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Romance Language

by Ultraklystron

broken sutures by Karl Olson v1. I keep thinking about her over and over, Trapped in the moment like it's Honey and Clover, And my name is Shuu-chan and she is Hagu-tan, And this situation was never part of my plans. I wanted it platonic this time - no strings attached, But our passions resonated - and logic was snatched From beneath my feet, I functioned on instict; Nearly destroyed everything, because I didn't think. I stepped from back from the brink, but some people prodded, So I trusted; moved on as they all applauded, But it fell threw; yeah, it nearly imploded. I didn't know the situation was so fully loaded Of awkward implications and obvious errors, But she was all layed back, didn't seem to care. I thought I could build back, but doubt still loomed And since then I never stepped back in the room. ch. I wish I could put distance in Between our two existences then I could maybe just forget And stop living off old regrets. I wish I could put distance in Between our two existences then I would see a pastel future Instead of these broken sutures. v2. Besides she found a new love; yeah, own her Morita. I became more and more distant from this Senorita. She worked more often, and the spare time left Was spent with her new love, but I wasn't bereft, I had plenty - yeah, too much - on my plate anyways; I barely noticed that I hadn't talked to her for days Which became weeks and then months and then years, But that had happened with some of my previous peers, Yet with her it was different: the harmony between us Made me think I didn't want to forget this venus This muse, so I refused but the fact was blatant: Our wavelengths separated and this truth was patent. We could still quote and discuss the same minutiae; Both pop culture junkies, but it was acute the Differences formed and a love unshareable. Somehow inspite of that, I did not feel terrible. Ce la vie, right? (ch)x2
girls with glasses by Karl Olson v1. Average otaku with more figurines than friends A Moe-phile baka who can't even defend His odd tastes and his annoying habits And his backpack in the shape of cabbit That's cat-rabbit for those not in the know They also have gems which can easily glow And they turn into spaceships with superfast transport But that doesn't absolve me from the fact I can't escort A member of the opposite sex on a date Cause when I ask out a girl all I get is hate They call me mega-ecchi and a reprobate But that is nerdcore cred and it is my fate So I retreat to the figures - turn on my machine Fire up the DVD with megane-ko scenes And then write a review and send it over the tubes To be read by precious few who are basically n00bs ch. Another NEET-day / going slow as molasses Dreaming via manga / about girls with glasses Eating breakfast cereal / while reading up on Nana Then I buy Dengeki / for the Shokugan no Shana Moe girls in towels / getting ready for the sauna v2. But it's not like I'm like / those other dudes on the net Complaining about weight / though themselves heavy set It's not looks first for me / it's about intellect And morality too / though that is hard to detect Until you start a conversation / and begin to relate But the best strategy can be / quite a debate And I have little advice about / how to approach this Cause every girl I have dated / made the first move and so this MC though not innocent / is not a good choice When it comes to looking for / a reasonable voice About how to get bishoujos / with the antenna hair For me it's just been luck / and the occaisional prayer And I'm sure for me to say that / is so pleonastic Though I can say it's OK / to be so scholastic Girls love nerds too / and I say that as proof Just be yourself first / and just keep aloof (ch.) v3. So don't give into your fears / Let me make it so clear All you need is spirit / to connect with some peers And Soon you'll have a friend / a significant other Or maybe even not / if that matches your druthers But anyone can be the hero / and can save the day Look at the Moon Princess / Alucreid You wouldn't think she'd be the heroine just on looks But she can off vampires in any cranny or nook. And Tohno seems more far-fetched with his whack megane But he's raw and he would even tear apart haibane But he only kills when there's someone to defend So he's the kind of guy on which you can depend Thus he gets ladies / though life ain't the same As an manga / doujinshi game But take note of that / when you're feeling down Just be your own person / and never the clown ch.(x2)
Cosplay-Free Saturday by Karl Olson v1. I've been busy focusing / on all these indirect kisses that I've been fumbling / and incorrectly talking to misses regardless of locality / be it comp-sci or sci-fi cons and these formalities / happen to take a toll upon my confidence in not / becoming a 40-year-old-virgin Even effects my driving / and the lanes in which mergin I try to not be / another hot topic emo child but the lack of success / only makes my manners mild I'd like to be Superman / but instead I'm Clark Kent I'd like to be Bruce Wayne / but I can barely make rent And now DC's gonna bust me / with a serious lawsuit See I'm paranoid trust me / I'm becoming an old coot Because I can't seem say / "would you like to date me?" Cause that's the paradigm / that governs this whole city I'm witty, when I have the pen / applied to the paper But when I talk it's all fads / like how you have my stapler ch. All I want