch. Closed the world down and opened up the next one Recognized that everybody has connections Do or die is really only one option ... and I'm incapable of stoppin v2. I injest all these beats like they're S2 engines I do it just to flex, not for the attentions Of any other member of my genus and my species I'm a born genius, so no one can defeat me Once I was aware that I was still a child I disabled all my limiters and finally went wild Someone told I me that I should at least be human But that was an impedence that'd lead me to ruin I am the beast the shouted I at the whole world Pushed me in the dirt, but now I'm spitting soul pearls I'll shall make no person suffer for my hatred Nor will I bottle up my rage nor keep it all gated I redirected every moment of abuse Unaffected I am never bound to snooze Hyperreal, hyperconscious, hyperaware My lazy gaze on the prize like a sniper's stare


7th Studio Nerdcore Album for Ultraklystron, the greatest Nerdcore MC and producer throughout time and space.


released April 1, 2014

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson (aka Ultraklystron.)




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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