is a Cosplay-Free Saturday Just you and me / Shootin through the breeze All I want is a Cosplay-Free Saturday Just you and me / Heading to the beach All I want is a Cosplay-Free Saturday Just you and me / Doing as we please All I want is a Cosplay-Free Saturday Just you and me / This I do I beseech v2. I'd like change to subjects / I'd like to sing about how I'm always awesomely direct / I'd like to say that but now I'm in character or atleast / that's my set of motions And I refuse disaude you / of that preconcieved notion I really think I could be / an outstanding boyfriend But at this point I'd take a girl / who'd make the world end Yeah she could be my lovely / ultimate weapon lady Doesn't need even back / because I am not that shady But that's easier said than done / I know you're thinkin "Son, Why don't you just grab a groupie / to get the job done" Well, though / my popularity is increasing Can't go / There without feeling like I'm fleecing Or capitalizing on my fans / for the wrong reason I don't want any girl with me / to feel like it's treason To her fellow fans to be with / the man they that they all desire I don't want it on my head / the fact that someone has expired br. So I'll persue an equal / who has similar interests Maybe a fellow otaku / with a side dish of hubris Maybe she plays pop n' music / Maybe she plays crystalis Maybe right out of Kyoto / Maybe from Ft.Worth-Dallas I just need to leave / infatuations by the side Find a reason to believe / a goal towards which I strive And do so nobly / without gratuitous pride And do so hopefully / before I turn 35 (ch.)x2
Shoujo n' Shonen by Karl and Danielle v1. (Ultraklystron) What sends me into a tiff? Why it's Talho's midriff! Leave Eureka to the lolicons; I'll fence all of their persocoms! I'll check out Miss Misato, when with Yebisu she's blotto! If I want it really freaky though, I mack up on Miss Ritsuko! I never need the moe style - just give me Cutey Honey! I'll make her nanobots implode - right in front of everybody! Make a harem with these glasses on? Well then just call me Negima? Inner Kly is a such jerk, saying "Leave these girls beggin ya!" Anime has taught me one thing, and that's never be athletic! Atleast if you want ladies, then you better be pathetic! Be timid and undecisive - Even space will give you girls! If you want some cool devices - Then that plan you must unfurl! Though that's not for real life - only in the anime, But there I have posse made of cute jouseikousei, There's a fan club all up on me, and they're screaming out their lungs "L. O. V. E. L. Y. Ultraklystron's" what they've sung ch. Anime girls and anime boys, Step up to the front and make some noise! Nursehella and the Ultraklystron, Livin large, cause we got our ice on! You got imaginary friends? We got imaginary lovers, And we'd like to get these 2D cuties between the covers! (Between The Covers) v2. (Nursehella) I'm a sucker fan-girl for the anime boys, They be my vice to be concise, the poison of my choice. All them bishonen ronin, they get me fuckin' moist. Japanamation masturbation, uh huh, I do enjoy - Oi! Mister sandman, come bring me a dream, Edward Elric in the flesh to help me work off some steam In the shower for an hour 'till he starts to rust, Back to my room until noon for a threesome with Lust. Don't you dare wake me up, we just getting started. My hentai list will get me blissed, but it ain't for the faint hearted. Fabricating fornicating with imaginary men, Lights camera action, satisfaction, and let's do it again. I'm so X-rated and illegal, was a bounty for Spike Spiegel, - Handcuffed in the buff, wearing a pair of high heels. I get the slammer, Spike's the warden - I'm his personal toy, And he plays me 'till the morning - see you later space cowboy! Act four, I'm gonna score with my boy Cloud Strife, Mako eyes, but what's his size? Like his buster sword? Nice. I've got All Seven Fever, almost at my limit break, Wait! Lemme pause and savor, there's another road to take. Back in time ten minutes, we're undressed and having fun, Our necking gets discovered - Tifa and Jenova's son. Checkin' out this yaoi pair, so well endowned, I'm impressed Cloud gets off with Sephiroth, so I grab Tifa's chest. The quest's a final epic orgy, ooh I like how this is shaping, Sell the doujin-dvd 'cuz a moogle was taping. I can't disquise this, it's a fetish of a lecherous mind, Nursehella kinky and coquettish pet otaku concubine! (ch.) v3. (Nursehella vs. Ultraklystron) N: PG-13 Karl vs. Nurse's triple X? U: Well, what you'd expect? I ain't ever had sex! N: Karl, you so innocent and you adorable. U: Well, it ain't my fault your mindset's deplorable. N: Coppin' feels can be fun, but the nakeder the better. U: My clothes are kinda chaffing me, let me take off my sweater. N: Nice Simpsons reference Karl, but you're Moe Szyslak U: I'm sorry, my bad, this an anime track. N: So level with me Karl, who's the best bishoujo? U: Maybe Sakaki-san, she's got back like Flo-jo. N: Isn't she in high school!? U: It's anime, so it's cool. N: True that, she'd be on your Shikon Family Jewels! U: Wanna bring me over to the side of the Sith? N: Well, maybe that way you can finally get kissed. U: Well, it's better than being an anime floozie! N: When the boys don't exist, why should I be choosy? (ch.)x2
heart's bangin by Karl Olson v1. My innocence is my aphrodesiac; I exude charm like I was a hemophiliac. Like Tom Cruise up on the planet Teegeeack, I never once in my life had to play the mack. I'm coy and coquettish and that makes ladies, Want to corrupt me, like their name was Hades, But I still stop short of getting them in bed; I gotta keep pure to ensure my street cred. I'm your ren ai idol - a bishonen deluxe Lookin like an angel in a lolita tux. Every lady enamored with my sweet demeanor. Nerds get more love than any playboy scenester. But the fact is my heart jumps outta my chest. At the thought I could have romantic success. Sure girls have slept up in my bedroom, While I was out on the couch and my heart boomed. ch. Heart's bangin' like the track behind me; Lost in dreams so I hope no one finds me. Heart's bangin' while I'm acting kindly; But personality still confines me. (x2) v2. Without doubt sure, I'd like to make out Who wouldn't want to end this luckless drought? But in walks my morals and they quickly shout: "She has a man, stupid! Thus, you should reroute!" It's too late; she kisses me, catches me off guard. A Peck on the cheek? Nope, it's a lot more far. I think "why not", and try it out for a minute, And then I realize, no, my souls not in it. I want these trappings to be for the one Who I would give the moon, the stars and the sun. For a half-second I felt like I had won, But for the next 3 weeks I was very stunned. But it was worthwhile, cause it clarified for me That I don't to be alone at fifty. I want to save these actions for the one I keep: The start of my queue - the top of my heap. br. Thus I pull back, so I am still righteous. I do the right thing when I try to fight this Motive that's immoral and less than upright Though I'll still be thinking about it all night. What might have been without morality pangs? If I was less Leonardo and a bit more Krang. I guess all I can do now is to do my thang: Be a nerd with glow-in-the-dark dracula fangs. (ch.)x2
Well That's Moe by Karl Olson v1. Moe charas everywhere / all you need's right mindset Overanalyze their hair / and you'll quickly find it The moephile attitude / makes akiba profits Drives otakus insane / for underage moppets Even nerdcore hiphop kids / are hard-pressed to stop it Moe's explodin' like acne / you wanna to pop it But marketable mcs like me / simply cop it But standard's asks me to crop it / so I photoshop it Out of my pictures / or rather my artwork But the removal of moe / really makes my heart smirk I really can't actually support / this Freudian train wreck Supported by oddballs / with screennames from Star Trek Picard13 has some / pics that are pure dreck I hate that party van stuff / I'll just do my mic check This moe mentality / leaves your mind's eye pecked It's clearly immoral / and utterly suspect ch. She's twenty-one but looks twelve? Well that's moe~~! She's an adorable demon from hell? Well that's moe~~! She's a mascot chara for Shell? Well that's moe~~! She's a magical girl from CLAMP? Then scream "hoe~~!" She's a maid and a childhood friend? Well that's moe~~! She's actually just pretend? Well that's moe~~! She's psychopathic again? Well that's moe~~! She's a magical girl from CLAMP? Then scream "hoe~~!" v2. Mahou shoujo is moe / and it doesn't hurt Because what's better / than girls in mini-skirts Wait, maybe bike shorts / yeah, that's moe also Only independence / makes moe false yo So, who here is ready to step / up to the plate And scream out loud / "moe's totally great?" Not a person in the house / well thank you Kami If you had spoken up / I'd have called your mommy Cause nothing says wack / like the moephile's crack It buries your soul / in surrealist plague That is to say / your perspectives so destroyed You're falling for the traps / come on they're still just boys But you're like "come on / everyone just get with it Who want's this CG / collection of Bridget?" So stay away from the moe / it'll kill you man But if things get their worst / it'll thrill you man (ch.)x3
Chocolat Cay-kee by Karl Olson ch. Am I in love, or just falling apart? Could it be true, or am I in for some broken hearts? Oh, some want to break me, and some want to take me But she seems sweet like fresh chocolat cay-kee. (x2) v1. She seems to console me, when net punks troll me. She just talks me down; she doesn't have to hold me. She always has my back, like she's Akiba@Deep. She always keeps my secrets, not a peep to my peeps, Or atleast that how seems, but I'm always paranoid: Am I just getting played? Am I just another toy? In the box that she rocks, is it all just talk? Build up me like Lego Blocks, just leave me cold-clocked? Chatting with me on Skype, just to get me more hyped Just to drop me on my head, when my cabeza's ripe? That'd be crazily cruel, but you know I'm just a fool, Never enrolled in school, to work out love's rules. Super difficult for me, I'm such a n00b and a pup, But when it comes to love, I hope "The Only Way Is Up." So I'll buy her warm gloves, and other things that she needs Give what her she wants too, though it means I might bleed. (ch.) v2. But I always feel guilty, cause as an otaku I'm never flush with money, yeah I always rock through The cash in my pocket, faster than a space rocket That's going light speed, yeah I never seem to sock it Away in the bank, so when I tryed dating I always had to go Dutch, so I'm sure she'd be hating The fact I can't support her, cause I'm just a net reporter And that's volunteer work; yeah, I never make a quarter. And the DVDs I watch, wouldn't be good gift I mean She-Ra and He-man, would be a short shrift And I'd sell it up on EBay, but I'd feel like a jerk To calously auction off, BCI's hard work Just so I can front / like I am a better guy Than I really am, plus I'd be living a lie Besides I'm still naive, when it comes to trust Yeah, I guess for me to date / would be too unjust (ch.)x2
amour 02:58
Amour by Karl Olson v1. Gotta a devil on my shoulder / she's quite the temptress But the fact is I'm not sure / if I should attempt this Not in the starfleet handbook / this one manuever Besides it's quite a drive / up to vancouver Not to mention people / questioning incredulously My current status / my nerdcore credibility "Ultra-k ain't nerdcore / he made with out a chick!" Look, are you envious? / or just mentally sick? Besides I'm sure if you and I / traded spaces You would check her out / like she was Paige Davis Or certain members of / the Mythbusters Crew Who it seems most nerds / dream about so blue But you too would be / seriously curious Is just she just teasing / is this just spurious Well I suppose there's one way / for me to verify Just need to gas up my car / and get ready to ride ch. I don't think that it's taboo To be a nerd who gets through And who sets a new high score In this game known as amour (x2.) v2. It beats going to yaoi-con / in San Francisco Sure it's mostly girls / and it's better than discos When it comes to attracting / a girl like me Whose entranced by art / from across the seas About pretty people / from other galaxies But that seme/uke action / leaves me displeased Not that I'm not down with it / but I don't wish live it So that option's out / so I continue to pivot Around the possibility / in the land of the north Because we'd still be friends / but yet it seems so coarse To be a midnight cowboy / on a steel horse riding Without emotions / on road so winding Down a path with trip cords / and other snares Certainly wouldn't want / anything to tear Between us and yet / it's so hard to resist Didn't think she'd have me hooked / just off one kiss (ch.) v3. I know I said earlier / that morals win But her constant kindness / leaves me wonderin Could I make it more / no - I'm just a kid Besides the experience / might flip my lid The Chanel on the pillows / after she slept in my bed Was enough to make me crazy / made me lose my head Plus it's evident from manga / that I get addicted On things that I like / then I get conflicted It could get in the way / of college and family And I'm so not sure / if could balance thee Responsibilities / of the power unleashed A restlessness that only / destroys what peace I'd built inside of me / yeah my A.T. Field Is torn by part her smile / and her homecooked meals She's nice to a fault / asks me 'bout my grand dad Can't lose a friend like that / it would be too sad (ch.)(x2)
sunlight 03:34
Sunlight by Karl Olson v1. People say to me: "Karl Olson, you're biased" I say unto them: "Why don't you try this:" Talk to her about the things that we nerds enjoy Disregard the fact that she also dates a boy And talk about the Marvel Civil War and the Jedi And then you might just have a glimpse of why I count her as a confidant, inspite of her smoking Normally I can't handle that, I end up choking Some say I'm in love, but that cannot work There are incongruencies between our quirks And of course the cigarettes seem to ruin a kiss So there's another reason I support this miss And it's because she's quite nice - opened up her doors Gave me extra blankets when I slept on her floor If you knew her for real, you would get my logic And it ain't got nothing to with the erotic ch. Ever since I have met her, I've been stunned By her warmth, don't see why would one would shun Such a lovely girl away, who loves cool anime And who can be the sunlight on a cloudy day. (x2) v2. But still people playa hate, and I can't tolerate Besides I'd rather see those folks stand and create I'd rather hear a new track from them / Instead to keep from attackin them I sew my mouth shut with a hem / To stave off all the hatred stems I try to write words positive and poetic I try to rise above the base and make new aestetics She might have rich tastes - Westwood and Versace But understand, she's my number 1 tomodachi You must comprehend, every moment that she lives She defines life her own way, even tryin' to forgive Though people won't let her, it's nauseating I want to opt out from the whole scene, to stop creating Just hide away with her and have a wonderful time To have true innocence rather than the grime Of pointless mudslinging that does nothing but stink I want to save her like Zelda - to be her Link br. Meanwhile, the playa-haters can have the scene They can have their compilations and bitter lean I choose to opt out, now and forever I'll I switch genres to something better (ch.)x2
home 03:36
Home by Karl Olson ch. It might come off as trite my dear But it's like my sight's been cleared I know you think you stand alone But when we stand together that's called home (x2) v1. It might not come to you easily / But I want you to believe in me And not to be appeasin me / But instead because you see in me A brand new life / A new path / a new hope Not like that means total change / No need to elope I just want to be there for you / To help you cope And to help you it keep it fresh / Like my is scope And I'm know I'm like the Kei to your / Mizuho - but who knows? Maybe one day I'll grow enough / for you to disclose Everything - good or bad / that you ever dealt with Yeah one day I'll be strong / so you'll never melt this Love I have for you / yeah I hope you know this I love you like Hideki / loves Chii in Chobits It's a love unconditional / I hope you feel me It's mature like Jay-Z / I'm a grown up for real g So I hope you and I will rise / making some gold hits Yeah, I hope you will accept me / so we can both grow this (ch.) v2. I want to be your asthmatic / who's tight with mathematics Be there so you don't panic / want to stress that emphathic I've recognized a lot of things about / myself lately First and foremost of which / is that I hope you'll date me Or atleast not hate me / for the things that I've said You're still welcome in my house / can still sleep in my bed So if I'm lost in translation / or just crossing wires I'll step back and leave you be / if you're crossed and tired Scratch that - I'll bring you some tea / or some coffee And if need be drive you / to some therapy I don't think you're crazy / but since you're so friendly I always want to be available in all capacities But I'd rather have you / as the Tohru to my Kyo But I'm fine we're just friends / like Kei and Ichigo On a similar frequency / but ultimately split And though I'll leave it up to you / I hope you won't quit br. I know there will be times / when it all hurts I understand fully / I could lose my shirt On a gamble like this / but it's something I must do Because deep down I / know that I can trust you (ch.)x2
Girls With Glasses (Reprise) by Karl Olson ch. Waking up next to a girl with glasses Every moment spent with her just surpasses All of my dreams, anything I've ever seen Always brilliantly kind, cause she's never mean v1. It's gotta be real, she's breaks my defenses Breaks my intellect, and my false pretenses Makes me re-evaluate everything I ever thought Makes me understand, exactly why I've fought To shut myself down, like I was in teitai Why I walked in a coma, yet I why I am nice guy It's still surreal, but it's beyond OK I trust her and that why, I can move today And I don't have a clue / what the future holds But I for once I solidly / have a set a goals I know what I want to do / I know I gotta follow through I know that I have to say / "tonight, you" Lift me up into another plane Driving me crazy, yeah so insane So for the first time, I'm being so direct I lay it out on table, cause you're so perfect (ch.) v2. I mean couldn't hold her, if I didn't love her And that couldn't happen, if she didn't cover A shared set of interests, like anime and manga Things like that make me wanna, hold her longer I know it probably won't be that easy Because though we're similar, we're also cheesy We are both used to / fronting all the time But at least we can collaborate and bust rhymes Make music together like we're Nana and Ren Respect each other as peers, and also as friends Be musical rivals, like Blast and Trapnest Do a freestyle battle, and see who raps best But at the end of the day, we'll be each other's fans I'll give her anything she wants, I'm gonna be her man Even if it never ends in a wedding march I'll still meet her at the boarder underneath the peace arch br. So she's like the Eureka, to my naive Renton I mean she even has kids, yeah I forgot to mention She also nutures / cute, feral kittens That's probably another reason why I'm smitten I mean I'm really shocked, it really blows my mind That purely on chance, I happened to find A girl I could love with everything that I've got And the icing on that cake: well, she's totally hot. (ch.)x3
Front to the Back by Karl Olson v1. You can call me Nobue / cause when I'm on the mic I'm smokin Bringin it so cute yet hard / I leave the moe-philes broken And then I ride in stealthy / so you can't even find me While the snare rolls explode / like Henrietta's P90 But the weapons in my arsenal / are drum n' bass n' vox Though a prog knife or beam saber / would be wicked cool to rock So we're blasting through Shinjuku / to those girls in floppy socks J.J. Dynomite and Ultrakly / like Kirk and Mr. Spock It's the match you've always wanted / cause we're always super raw It's a brillant road like Angela / or maybe Shangri-la Riding with a style that's so perfect / with out even one flaw And thus it's only natural / the massive crowds we draw We get love from every junglist / and all hikikomori Cause you know we never bungle this / but yet I still implore thee If you love the fresh style / that we're bringing to the table Shout if you love 1337step / and we'll keep bringin fables ch. From the Front to the back - We have the crowd entralled From the Front to the back - And we have never stalled From the Front to the back - We know the siren's called From the Front to the back - We leave your senses galled x2 v2. I'm already 6 foot 2 / I gotta different wish than than skeelo I come like sick the bird flu / I rock a mask with a tuxedo I rock this set in 2-dimensions / you can call me Stitch and Lilo We got breakbeats by the kilo / while I bust rhyme like torpedos All these other lesser team ups / can only deliver weak flows J.J. rocks it so hardcore / we're like Triela vs. Rico And we bring it to your door / Just like that party van, amigos Only takes a nanosecond / or sometimes we're down to pico We have a dozen exabytes / of samples in a raid We have aliens and espers / in our SOS Brigade J.J. brings the commense sense / and I make Onomatopeaias J.J. Dynamite is Kyon / I am Haruhi Suzumiya From Seattle out to D.C. / Even out to Alameda From the Heartland of America / to Chi-town Pizzerias We have the populous enamored / with J's breaks and my stammers I bring Nakayosi glamour / While Dynomite drops the hammer (ch.)
So Long Kids Lyrics by Karl Olson v1. Just when you think they've hit rock bottom, they go still farther. 4Kids does nothing but make otaku life harder. So I think I've gotta message for that Alfred Kahn. Enjoy your company now before it's totally gone. Look, it's not your fault that company fell apart Would have thought that kids that age are actually smart Don't they just make jokes about fowl things like farts I mean honestly, who would think that they would have heart Isn't intellect and wisdom supposed to be adult-only? All kids should care about are bratz dolls and homiez So right now Al, you're saying "someone console me." Apologies and condolences, no will hold thee ch. You say it's for kids/but in fact it's for no one Spend dollars and quid/to edit out every last gun I think it's time to pay the price and time to repent I regret to inform you that your goodwill is spent (x2.) v2. I've got to protest ya - you mislead your investors So if I didn't destest ya - I'd be letting you fester We didn't need your money in the shoujo fandom I trust you like the makers of the Phantom With the shows that you have - you should be at the top of the nation But instead that title goes the crew at FUNimation You think your Danish Card Game is gonna be a Sensation You must not understand the word oversaturation You can't even pronounce your own properties correctly So I'd never invest in you not even indirectly Yes I said your company's a terrible investment I recommend to all your stockholders permanent divestment (ch.) v3. I know in the late nineties you were the the top of the neilsens But now you're burning up like spacecraft with out shieldin' And if you think that Ms. Doremi can provide you with healin' Back away from the property and please stop squealin' If you had better treated the anime that you were dealin' Your investments wouldn't have stopped rockin and yieldin' So Please keep to yourself all your selfish fantasies I don't care one bit about your fall do to vanity 4kids is best swimming with the fishes and manatees We need to put an end to this virtual insanity At the time I'm writing this it isn't yet a reality Make it Happen With Your Actions/Drive 4kids to Bankruptcy (ch.) x 1.5
Scenester Blues by Karl Olson v.1 It's abhorrent - all this hatred up in the rhymetorrent This mindset should be arrested / so here is the warrent I mean shouldn't the nerd community / be more supportive Strikes that me that all this fighting is / insanely abortive Of the goal of making nerdcore rise up - and elevate it Instead a stew of enmity / is all that's created After all we're all nerds / we know it bites to bullied So we ought to understand / this situation more fully I'm not sure if I'd want be seen in this scene And if that seems mean that's just the statical mean Yeah that's average / and that's so depressing You'd be shocked to find out just how much / I find it distressing We should be allies like Piccolo and Goku Instead we're like Vegita or even Majin Buu You all can trendcend your ego / yeah, I know you're that smart. Come on rhymetorrents, don't break my heart! ch. I don't want a crew If it gives me scenester blues Cause these bitter hues Leave me torn up and confused I don't want a crew If it gives me scenester blues So I build some pews To relate my point of view v.2 "We unite on the basis of what we have in common" We shouldn't be like fighting / like Kings of the Shaman Instead we feud and hate / like were nothing but pawns But this ain't an FPS / there is no chance respawn The fragments are created / and with continental drift There is soon a giant ocean / an insurmountable rift Because we're all sniping / yeah we're shooting the gift No denying all the evidence / no taking the fifth So it's time to reabilitate / it's time make friends Time to put humpty dumpty / back together again I'm not saying that this world has to be a nursery rhyme I'd just like to see a scene / that's a little more sublime Ain't easy to heal wounds / hard to kiss and make up But if this vitrol continues / this scene will break up So I am the fireman / I'm here to put out the flames But if I don't get help / then I'll have to proclaim
OpenSource Lyricist Lyrics by Karl Olson verse 1: I could probably rap in VB / But then all these MCs would then declare me / all too propietary But to rhyme open source /the Gnu Public adores A licence that'd force /me to live in poverty can't give word code away/that's just game I just play come on suckas just pay/ me a little royalties I'll rap it all C/ or maybe PHP post it in O G G/ just need a little money I know it seems obscene/to ask for hard earned green But my checkbook's means/ are just a little scary It reads close to zero/And if some cash don't show I'll take my rhymes and go/right on the Sanzu ferry chorus: Everyone wants me to be an Open Source Lyricist And it is for free they wanna be Hearin' this Everyone just wants me to give it away Not Understandin The Economics of my Everyday (repeat) verse 2: Look, I'm not demanding some great sum/Cause that'd be quite dumb I know that I'm not only one/with a meager balance I'd like to like to come out even/but I gotta funny feelin That I'll be further reelin/from the lack of allowance CDs cost cash to make/Bandwidth's about to break It can barely take/traffic belligerence And for it weren't friends/supporting me with ends I would imagine/ that I'd have no deliverance So please just let this be/one and only plea to those on P2P/this is my last contigence Cause if I can't make enough/to pay for production and stuff/ Then for me it's tough/I'll drop this compliance (chorus) Verse 3: Now please don't pay attention to the obvious fact That I got ten Chrysler Maybachs just stashed in back Please Ignore the Jaguars in my music videos Cause don't you don't know that they are just rentals Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain I'm the man up front in flames, and financially hurtin Ignore the 1000 percent service charges on my tickets Cause I'm up here kickin it all hardcore and wicked Ignore the fact that for the most part this track's ironic Focus on the fact like G U Is I'm so iconic Ignore the truth that I'm really neither here nor there But I'll quit music if payment stays incredibly rare (repeat x 1.5)
The Mind Explodes by Karl Olson v1. Science fiction double feature / no it's horror tonight Chainsaw threw creatures / for sarcastic fright Cliche villains are slain / only to come back again Because sequels are easier / for hack-writers to pen And Uwe Boll can direct it / shoot it in Vancouver Rotten Tomatos says it / sucks hard like a Hoover Bites like a vampire / with loli-goth cat ears Who calls you Oni-sama / to aleve your fears Then gives you a hickey / and makes you her slave You become a night owl / whose addicted to raves Incinerate in daylight / if you don't behave Though if you're Vampire-ama / then you'll be her fave But back to the point / Uwe Boll is the wackest Need MST3K / to come back and attack this Pathetic excuse / for a movie maker Should be rolled like / oats made by the quakers ch. I have a Chamber of Secrets and Video Tapes All old horror films all in excellent shape Bootlegged off the late night broadcasts Or stolen off public domain podcasts (x2) v2. I saw of the House of the Dead / Made wish me I was dead "I want my 6 bucks back" / I repeatedly said Wanted to catch Kill Bill / but my friends wouldn't pay More than the cost / of a cheap matinee The experience was brutal / like making patee A concussion would have / made for a better day Granted I take issue / with most horror films Most seem so generic / fired in the same kiln Made from the same clay / spun on the same wheel Cliched wack stories / made for mass appeal I could cut together clips / from seventy different reels And it would still be congruent / and evenly keeled But some of it shines / and truly horrifies Scares you to death as / it rips out your eyes Haunts you curses you / through and through out the eve Leaves you so paranoid / you're unable to breath (ch.)x2
Cuteness by Karl Olson Ch. Time to come live from Seattle With No Fear or Loathing But you should understand that I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing I fawn innocence and cuteness As a pretense to hide my muteness Though I'm sure the perceptive Probably already knew this v1. Watch out now - for it's time to come with feelin Cribbing angst from shoujo comics/Japanese and Korean Bishoujo in floppy socks/Art School Punks with Dreadlocks Superfly samurai rolling on dubs in droptops We read our graphic novels for a moment to pretend That we've got our own digital absolute best friend You may read it for characters/I may read it for the man But we can share series data on imageboards like 4chan Slash mc is my catagory/upload pictures and some stories At the end it's shadows on the wall/ like a cave allegory You could call me the doctor/cause I was born on gallefrey And if you believe that/than I'm also kid n' play And when I was young/ I was like a teen titan But I'm not Beastboy nor Raven/you can call me ultraklystron Now I'm not superhero except when I'm on the mic Cause I never go gentle into that good night v2. I don't need pinky diamond gleam/nor expensive ice creams with spinning rims and drum machines/sown into the seams Give me a pair of converse/old skool style like Kareem Then you better clear a path/for my super buster beam I'm enigmatic like a puzzle game/so just give me a twist I turn breakbeats into gold/like the fullmetal alchemist And I'm feelin fine/sans influence of the mountain kind I Don't need the robotussin/I already feel divine My rhymes maybe nothing but gratuitous boasting But here's to a world with fortuitous toasting It maybe imitated / with adept MC ghosting But they'll have to keep up/cause I'm never ever coasting And I'll still moderate / even when I'm world renown Even when people come / from a 1000 miles around From shores of Hokkaido / to heart of Sea Town I'll keep posting on the net/ til the forums shut down (ch.) v3. The Melody of Logic / always plays the truth So don't try to step to me / because that game is uncouth And by step I mean don't think that you can argue with me Unless you've got hard data that you've collected recently And generally I'm sick / of hearing about politics So don't even go down that path / I'll vanish like Loonatics Cartoon Series - So anyone that can hear me Better make sure that they are enjoyable company Though that's not to say I hate / nor that I discriminate I just would like to dodge negativity / before it hits my plate So I'll admit this verse hasn't been that nerdcore Am I becoming like the geekstas that cut the path before Acting all socially relevant/telling companies to go repent Rather talking about how my trading cards got all bent When I was tripped by a football player/Who said he hates Angelic Layer And I how I put Twin Spica/Up on my home networks' share (ch.)
gleam 03:32
Gleam by Karl Olson ch. I tear apart old tankoban / and make a collage of our dreams I cherished every single one / but I cannot breath it seems So I am barely holding on / But just seeing your smile beam Warms me like an old rerun / Nostalgically you gleam v1. I thank you for the memories / the souvenirs of days done by I think I'll always worry / If I ever made you sigh I feel like I owe you / more than words or gifts can say I'm thankful that I know you / a debt I can never repay Maybe it's a love song / That has been made years too late I really should not prolong / I should dive right into fate I'm sure we have both moved on / So why am I behind the gate? I wish the best for you / And the future you'll create (ch.) v2. We've been friends for a while / known each other for some years Attuned the same dial / sharing laughter and our tears And coffee shop lunches / matcha, chai and pasteries Comedy in bunches / from each other's histories It couldn't last forever / moments pass by hurredly I wish I'd been more clever / would have thought of more than me If nothing I would have / told you how awesome you are And maybe I could have / recognized your brilliant star br. I'm really gonna miss you - Best of luck when you're away - I wish could've kissed you - Though I am really okay - With just being a step - That you made along the way - Besides I couldn't have kept - You in my world so gray. (ch.)x2
Hit Reply By Karl Olson (Intro) Ultraklystron droppin verbage for the Toonzone.net Time for nerdcore stylings that are greatest yet Smart alek vagaries and verbal tet-a-tet In other words 5000 references that you won't get (Chorus) I'm the otaking My otabling Is taking over everything ToonZone.net Where is I sit It has no pointless posturing Just keep postin Like McDoujin Absurdity from anything Props to Pancho And Umino And Anyone Matt Wilson-ing (V1) Bringin it machevellian like Ichigo Morino Bringin that fan based style like I'm Gainax or I'm Gonzo Sugoi Kawaii-ist Lyricist like I'm Clamp's Sumomo End My Rhyme Nyo Nyu Gema Resprasent for Koge Donbo Comedic violence of the old skool like I'm Tom and Jerry Super-Deformed Comedic Takes like JCStaff and Tex Avery Verbal fanservice on the internet where it can be shared free If it were visual residuals would go to the Dirty Pair team Cause this is Cowboy Nerd Hop/Style where words drop Spike TV's all slop/CN rocks non stop Take a spaceship and some shonen and then just call it Toomami Take a trip below the surface and then just call it Miguzi On one block pull out all stops to run Naruto and Rurouni On the other little sisters get watch the TMNT College Hipsters stay up late to watch Quagmire and Stewie Later on while nearin dawn you can check out FLCL (Chorus) x 2 (V2) This second verse is a non-sequitor Anachronistic like it's gigantor It's breakbeat not 4-to-the-floor It's random like an instant door Fraudian like Evangelion Cause Shinji's Just Hellion "Father's like a decepticon" "Mom's soul's in an automaton" Like it's elegant and gothic Like a Vampire Hunter fanfic Like a DBZ fanatic Rock Psychosuspense phantastique Like it's little and it's plastic Like it's FLCL Addict Like a brick or two of mastique Rock this Edict from your attic A newtype idol that is vital like my name's Rabi en Rose Visual Style & High Profile enticing every bishoujo If they wanna try and find me they ought to follow there nose I'm the w007 700P lucky charm at the end of the rainbow I'm hardcore yet coquettish / as if my name was Seiji But my right-hand's not my girlfriend / this ain't midori no hibi It's old school restoration / like the era of the meiji It's new school demonstration / cause like it's Powerpuff Girls Z (Chorus) x 2 (Intro)
duplicate 03:20
duplicate by Karl Olson v1. A generation faceless cause we're built on memes Nothing but repetition til they wear out seams We tear out the stitches and then put on some patches And if that's causing itches then we bring out the hatchet Reassemble it with epoxy and a bit of psuedo moxie Touch that up in photoshop until it's looking very foxy And if that doesn't pass muster, cut that up and remix it Post it up on a message board - try to reaffix it To the pop culture landscape that's already bruised From self-reflexive actions, cliches overused You'd think we'd get clue cause from the blacks and blues And how severely creativity is diffused Recycling is fine when it comes to steel and tin But it seems to kill off culture when you're just stealing spins From your roots just because you seem lack to vision To do anything more than sample collision ch. just another duplicate of a duplicate everyone is duping kids cause no ones heard the original just another duplicate of a duplicate nothing here but replicants in this world that's pure digital (x2) v2. And I'm just as artificial, I'm as fake as the next man And I can't move to the next plan, cause I lack that effect and I think we're past the point of moving via movements Or atleast like all my peers, I bring no improvements Just listen to the beat, every last bit's stolen I'll mention VIP, so we can get rollin Into a land of cliches, including this complaint It's disturbing that even that critique now seems quaint Whether I crank dat in da club, or at the sci-fi con The material's so samey that my interest's gone It makes me yawn; is anyone here bringing fresh sounds? Right now your hear one thing and you know the rest sounds. And I'd say I have the best sound, but that's cliche too You can see that nonsense daily up on ebay dude So, I'm sitting here waiting for the next big thing, homes So it can supercede getting the next big ringtone. (ch.)x2


released February 14, 2007

All tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson except for "Shoujo n' Shonen" which was written and performed by David Cheong, Karl Olson and Danielle Prokop, and was produced by David Cheong and Karl Olson. Copyright 2007 Karl Olson.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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